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Compare 1oz Gold Bar Prices

1oz Gold Bar Price Comparison Across Our Top Eight E-Commerce Bullion Dealers

This comparative chart examines price premiums for 1oz Gold Bars across Bullion.Directory’s recommended best 8 US e-commerce bullion dealers.

The chart is frequently updated to reflect the latest market prices and premiums for generic and assorted 1oz Gold Bars, including any available special deals or offers.

Listed premiums are for single 1oz Gold Bar purchases and do not include additional costs such as shipping or state taxes. Note that bulk buying can often lead to lower premiums, and many listed dealers offer free shipping for orders exceeding certain minimum order values.

The current average market premium is 3.9% for 1oz gold bars.

DealerPremiumFree Shipping?
APMEX5.0%YES $199+
BGASC4.0%YES $199+
BullionStar3.7%YES $98+
JM Bullion4.5%YES $199+
Money Metals Exchange4.1%YES $199+
Silver Gold Bull2.8%YES $199+
SD Bullion3.2%YES $199+
Texas Precious Metals4.1%YES – ALL


Why Buy Generic 1oz Gold Bars?

Generic or “dealer’s choice” 1oz Gold Bars are a popular choice for their lower premium, compact size, ease of storage, and versatility in investment and collection.

These bars, minted by various reputable refineries, offer a straightforward way to own physical gold at lower premiums. Their somewhat standardized sizes and .999 purity make them a reliable choice for both new and seasoned investors. 1oz Gold Bars are often selected for their balance between premium and size, providing a cost-effective way to accumulate gold. Dealers will have old stock from various manufacturers and regularly unload these stocks at a discount.

1oz Gold Bars are also appealing for their simplicity and the ease with which they can be traded or sold. As a staple in the precious metals market, they maintain strong liquidity, making them a wise choice for those looking to add gold to their investment portfolio.

Utilize our detailed table above to compare premiums and select the best options for purchasing 1oz Gold Bars from our top-ranked bullion dealers.

Why Buy 1oz Gold Bars Through Our Top 8 Dealers?

We believe the above listed national gold dealers offer the perfect combination of low premiums, affordable or free shipping across the US and market-leading standards of service.

Each dealer is rated by both our team and our visitors as excellent and several have been finalists or winners in our annual Bullion Dealer of the Year public vote.

Bought from one of the above listed dealers? Please leave a review on their directory listing to share your experience with other visitors.

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