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Compare 10oz Gold Bullion Prices

10oz Gold Bar Price Comparison Across Our Top Eight E-Commerce Bullion Dealers

The following chart lists price premiums on 10oz gold bars, following manual price comparisons at Bullion.Directory’s 8 best US-facing e-commerce sites.

The price premiums on these 10oz gold bars are checked regularly and may include special offers and sale prices.

All premiums listed are for buying an individual 10oz gold product and do not include shipping or any applicable state taxes. Volume discounts will typically apply which may reduce these premiums and most of our top-rated bullion dealers will offer free shipping provided minimum purchase levels are met.

The current average market premium is 2.6% for 10oz gold bars.

DealerPremiumFree Shipping?
APMEX2.6%YES $199+
BGASC2.4%YES $199+
BullionStar2.9%YES $98+
JM Bullion2.7%YES $199+
Money Metals Exchange2.9%YES $199+
Silver Gold Bull– –YES $199+
SD Bullion2.1%YES $199+
Texas Precious Metals2.9%YES – ALL


Why Buy 10oz Gold Bars?

10oz Gold Bars represent a significant and valuable investment in gold, ideal for serious investors looking to make a substantial addition to their portfolio.

These bars offer a considerable amount of gold, making them a preferred choice for investors focused on building a robust and diversified gold investment. The 10oz size is substantial enough to add considerable weight to your holdings, while still being manageable for storage and potential future liquidity.

10oz Gold Bars are sought after for their blend of heft and value. They strike an ideal balance for those who wish to invest in gold in a more sizable format than smaller bars or coins, but without the commitment of larger bar sizes.

Our price comparison table above offers an easy way to navigate the market for 10oz Gold Bars, helping you secure the best deals from reputable bullion dealers for this significant gold investment.


Why Buy 10oz Gold Bars Through Our Top 8 Dealers?

We believe the above listed national gold dealers offer the perfect combination of low premiums, affordable or free shipping across the US and market-leading standards of service.

Each dealer is rated by both our team and our visitors as excellent and several have been finalists or winners in our annual Bullion Dealer of the Year public vote.

Bought from one of the above listed dealers? Please leave a review on their directory listing to share your experience with other visitors.

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