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American Hartford Gold Group Review – Fast Stats:

  Metals Selection: 79%
  Metals Premium: 94%
  Storage Costs: 95%
  Shipping Costs: 96%
  Customer Care: 95%
  Overall: 91%

American Hartford Gold OverviewAmerican Hartford Gold Group review - company logo

AHG are one of America’s top-rated precious metals dealers operating nationally across the US from three locations.

Whilst they do provide a range of precious metals investment services, it’s their Gold IRAs for which they’re best known – and so most of their trade is in delivering IRS-approved metals direct to tax-advantaged retirement accounts.

AGH rated best gold-dealerConsistently among the best rated gold dealers in America, American Hartford are one of our top 5 US companies and a Top Choice for Gold IRAs.


American Hartford’s Main Services

main servicesAmerican Hartford Gold Group sells precious metal bars and coins, either as part of a Gold IRA, held within a secure storage facility or delivered directly to customer homes – with these investment metals typically being used to help protect wealth by diversifying and hedging the assets in customer portfolios.

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Since their formation in 2015, they have rapidly established themselves as market leaders in the Gold IRA market and this specialty is now their principal area of operation where they provide a full end-to-end service. From assisting with new IRA accounts or performing IRA rollovers / transfers, to arranging ultra-secure storage and custodian services – AHG then delivers the highest quality investment-grade gold, silver, platinum and palladium directly into customer accounts.

Outside of an IRA, where buyers are simply looking for a reliable and trustworthy metals dealer, AHG will of course direct supply precious metals to your home or arrange high-security storage at a choice of locations – and their team of precious metals specialists can help with any aspects of your metals portfolio or investment plans.

For any questions AHG offers no obligation assistance on 866-927-2086

Gold IRA Transfer and Rollovers

ira and transfersAHG have been at the forefront of the rapidly growing Precious Metals IRA market since 2015, and have already helped thousands of American families take advantage of little-known tax breaks on offer when buying specific precious metal products inside a self directed IRA.

These recent IRS relaxations on allowable assets, mean US citizens are able to invest in tax-advantaged precious metals, all while getting income tax deductions to the same value. As an example, if you’re in the 35% income tax bracket this is equivalent to the IRS giving you 3½ ounces of solid gold for every 10oz you buy!

Given Gold and Silver’s historic uses as wealth protection insurance in times of crisis, the IRS is essentially helping you load up on these vital diversification assets at a time when we may be needing them most, and for a time in your life when the last thing you want are money worries. American Hartford have prepared a useful information guide explaining exactly what gold and silver can do when the next recession hits.

AHG offers the following:

IRA Rollovers / Transfers

ira rollovers and transfersFor customers who already have a regular IRA, an employee 401k or similar account, AHG specializes in fast efficient rollovers or transfers to a Gold SDIRA (Self Directed IRA).

This move is generally required because not all retirement accounts can take advantage of holding physical precious metals.

To make this work without triggering a taxable event or penalty, funds need to be transferred to the right type of account, following a specific process in a certain timescale to avoid creating a distribution in the eyes of the IRS.

Thankfully IRA experts such as AHG facilitate these Gold IRA rollovers and transfers all day every day and so operate like a well-oiled machine. From working with your existing trustees or custodian, to liaising with your new account, their team can help see the transfer or rollover of funds from one account to another quicker than some bullion dealers reply to an email.

While the IRS tends to make tax regulations rules complex, companies like American Hartford Gold are able to take all the pain out of the process, leaving you to enjoy the many benefits of gold in the most tax-advantaged way possible.

Their free Gold Information Guide covers all aspects of the process and should be considered essential reading for anyone considering holding gold in an IRA.

American Hartford’s Step-by-Step IRA Process

  1. A customer will get in touch with AHG, either through their website or by calling 866-927-2086.
  2. They will then speak with a precious metals specialist for a short initial fact-finding chat to explore what precious metals or a gold IRA could achieve in their situation. This will take a brief look at available options and answer any questions the prospective investor may have – as well as organize delivery of the info kit. This call typically takes 5-10 minutes.
  3. When an investor wishes to proceed they are given a telephone appointment with a Gold IRA Specialist who will gather the required information to move forward with the process.
  4. Either a new account is established and transfer or rollover of funds initiated, or if the customer already has a suitable IRA they move onto the next step.
  5. With funds in the account, the customer and their account specialist will discuss investment options further and the specialist may help select a choice of bars and coins which will then be purchased with the transferred funds.
  6. Inventory precious metals are placed directly into the customer’s IRA account at their chosen secure storage depository. This will typically takes 2-5 days, but for non-stock items this can take from 2-4 weeks depending on rarity and wholesale seller stocks.

The purchased metals are then held in the IRA account until such time as the customer wishes to liquidate part or all of their holding. At this point American Hartford Gold may ask that as part of their Buyback Commitment they are given first opportunity to buy back as they will generally offer better than average prices for a direct buy-back. Of course customers can sell to any metals dealer they wish.

IRA Custodian Services

custodian servicesAll IRAs must be held by a custodian or trusted and accredited third party helping keep your IRA investments at arms length and ensuring all investments and tax events are tracked for the IRS.

The rules for custodians are strict and because they work directly with the IRS and have a fiduciary duty of care to their customers they must meet and maintain high standards for IRS approval.

Not all custodians are set up to handle physical precious metals, or are well-versed in the sometimes complex IRS rules and regulations specific to precious metals. AHG works with some of the most trusted precious metals custodians in the business and can suggest a custodian best suited to your needs.

Hartford’s main precious metals custodian is currently Equity Trust Company – but the company is flexible enough to deal with any custodian you’d prefer.

Gold in an IRA cannot be held at home – it must be held in an approved storage depository, a specialist high security metals vault assessed by the IRS as meeting strict standards. This is something AHG will typically arrange on your behalf, and in conjunction with your custodian. For more details on metals storage see the next section; Storage.

Their Gold Information Kit contains more detail on working with IRA custodians and is delivered free to your home.

Security: Precious Metals Storage

gold storageWhether it’s inside of an IRA or outside in your personal / family investment portfolio – gold and silver investments are at their most secure when held in a specialist precious metals storage facility or depository.

Although specialist secure storage is a legal requirement for an IRA, many non-IRA investors feel safer with the level of protection provided by a professional gold depository – after all the security at facilities used by American Hartford is hard to beat.

State-of-the-art security normally comes at a high cost, but thanks to the enormous economy of scale at which these large depositories operate, many can provide all your vaulting needs regardless of how big your holding, for between $250-$500 a year. In AHG’s case, thanks to special arrangements they have with their storage partners, these fees are lower still and may even be waived altogether for the first 3 years for new clients.

While their principal gold vaulting service is with Brinks, customers can choose to vault at other locations including the Delaware Depository Services Company or International Depository Services.

For full details on any special storage offers, call 866-927-2086 and mention Bullion.Directory.

American Hartford Gold Group Online Reviews

online reviewsThanks to their strong focus on customer care and their fast efficient services, Hartford’s reviews are wholly positive across all major review websites and ratings aggregators, averaging 5 stars or A+ ratings.

As would be expected, it’s their IRA Reviews that are the most common review found online although there are some reviews from non-IRA clients and even coin collectors due to AHG’s occasional promotions on Proof American Silver Eagles and Proof American Gold Eagles. Their Gold Information Kit also receives frequent mention.

As of May 2021, AHG reviews among the main consumer protection sites are:

Better Business Bureau (BBB): A+
Business Consumer Alliance: AA
Scam Report: No Reports
Trustlink: ★★★★★ (2 Reviews)
Trustpilot: ★★★★★ (820 Reviews)
Consumer Affairs: ★★★★ (78 Reviews)

We ask all customers to leave American Hartford Gold reviews and ratings using the “Reviews” tab at the top of this section. Your reviews, good or bad, will help future investors make a decision when choosing AHG for their IRA or investment gold.

Detailed AHG Ratings

detailed ratingsThe following ratings are based on a combination of third-party reviews, consumer feedback and our own experiences in dealing with AHG and are a direct comparison to other bullion dealers in the market.

The average mark should be taken as 50%, below average is 40% and lower, above average is 60% and higher. Ratings of 90% or more should be considered excellent and are among best in class.

Metals Selection

Although AHG can get hold of most precious metals products, their stock lines are limited to the more popular mints and brands and only at the most popular sizes, especially during busy periods. Special orders can see delays of 2-3 weeks, so we always recommend sticking with stock items which are available immediately.

  Metals Selection: 79%


Metals Premium

Due to their high trade volumes and economies of scale, premiums on AHG’s most commonly bought items and largest bar sizes are surprisingly good, especially when compared to other Gold IRA specialists. While metals can be found marginally cheaper at the low budget end of the retail market, it’s AHG’s value-added services and high standards of customer care where they more than make up for this often marginal saving.

  Metals Premium: 94%


Storage Costs

AHG’s IRA storage fees are among the lowest in the gold IRA marketplace and they run regular offers which can see several year’s worth of free storage and zero fees where customers meet certain order minimums.

  Storage Costs: 95%


Shipping Costs

Shipping prices are included in American Hartford’s low IRA fees while for retail purchases requiring home delivery, insured secure shipping is free of charge above an order minimum.

  Shipping Costs: 96%


Customer Care

This is where AHG excel and their customers seem consistently happy with all aspects of the company’s services. While there are occasional bad reviews as can be expected with any company operating on this scale, these are considerably lower in volume or for less serious matters than can be found at other similar specialists.

  Customer Care: 95%


Overall Rating

We have rated AHG a very high 91% making them one of our top choices for Gold IRAs in 2021 and highly recommended in all other aspects. In fact the only class in our directory we couldn’t rate them as among the top dealers, is that of rare collectible coins; this is only due to their principal product range being investment-grade bullion and proof coins – not ancient rarities and collectibles.

  Overall: 91%

American Hartford Gold Complaints

hartford gold complaintsAHG complaints, though few and far between do exist and from examining the most common complaints these tend to be down to minor misunderstandings.

They may be either in regard to the metals purchased (proof versus bullion) or timescale of investment gains (gold works best in the mid to long term and during crises). Complaints are never about non-delivery, miss-selling or other more serious problems – and in nearly all cases we found, AHG were able to quickly rectify and fully make good any issues.

AGH have a strong customer care team and request all customers contact them with any complaints no matter how small before leaving reviews – this dedication means the company can typically turn around grumbles or small issues to a customer’s complete satisfaction, without affecting their stellar 5-star and A+ ratings.

Complaints should be addressed directly to American Hartford on their contact page at

Free Gold Investor Guide

American Hartford’s free Information Kit contains all you need to know to make an informed decision about investing in gold.


Highly recommended reading, whether you’re new to gold or an experienced precious metals investor, the kit is available for free on their website and will be delivered direct to your door.

To claim your copy, call the Guide Orderline on 866-927-2086 or simply visit the order page.

From the American Hartford Gold Group website:

American Hartford Gold is a family-owned and operated company in Los Angeles, CA which helps individuals and families invest in precious metals. This includes Gold, Silver and Platinum in both bars and coins. We provide both physical delivery to one’s doorstep or inside of a retirement account like an IRA, 401K or TSP.

American Hartford Gold helps clients achieve greater security for their future by adding “safe haven” assets to their portfolio. Investors receive only the highest quality gold and silver coins, offered at competitive prices with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Our leadership is truly committed to providing quality service and fair pricing. Through our expertise in the industry, we provide the latest market information with a historical perspective to empower both experienced and new investors!

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Services / Products Available

availabilityE-commerce facility
availabilityBullion Bars
availabilityBullion Coins
availabilityNumismatic Coins
availabilityInvestment/Retirement Vehicles

Company Trust Rating

Company established: 2015
Employees: 50-100
BBB rating: A+
Other online reviews: A+
Bullion.Directory rating: A+

American Hartford Group Corporate Details

The Hartford Gold Group LLC are incorporated in California, USA

AHG Management Team:

CEO: Sanford Mann
President: Scott Gerlis

AHG Industry Awards / Accreditations

  • Inc 5000 list of Fastest Growing Private Financial Service Companies
  • Forbes Council Member
  • Business Consumer Alliance Accredited
  • Consumer Affairs Accredited Company


Company Alerts

We are not aware of any alerts concerning this company.

American Hartford Inventory, Shipping & Offers*

Metals Offered:
Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium
Brands Offered:
All major investment-grade bars and coins
Low Cost / Wholesale at bulk purchase
Local Pickup: availability
By appointment
Domestic Shipping: availability
Low Cost / Free*
Metals Vaulting: availability
Low Cost

American Hartford Gold special offers and discount codes

  • First 3 years fees waived for IRAs – minimum purchase and conditions apply
  • Up to $5,000 in free precious metals – minimum purchase and conditions apply
  • No transfer, storage or maintenance fees

To access these promotions, call 866-927-2086 and mention Bullion.Directory


AHG Services and Website Overview

Website Product & Investment Information

As is now expected from America’s top bullion dealers, the American Hartford Gold Group website contains detailed company, service and product information along with downloadable and physical guides, informative videos and regular market news and analysis.

Live prices roll on a ticker across the site ensuring visitors always know the current precious metals price. Their online catalog does not however show live prices, nor offer a means to buy online, instead requiring users to call for their lowest live pricing. Catalog pages contain useful detail on individual products, clear product images and videos.

Due to their main area of specialization being in the retirement sector, most of the site is focused on the benefits of gold and other precious metals being held within self directed IRAs – along with information on how to carry out out 401k rollovers/transfers. Their free Gold Information Kit is of the highest quality and may be shipped across mainland US or delivered as an eBook.

Website Usability

Their website is easy to use and simple to navigate with all information on their products and services being clearly signposted through their drop-down menu and on individual page sidebars.

Font sizes are large and easy to read with a good contrast black on white or light gray color scheme, with highlighted areas showing white text on navy blue. The site has a specific accessibility function where users can easily change contrast, increase text size and spacing as well as making text more dyslexia-friendly. Images carry alt text for additional accessibility.

Contact information is clear and visible on all pages with options to phone, email, use an on-page messenger service or to fill a contact form.


Third Party Reviews for American Hartford

AHG has 1000s of 5 star reviews across all major review boards and A+ ratings at the BBB and 5 stars on TrustPilot.

American Hartford Complaints

Bullion.Directory recommend that any complaints should be made directly to American Hartford Gold Group in the first instance – by calling 866-927-2086 or contacting them using their contact form.

When doing business with American Hartford Gold Group - please say you saw them in Bullion.Directory.

Read or add American Hartford Gold Group reviews and ratings using the "reviews" tab above.

All American Hartford Gold Group details are believed to be correct at the time of listing. Please report errors here.

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15 reviews for American Hartford Gold Group

  1. Grant
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Excellent. Very helpful on the phone was able to point me in the right direction and not pushy like the first company I called

  2. Aimee S.
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I want to thank the excellent team of professionals who helped me with my retirement plan. Andrea, Seth and Chris all deserve special mention for the help they gave throughout the process.

  3. Richard
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I am a new precious metals investor and so went into this with no idea what I was doing.

    American Hartford were fantastic and answered all my questions and minimized any concerns I had.

    They were both patient and a fountain of knowledge.

    The process wasn’t without it’s hitches but this was down to my bank, and despite this American Hartford’s IRA agent was amazing, helping push the bank to complete my transfer on time.

  4. Carlos F
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I had no idea what I was doing but Johnathan and Benjamin soon made me feel comfortable with the process and Benjamin’s detailed explanation of my options was a huge help

  5. C. Schrader
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I dealt directly with Hartford’s Senior Director Kyle Shaw. he was supremely knowledgeable patient, reassuring and totally efficient with his handling of the process. I am confident he and his staff are handling my retirement account with a diligence that’s second to none.

  6. E.R.
    4 out of 5

     – :

    Very good experience but shipping estimate of 4-8 weeks though understandable in the current climate is slower than I’d have liked.

  7. DALE
    5 out of 5

     – :


  8. Jim H
    5 out of 5

     – :

    guys did a great job on my transfer

  9. Leslie
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I found the experience of buying precious metals exciting and while it was all new to me the American Hartford Gold team were all professionals and were able to answer all my (many) questions. I did discover that some places where you have money invested are not so thrilled about relinquishing control but it was all good in the end. It’s a process and no matter what they come across I know the pros at Hartford can solve any issues thrown their way!

  10. S. Brunner
    5 out of 5

     – :

    First time buyer took the advice of Bill O’Reilly and chose Hartford Gold Group. Glad I did and I now feel my retirement account is properly balanced and able to cope with whatever happens to the dollar. It’s a 5-7 year investment and I’m confident it was the right decision both the gold and working with these people.

  11. José
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Fantastic customer service. Good job. Very happy with everything.

  12. Joe S
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Robert easy to work with good service and quick shipping

  13. Jack
    4 out of 5

     – :

    Great to work with knocking off one star because low stock meant there was some substitution but overall very happy

  14. Thomas
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Professional advisors with no “hard sell” at any point in process.

  15. HML
    5 out of 5

     – :

    AHG have been great to work with, honest and helpful not salesy which I appreciate. Good prices and fast delivery, exceptional efficiency.

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