Bullion Dealer of the Year 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Bullion Dealer of the Year Public Vote

Help your favorite precious metals dealers take the coveted Bullion Dealer of the Year title in our 2023 public vote – commencing with a Shortlisting vote, NOW LIVE.

Better yet – by voting you can WIN BULLION worth over $5000!

Back for 2023, with bigger and better prizes, Bullion.Directory’s Bullion Dealer of the Year public vote is now fully-focused on our largest audience – the USA – and brings new specialist categories into the vote.

With previous years being hotly contested in some of the most competitive niches of the market, 2023 is expected to be our biggest vote yet!

Spread across our main Bullion Dealer of the Year vote and 5 specialist categories – our first vote, now live, will see 10 shortlisted companies per category chopped to 5 for the big vote on May 8.

Who are your shortlisted companies and how do you win $5000 in gold and silver bullion? Read on!


best-gold-dealer-trophyBullion Dealer of the Year: Best of the Best

For the top award in our Bullion Dealer of the Year public vote, shortlisted companies have been selected based on their overall excellence, or in the case of specialist companies through their exceptional focus.

This category shortlist is made up of past Bullion Dealer of the Year winners and companies who have gone above and beyond in terms of customer service, satisfaction levels and service.

In 2023, our shortlist for Bullion Dealer of the Year is:

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Best E-Commerce Company

Whilst many gold companies sell online, the quality of websites, stock choice and user experience varies widely.

The shortlisted companies in this category offer a mixture of excellent product choice with good value pricing and a smooth investing experience – a mixture that when combined in the right way makes for some industry-leading online stores.

Our shortlist for Best E-commerce Companies in 2023 is:

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Best Numismatics Company

Numismatics, collectibles and rarities are what for many turn precious metals investing from a portfolio diversifier into a passion – and for this category our shortlisted companies truly share that passion.

Offering an excellent range of products combined with specialist market knowledge, the top Numismatics dealers may not be the biggest precious metals companies in the US but they have some of the most loyal fans.

The shortlisted companies in the 2023 Numismatics category are:

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Best Gold Retirement Company

One of gold’s key roles is in diversification and hedging an investment portfolio against risk – and nowhere is this more important than when looking at retirement accounts, where losses would seriously impact future quality of life.

For this reason, our Gold Retirement Company shortlist is one where we’ve had to pay closest attention to our nominations, ensuring we only put through dealers with the best possible track record, exemplary customer service, transparency and trust.

In 2023, our shortlist for Gold Retirement Specialists consists of:

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Best High Net Worth Specialist

There are many hundreds of precious metals dealers in the US, but very few are geared up to deal with the specialist needs of High Net Worth investors.

HNW specialists can offer both the inventory volume, higher than standard service levels and the choice of secure storage jurisdictions required by those concerned with growing their investment footprint in a tax-advantaged manner.

In 2023, our shortlistees for High Net Worth Specialists are:

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Best Precious Metals News, Analysis & Education

In metals as with anything, knowledge is power – and so providing the right knowledge to the right people at the right time is a service mixture that can make a huge difference to gold investors at any level of expertise.

Encompassing the best news and analysis providers, price forecasting services and specialist publishers of investment guides, this category of companies helps tens of thousands of new investors and seasoned pros make their trading decisions every day.

The shortlist for News, Analysis & Education is as follows:

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The 2023 Voting Timetable

bullion-directory-public-vote-bullion-dealer-of-the-year-2023As in previous years, the Bullion Dealer of the Year public vote consists of two periods of voting – the Shortlisting Vote where shortlisted companies are narrowed down to 5 finalists, and the Main Vote where winners in each category are selected.

#1 Shortlisting Vote

The shortlisting vote has now started and ends 12 noon Friday 14th April 2023.

This first public vote narrows down our shortlist nominees from 10 to 5 finalists in each of the main categories.

#2 Announcement of Finalists

Finalists will be announced Monday 17th April 2023.

These 5 nominees with the biggest share of the public vote in each category become finalists in the main public vote.

#3 Main Public Vote Starts

The main public vote begins Monday 8th May 2023

For 2023 there will be national and specialist categories. All finalists will be entered into appropriate specialist categories automatically.

#4 Main Public Vote Closes

The main public vote ends at 11.59pm Pacific on Friday 26th May 2023

Votes will be verified and counted over the weekend. Winners will be contacted early the following week for comment.

#5 Vote Winners Announced

The winners of the public vote will be announced Monday 5th June, 2023 – as will be the prize winners in our 2023 voter sweepstakes.

We will announce the public vote category winners both on site and through press releases. Sweepstake winners will be contacted privately.

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