The Gold IRA:  Your Free Guide to Precious Metals IRAs

Our Gold IRA Guide is Split Into Easy-to-Follow Sections:

A Gold IRA is an important element of any diversified portfolio, helping hedge a retirement plan from risks of market downturn and financial crisis.

Not only does gold in an IRA protect wealth, Gold IRA‘s are one of the most tax-efficient routes to buying gold. It makes sense for anyone with an interest in metals or coins to take advantage of this.


“Gold should be a bedrock asset in any investment portfolio – and retirement plans are no exception. Gold in an IRA isn’t just a precaution, it’s essential insurance.”


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Gold IRA Companies

We’re the world’s premier specialist precious metals dealer directory – so we list all the major and are working through all the smaller gold IRA Providers out there.

Every gold IRA company listed can be rated and reviewed by real customers, and visitors can order listings to show all gold IRA companies as rated from highest to lowest in a single click.

Find specific IRA providers or search all local gold IRA companies and major national listings with ease.




gold ira questionsGold IRA FAQ

Do you have Gold IRA questions? If you’ve asked it, we’ve answered it in our ultimate list of Frequently Asked Questions.

From questions about the rollover or transfer process, to queries on when, how much and what you can add to your gold IRA, it’s ALL on this page.

Have gold IRA questions we’ve not covered?

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read gold IRA rulesGold IRA Rules

You know the US Government is quite a fan of rules and regulations – so it’s not surprising that setting up a gold IRA is no exception.

We’ve got up to date gold IRA rules listed in plain English, so you don’t have to be a lawyer or accountant to get to the bottom of typically over-complex regulations.

Rules are rules – and we all know ignorance is never an excuse. At least not now.



Gold IRA Rollovers

You want gold in your retirement account – and chances are high that a gold IRA rollover is the option you’ll be taking.

Learn the gold IRA rollover process, either for a DIY approach, or to better track your IRA custodian’s progress and see just how they earn their fees.

Is an IRA rollover right for you? Can you rollover yourself and would you want to?


Gold IRA Transfers

Rollovers are not the be all and end all. There will be times when an IRA transfer is the more appropriate approach to adding gold to your IRA.

A direct transfer of funds from one account to another sounds simple, but some providers don’t always work well with other providers and need to pre-approve the transfer.

The difference between a transfer and rollover has fee and tax implications too…


IRA Approved Metals

Sadly, you can’t just add ANY old precious metals to your gold IRA. Investment grade metals for an IRA need to follow a set of strict criteria.

The bullion coins and bars that are accepted investments for a self-directed IRA are somewhat limited, but for good reason. Your long-term protection.

We list all currently approved (2016) gold, silver, platinum and palladium metals.


The Silver IRA

Gold is not for everyone. Silver is a strong investment, considered by many as significantly undervalued, and with major industrial uses it’s not going away soon.

By combining or balancing silver and gold in an IRA it’s possible to reduce silver’s volatility giving a basket with excellent potential for growth.

Discover why silver IRAs are becoming so popular in 2016.


Gold IRA Overview: Why Gold and Why Now?

Prior to the crash of 2008, a typical American would be perfectly happy in adding stocks, bonds and certificates to their retirement account. The markets were buoyant and paper assets were performing strongly, growing that all important retirement nest egg.

Indeed, that same typical American wouldn’t consider adding anything more unusual to their retirement account, than shares in a few blue-chip companies – and in most cases their account custodians wouldn’t have allowed them to anyway.

Sure there were wild-card investors who wanted to balance their retirement basket and they’d add property and other “real” assets such as gold and silver to a self-directed account…

But they were in a tiny minority.

If you asked Joe Normal if he had gold in his IRA he’d look at you like you were a crazy.

He had stocks, shares, mutual funds and certificates like everyone else.

Why would anyone want to self-direct their retirement fund anyway?

gold ira companies


sheep-investorsAfter all the banks and those professional investors we pay so handsomely were running everything nicely – and it’s always much easier to sit back and let someone else take control.

Why rock the boat? Paper assets were where it was at and everyone was an expert in a rising market.

That is, until the crash came.

market-crashOvernight, trillions of dollars were wiped off the financial markets and millions of Americans saw over half the value in their 401(k) or IRA vanish into thin air.

If they’d been planning on retiring in the next few years, their lifetime of hard work would have been vaporised by forces outside their control.
Indeed things got very hard for these ordinary men and women – for some it meant financial ruin and for many others it meant a difficult choice of having to work long past that planned retirement or burdening their children with additional financial liability.

The big-name experts were horrified. “Nobody saw this coming”.

Except this wasn’t strictly true.

There had been a handful of vocal commentators and financial advisors warning of an impending implosion. A similar group of “crazies” to those mad, bad and dangerous to know folks who’d been adding gold and silver to their IRAs.

Which is funny, because those crazy experts were advising anyone who’d listen to get out of paper assets, get out of real estate – and to buy gold and silver.

So how did “the crazies” fare?

While the markets crashed and burned, Gold saw massive growth. A $33k gold IRA taken out in 2001 would have been worth $175,155 by 2013, while a paper-backed account would have struggled to $42,570 as the markets began a slow recovery.

Bear in mind that thanks to inflation, by 2013 you’d have needed $43,432 to achieve the same spending power as the original $33k in 2001 – meaning the stock-market investment would have made an overall loss.

A loss, versus a 430% profit with gold


Why? Because gold typically acts as hedge against market volatility.

The ultra-rich have been using gold to protect their wealth for generations, it’s just nobody told the little man.

Well nobody except those much-derided contrarian analysts.
gold-ira-dealsYou see they’d been advising people to buy gold when they saw what the markets were doing, when they saw what are now acknowledged to be unsustainable levels of borrowing and watched dangerous bubbles spreading across multiple markets at the same time.

Those that listened, and those with financial advisors worth paying for, took the opportunity to buy precious metals while they were still priced low.

Indeed, gold had effectively been shunned by the regular investor, sitting unloved in the low $300s for years, making gold a true bargain-basement investment.
As the crisis broke institutional investors were first to run for “safe-haven” assets like gold, creating demand that caused gold prices to rise.

When the mainstream media picked up on this, people began to flock to this exciting, rising commodity – and it’s price rose more and more rapidly.

Gold became THE investment. Companies sprang up touting it’s sparkle to new investors and as the price rose to ever dizzying heights, fortunes were made overnight.

It was a literal gold rush – and those once-crazy owners of self-directed gold IRAs? Those who were first in?

They did exceptionally well.

Any losses in the paper asset sections of their IRA had been more than made up for by gold’s stunning performance.

Gold did exactly what gold does best. It hedges risk and protects wealth.

But even gold can’t protect against greed and bad advice, which saw far too many retail investors clamber into the now vigorous gold market, creating unsustainable conditions leading to a bubble forming – and an inevitable correction.

Those investors who’d been last to the party, those who saw others making fortunes and threw the whole farm into gold hoping to strike it rich – got hurt.

Early investors would still be in substantial profit, but the last in? They saw a loss causing them to curse gold and all it stands for.

And so gold began another period in the wilderness, unloved and once again mocked, with a price bumping along neither going up, nor down…

Which brings us to present day.

Paper assets are at an all-time high. National-debt is at an all-time high. House prices are at an all-time high.

Those unsustainable loans and leveraged trades that were blamed for the 2008 crisis? All time high.

bargain-goldGold meanwhile is just sitting there, still out of favor, it’s price still relatively static – and if you consider that silver and gold are barely trading for what it costs to mine and refine them, you’d perhaps even see them as a bargain

You wouldn’t be alone.

Once again the ultra-wealthy, those contrarians and a number of big investment funds with an eye to the future are very quietly buying as much gold as they can.

Billions of dollars in gold are being bought every day. Mints and refineries across the world are working 24-7 to meet demand.

And somehow, all this time, despite growing warnings the masses are still jumping into stocks, still buying at record highs…

It doesn’t take a genius to see what’s about to happen. Or to see the wise and the wealthy positioning themselves for the inevitable.

Thankfully this time round there are a lot more crazies adding gold to their self-directed IRAs.

Hopefully you’ll join them.

If not, don’t say we didn’t warn you.


For a limited time Bullion.Directory are offering our free Gold IRA Rollover Guide, DVD and investment kit free of charge, delivered to your doorstep.

Already the recipient of glowing reviews from major financial media and websites, the award-winning Gold IRA Guide covers everything any investor would need to know before adding physical precious metals to a retirement account: both the pros and the cons involved, costs, fees and risks.

We’d go so far as to say it’s essential reading.

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