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Before dealing with a Hong Kong bullion dealer, customers are advised to verify the standing of the company as there have been several incidences of fraud where companies have impersonated genuine trading members of the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society. For data and information on legitimate companies or official registered documents held by the Registrar of Companies of Hong Kong, investors should visit http://www.icris.cr.gov.hk/csci/, or visit the Companies Registry at 14th Floor, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, Hong Kong.

To check business registration numbers investors should visit http://www.gov.hk/en/residents/taxes/etax/services/brn_enquiry.htm or visit the offices of the Inland Revenue Department at 4th Floor, Revenue Tower, 5 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.


Are Bullion Sales Taxed in Hong Kong?bullion sale tax

Hong Kong is an investor-friendly jurisdiction for gold, with there being no taxes on either the buying or selling of gold and silver bullion when for personal use – and there is no import duty.

Many Chinese people buy and store their investment gold in Hong Kong purely for these reasons – and low buy/sell spreads, plus excellent vaulting facilities make Hong Kong a popular gold investment destination with investors worldwide.

Hong Kong does however play a large part in Chinese money laundering, and illegal importation of gold to the mainland – so the tax treatment of gold in Hong Kong should be considered at a high risk of future governmental interference.

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IMPORTANT: The above tax details are listed for information purposes only and are believed correct at time of publication. Bullion.Directory are not tax experts. All enquiries about Hong Kong taxes should be addressed to the appropriate local body. Taxes and taxation are subject to change.