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From MintBuilder website:

MintBuilder is a new, exciting way to collect valuable & interesting coins from aroud the world and to also acquire Gold & Silver bullion at extraordinary prices. Whats more MintBuilder offers anyone the opportunity to become a wholesale customer and access even better prices on collectable coins and bullion helping you to build your personal wealth and to earn a great residual income from home. for Collectible Numismatic Coins, Gold Bullion, Silver Bullion, Silver Coins and of course the MintBuilder Business Opportunity

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Services / Products Available

availabilityE-commerce facility
availabilityBullion Bars
availabilityBullion Coins
availabilityNumismatic Coins
availabilityInvestment/Retirement Vehicles

Company Trust Rating

Company established: 2010 (ISN)
Employees: 25-50 +independent reps
BBB rating: N/R
Other online reviews: A
Bullion.Directory rating: A

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In a Nutshell:

MintBuilder originally traded as ISN Modern Coins running one of precious metals’ largest direct marketing operations – before adapting it’s core business in late 2017 to incorporate cryptocurrencies and simplifying what had been a complex compensation structure.

Whilst we’d normally stop short of recommending a tiered promotional system such as MLM in a commodity like precious metals, MintBuilder promotes numismatics with a higher built in premium which can support this form of compensation. A further plus for the program as far as any investor is concerened, would be access to wholesale pricing on regular bullion.

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4 reviews for MintBuilder

  1. Berney Knox
    5 out of 5

     – :

    After researching what is about to happen with the economy and the real truth of fiat currency, paper money, to be done away with I became frightened and confused as what to do. Next I really dug in on research to discover the best real money investment is silver. I chose Mintbuilder and invested plenty on silver. They’re THE most affordable. They’ve been patient with education when needed. Delivery was fast. My fear of future financial insecurity is gone. With deep gratitude, Berney Knox Tampa FL

  2. Mark D
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I became aware of MintBuilder after a friend invited me to a meeting. I was very wary as it seemed a bit shady. The guy sweated a lot. My friend wanted me to join so he and I could run a precious metals business but I wasn’t really interested and said this.

    Afterwards I got talking to the presenter who explained he was really nervous doing the talk as he’d taken over from a colleague who had food poisoning and we had a laugh. I asked if this was real or a scam and he showed me a metal case with lots of silver coins in it and he said he’d earned them all in the past couple of months. He’d also earned a five figure commission on sales. At this point I was interested.

    I asked did I have to do talks like this? “Hello no” he said and that he normally did all his work online and showed me his website and a sales funnel. He said this was all automated and all he had to do was run Facebook ads. He said he spent a dollar to make 3.

    This sounded doable and so we got talking for a few hours – after which I chose to sign up with him as I also ran an online business and knew how this could work.

    Now I need to buy at least a coin a month which to be honest is OK as they seem to be priced at least the same as other companies, and I also send people to my website, collect their information and then send them to my MintBuilder page.If I do this I earn commission.

    So far I have spent approximately $2000 on my annual membership, advertising and some coins, but have made just under $5000, giving me a $3000 profit. If I do the same for a whole year I should clear $28,000 for what amounts to very little work other than some emails and answering questions. I will also have a good collection of coins which are basically free.

    The coins are well priced, the business model is not for everyone especially if you have to recruit people in real life although if you’re one of those vivacious salsey people you’ll probably enjoy it, but working online through advertising a website it makes a nice additional income.

    I’m glad I got started and didn’t just walk out as I wanted to. It’s a real business and handled right can make a tidy sum. Yes it’s a bit hypey and some of the guys really overdo it, but underneath it all it’s very good.

  3. Dave
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I’m very happy with my subscription to MintBuilder and have already built up a nice collection of graded coins since it was recommended to me by my friend. I’ve not joined their business program as it’s just not something I’m into so I can’t comment on that, but for anyone considering buying I’d say go for it. It’s actually got me interested in precious metals as a whole and I’ve been buying ungraded silver too both coins and bars. 5/5 for the product and the roadshow I visited was fascinating.

  4. Miranda R.
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I’m a customer not an affiliate.And I have been getting my silver & gold very fast without a blemish.Usually I does have to wait a week to get my products but Mintbuilder gets my products to me in less than a week with no problems.

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