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Buying Bullion In India

india flag - indian bullion sectionIndia is one of the world’s greatest gold markets which, like many countries in Asia and the Middle East, looks to gold as a store of family wealth. Indians use a combination of bullion bars and coins as well as high-purity jewellery both as a store of value and as a second currency, in a country where as much as 60% are outside the banking system.

According to the World Gold Council (WGC) as of October 2017, the Indian central bank holds 557.8 tonnes of gold, equivalent to 5.7% of its total reserves, up from 3.4% in 2008’s official figures.

Although there are hundreds, maybe thousands of bullion sellers across India, this is a cash-based business and very few are as yet trading on the web.

The tax situation in India is fluid to say the least and wealthy Indians are buying and storing gold outside of India as much for stability as privacy from an aggressive governmental war on undeclared wealth – with Dubai seeing the majority of offshore investments.


Are Bullion Sales Taxed in India?bullion sale tax

India started taxing gold at a rate of 3 percent under a new nationwide sales tax from July 1, 2017. This Goods and Services Tax (GST) on gold directly replaces a number of federal and state levies.

There are strict rules on importing gold bullion into India and these rules change regularly and rapidly as part of the Indian government’s effort to control the economy and black market trade. There is currently a 10% import tax due on 1kg gold bars.

Rules for Indian nationals are subject to a maximum 10kg gold per person or 100kg silver, with import tax being Rs. 300 per 10g + 3% for any non-Tola bullion bar or Rs. 750 per 10g +3% for Tola bars.

Unsurprisingly smuggling and offshore ownership is widespread.

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