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Compare 1kg Gold Bars / Kilobars

1kg Gold (Kilobar) Price Comparison Across Our Top Eight E-Commerce Bullion Dealers

Our premium comparison chart below presents the pricing details for 1kg Gold Bars (Kilobars) across our top-8 selection of US-based e-commerce bullion dealers.

This chart is updated frequently to reflect current market forces moving dealer premiums charged for 1kg Gold Bars, including any ongoing promotions.

The premiums displayed are for individual Gold Kilobar purchases, exclusive of shipping and applicable taxes. Volume purchases can often attract lower premiums, and several of our listed dealers offer free shipping on orders over a certain threshold – which a single gold kilobar will more than match!

The current average market premium is 3.4% for gold kilobars.

DealerPremiumFree Shipping?
APMEX2.1%YES $199+
BGASC1.9%YES $199+
BullionStar14.6%YES $98+
JM Bullion2.0%YES $199+
Money Metals Exchange2.7%YES $199+
Silver Gold Bull1.1%YES $199+
SD Bullion1.2%YES $199+
Texas Precious Metals1.8%YES – ALL


Why Buy 1kg Gold Bars?

Gold Kilobars offer a substantial volume of gold in a single, compact form, making them a preferred choice for serious investors and collectors.

Kilobars are favored for their efficiency in storage and transportation, as well as their ability to be easily stacked. They offer a significant quantity of gold with a lower premium over the spot price compared to smaller denominations.

Investors often opt for Gold Kilobars as they represent the perfect balance between premium and size, ideal for bulk investment. Their size and value make them a compelling choice for both short-term trading and long-term investment strategies.

Our price comparison table above is designed to help you find the best deals on 1kg Gold Bars, combining value and convenience in your gold investment journey.

Why Buy Gold Kilobars Through Our Top 8 Dealers?

We believe the above listed national gold dealers offer the perfect combination of low premiums, affordable or free shipping across the US and market-leading standards of service.

Each dealer is rated by both our team and our visitors as excellent and several have been finalists or winners in our annual Bullion Dealer of the Year public vote.

Bought from one of the above listed dealers? Please leave a review on their directory listing to share your experience with other visitors.

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