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Top US Bullion Dealers


Trouble finding the best bullion dealer for your needs?

If you’re overwhelmed by choice our Top Bullion Dealer list can help…

This list is curated by our team of experts and based on solid data from consumer reviews, the Bullion Dealer of the Year public votes and the experiences of our small army of mystery shoppers.

In our opinion these gold dealers are simply best at what they do.

Yes if you search high and low you may find cheaper, or a wider choice, or someone willing to take a loss on a couple of coins, but the following companies are consistently top of their game, giving trusted service and truly personal care time and time again.

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Best Bullion Dealer for Service

Augusta Precious Metals

BD Rated: 95.2%

 Choice: 82%
 Value: 97%
 Customer Care: 100%
 BD Reviews: 100%
 Other Reviews: 99%
Bullion Dealer of the Year Winners 2023

Augusta Precious Metals may not be the largest of America’s precious metals dealers, but there’s one thing they do consistently: provide class-leading customer care, transparency and trust – echoed in their unique and verified claim to zero customer complaints.

Best known for their Gold IRA services, free investor kit, and their one-on-one educational webinars – Augusta Precious Metals are a firm favorite with high-net-worth US investors looking to add metals to their IRAs or investment portfolios.

Their team of agents are passionate believers in what they sell yet are never pushy or aggressive in the way so many gold brokers are. They use their deep market knowledge and expertise to best help their clients, working tirelessly to ensure your exact requirements are matched.

augusta precious metals - best bullion dealer for service

Best Bullion Dealer for Price


BD Rated: 85.6%

 Choice: 45%
 Value: 98%
 Customer Care: 90%
 BD Reviews: 100%
 Other Reviews: 95%
Category Runner Up: Bullion Dealer of the Year 2018

Because BullionVault is typically used to trade physical bullion it’s spreads between buy and sell prices are among the lowest in the industry.

But provided an investor doesn’t want delivery and is happy buying fractional parts of larger bars it can be a very cost effective way to buy and hold investment bullion for the short to mid term.

With an easy to use interface, monthly account reports and the backing of the biggest names in global precious metals BullionVault has created what could best be described as a bank account – for gold.

bullionvault - best for low prices

Best Bullion Dealer for E-Commerce

Silver Gold Bull

BD Rated: 90.2%

 Choice: 85%
 Value: 92%
 Customer Care: 90%
 BD Reviews: 100%
 Other Reviews: 84%
Category Winner: Bullion Dealer of the Year 2016, 2017, 2018

Silver Gold Bull are one of our most consistent top performers, in both the US and Canada.

Combining an easy to use, well-stocked and well-priced online store with standards of customer service to put most large bullion dealers to shame, Silver Gold Bull were our obvious choice in the highly competitive e-commerce category.

Offering something for everyone, from special offer silver bars at spot to unique collectables for numismatists, this is a company that the editorial team at Bullion.Directory regularly use for our own online bullion purchases and would recommend time and time again.

silver gold bull - best e-commerce

Best Bullion Dealer for Choice

JM Bullion

BD Rated: 91.8%

 Choice: 93%
 Value: 94%
 Customer Care: 87%
 BD Reviews: 98%
 Other Reviews: 87%
Category Winner: Bullion Dealer of the Year 2023

A near miss at the top E-Commerce spot, JM Bullion are one of the biggest US online bullion retailers, with a product range to match.

If you can think of a bullion product, no matter how rare or specialist, it’s a safe bet that JM Bullion will not only have it in stock but ship it for free anywhere in the US.

Having shipped over 2 million orders and garnered over 250,000 online reviews it’s easy to see that offering a wide choice of metals at fair pricing and with free shipping is a winning combination for smaller retail investors.

jm bullion - best for choice

Best Bullion Dealer for Numismatics


BD Rated: 91.4%

 Choice: 91%
 Value: 87%
 Customer Care: 90%
 BD Reviews: 100%
 Other Reviews: 89%
Bullion Dealer of the Year Medalists 2023

BGASC are for numismatists, what JM Bullion are for retail bullion investors and were a close 2nd in the Choice category.

With a strong selection of rare coins alongside modern collectibles and regular bullion, BGASC have helped make numismatics easily accessible to mainstream investors, whilst offering the true numismatist a fast and reliable service.

Often people’s first step into collectable coins, BGASC’s strong informative output, and frequent offers on popular numismatic buys create an excellent introduction to this fascinating world.

BGASC - best for numismatics

Best Bullion Dealer for Traders


BD Rated: 85.6%

 Choice: 45%
 Value: 98%
 Customer Care: 90%
 BD Reviews: 100%
 Other Reviews: 95%
Category Runner Up: Bullion Dealer of the Year 2018

BullionVault give retail, mid and large-scale investors low-cost access to the international bullion trade markets.

Through their simple trading interface, users can quickly and easily buy and sell fractional pieces of larger physical bullion bars. With buy/sell spreads of $2/oz, investors buy at spot +0.13% and sell at spot.

Provided clients don’t take delivery these are unbeatable prices and spreads – and once again BullionVault are the only bullion trading company the BD team keeps accounts with – proof that we believe they offer the best service for our own money!

bullionvault - best for trading

Best Bullion Dealer for Retirement


BD Rated: 93.8%

 Choice: 84%
 Value: 92%
 Customer Care: 96%
 BD Reviews: 100%
 Other Reviews: 97%
Three Time Bullion Dealer of the Year in Retirement Category

Goldco are synonymous with gold IRAs – they were one of the pioneers in the industry when the IRS first allowed bullion in retirement accounts – and they continue as market leaders today.

Despite expanding to offer other alternative investments such as cryptocurrency, it is their gold IRA and 401k rollovers which still form the bedrock of Goldco’s business – something their team of over 60 expert agents help thousands of Americans to achieve every year.

Being one of our top-rated listings and multiple-time Bullion Dealer of the Year is a sure sign they do it well.

goldco - best bullion dealer for service

Best Bullion Dealer for Offshore

SWP Cayman

BD Rated: 92.4%

 Choice: 71%
 Value: 97%
 Customer Care: 98%
 BD Reviews: 100%
 Other Reviews: 96%
Bullion Dealer of the Year Runners Up

Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) have single-handedly introduced the concept of offshoring gold and gold IRAs to more Americans than any other company thanks in part to an impressive combination of education, low pricing and great service – and thanks to their partnering with a large number of major US dealers

Based in the Cayman Islands, SWP are a go-to resource for high privacy and secure vaulting not just for the US market, but people across the globe who are worried about the state of political and financial tension in their local jurisdictions. Offering storage at several super-secure locations globally, SWP can truly help a gold investor de-risk, internationalize and diversify their storage footprint

SWP Cayman are the obvious choice to win this category. Nobody else comes close.

swp cayman - best for offshore