***MARKET AVERAGE PRICES***   GOLD BARS: 1/2oz Gold Bar $1006.32
1oz Gold Bar $1974.01
5oz Gold Bar $9762.76
10oz Gold Bar $19574.32
Gold Kilobar $62584.89
***MARKET AVERAGE PRICES***   GOLD ROUNDS: 1/10oz Gold Round $221.79
1/4oz Gold Round $554.47
1/2oz Gold Round $1038.96
1oz Gold Round "$1984.32
***MARKET AVERAGE PRICES***   GOLD COINS: Gold Eagle $2021.59
Gold Buffalo $2033.61
Gold Maple $1983.00
Gold Britannia $1997.04
Gold Philharmonic $2007.41
***MARKET AVERAGE PRICES***   SILVER BARS: 1oz Silver Bar $29.17
10oz Silver Bar $278.64
Silver Kilobar $933.79
Silver Maple $29.44
Silver Britannia $29.69
Silver Philharmonic $29.39

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The UK is home to a large number of truly nationwide bullion dealers serving all of the UK either through regional stores or a large well stocked e-commerce platform.

Most UK bullion dealers operating nationwide (and indeed internationally) are based in either London, or the West Midlands, specifically Birmingham – both traditional trade hub cities known for their precious metals “quarters”.

Alongside the UK Bullion giants such as Bullion By Post and Bullion Vault, other bullion companies serving all of the UK are specialist Numismatics dealers, or refiners sourcing raw materials nationwide.

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