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Gold Affiliate Programs

 FULLY UPDATED  Guide to Gold Affiliate Programs 2024

Gold Affiliate Programs were still a relatively new thing back when this page was first written in 2014.

The promotion of investment gold has since helped financial bloggers and website owners earn multiple thousands of dollars in additional monthly income – and I, somehow, was one of them!

What began as a failed case study on this very page, now has me living in Dubai – living a lifestyle I couldn’t even have imagined as a kid growing up in Glasgow.

It didn’t take massive skills in SEO or marketing for gold affiliates, like me, to see four or five figure dollar amounts hit our banks every month – and for those skilled enough to be earning six and even SEVEN figures monthly, gold affiliate programs could literally change lives!

Indeed, I’ve since made a good friend who was weeks away from living on the streets, but with guidance and some seriously hard work, turned his fortunes around with consistent five & six-figure paydays.

Personally, my business partner Mac and I have sold well over $15,000,000 in gold across 10 affiliate programs over the past 8 years. And that’s NOTHING compared to some super-affiliates.

So this stuff works. Although, as I’ll get to, it’s no longer quite so easy!

Alison MacdonaldOur commercial editor Alison Macdonald takes a comprehensive look at the gold affiliate market as it’s standing in 2024.

Is it still a license to print money for those of us looking to earn more from our online presence?

She examines how to find affiliate success amid heavy competition, tighter restrictions, federal lawsuits and a rapidly changing search landscape:

The why, the what and the how

gold-affiliate-org-smAlison runs – the free networking tool, mentoring and resource center for professional gold affiliates.

This gold affiliate guide is going to look at an alternate way for financial marketers to profit from gold, without buying a single ounce of the yellow metal.

It examines the need for gold affiliate programs, explains what gold affiliate programs are, looks under the hood at how gold affiliate programs work, details the different types of gold affiliate programs available, lists 45 different programs currently open and then finally looks at how both the industry and gold affiliate programs have changed over the past decade.

Best-Rated Gold Affiliate Programs in July 2024:

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Gold Affiliates:  Why, What and How?

Being a gold affiliate offers a way to make money from precious metals. It doesn’t involve buying and selling, there are no rare coins involved and you don’t need to trade the markets or sort through small change looking for silver dollars.

Thanks to Gold Affiliate Programs – site owners, bloggers and digital marketers like you are paid by gold companies to promote their services for a share of the profits.

You don’t need to carry any inventory to become a gold affiliate and getting started is usually free – although an interest in precious metals and a willingness to learn a few tricks certainly helps.

If earning money promoting precious metals sounds interesting, then you’re not alone. Indeed, since I first wrote this page, thousands of gold affiliates have been able to earn a good income and in many cases life-changing sums as gold affiliates.

As an affiliate, all you need in theory, is access to a computer, a little subject knowledge and untold riches await. Like I say, in THEORY.



Why The Need For Gold Affiliate Programs?

profit-on-gold-can-be-less-than-coffeeThere is a common misconception that gold dealers make a fortune, perhaps due to bullion being what most would consider a “big-ticket” item. However the reality is that in a highly competitive market the dealer’s markup (or premium) on a product like a 1oz silver coin can be less than you’d pay for a burger, or your daily caffeine fix.

In short, many gold dealers see a massive dollar turnover for a small profit.

Even when I wrote this article in 2014, the precious metals marketplace was already one of the most competitive verticals on the web, where the thousands of coin and bullion dealers we list in Bullion.Directory were fighting for an ever more web-savvy customer.

And since then, competition has gone through the roof.

This competition pushes up advertising costs and increases SEO difficulty where dealers pay top-dollar to have their website appear in ANY search results.

In an industry where metals retailers can be spending over $100 for a single “click” on a search engine results page, costs to remain in business mount, fast.

Now bear in mind, this $100 click, is simply for the privilege to have one visitor come to their website – whether that visitor buys, stays for a minute, or clicks away within seconds.

After the click – the money is gone. The dealer isn’t buying an outcome, just a click… and the clicks soon mount up.

If the dealer in question hasn’t made their website compelling enough, or easy to use, or pretty, or the user just decides that for whatever reason they’ve got better things to do, it won’t take long until these click costs mount and the dealer struggles to stay profitable.

Worse yet, the paid search landscape now sees gold click-fraud in the 50-80% range – which means that more than half of all clicks come from bots or competitors…

The smartest gold dealers decided to make a change, to remove this front-loaded expense from their side of the business.

They looked to the most competitive areas of the web – such as online dating and adult entertainment – and seeing what these aggressively competitive industries were doing to stay profitable – simply copied them.

The result was the birth of Gold Affiliate Programs


What IS a Gold Affiliate Program?

gold-eagleEssentially a gold affiliate acts as a commission agent for a dealer. The affiliate sends visitors to a dealer’s website and if these visitors buy something the dealer pays the affiliate a fixed fee or a percentage.

The dealer no longer has to pay up front for clicks who may or may not do anything.

Instead the whole problem of getting visitors to their gold site becomes someone else’s concern.

And it’s in that same someone else’s best interest to send the right visitor, already pre-sold on the idea of buying from the dealer. If that someone else is good at their job, by the time the visitor arrives on the gold dealer’s website they’re now desperate to hit the buy button.

The gold dealer doesn’t pay to advertise and doesn’t buy clicks based on hope.

Instead – he or she should be receiving a constant flow of hungry, targeted, eager gold fans already pre-disposed to part with their cash.

gold-silver-dealer-spreadOnce the gold has been bought and the money is deposited safely in the company account, then and only then does the dealer pay the affiliate their fee or commission at whatever the rate agreed in the gold affiliate program.

The dealer gets new business in volume, paying the affiliate a small fee off the back end.

The better the affiliate, the more business the dealer receives – and all with no front-loaded risk or expense. As far as the dealer is concerned it truly is a win-win situation.


How do Gold Affiliate Programs Work?

Bullion dealers have a choice – they can manage the affiliate program themselves in-house, or they can outsource to a specialist affiliate management team or an affiliate network.

However a willing gold dealer looking to run their own program needs to know that managing any type of affiliate program can be an incredibly complex task.

All parts of every transaction – from the first click on an affiliate’s link through a history of repeat visits to the dealer’s website and eventual purchase of precious metals need detailed tracking and analysis to ensure gold affiliates are properly compensated for their efforts.

Seasoned affiliates expect this, and any gold dealer taking a DIY approach can be sure that even if they are not tracking transactions correctly, a professional affiliate certainly will be double checking everything.

If they suspect they’re not being credited they’ll leave – and the gold affiliate universe is a small one.

Word gets round fast.

In fact, this very thing has been the death of several gold companies over the past few years, who by a mixture of ineptitude, laziness, greed or even outright theft have seen affiliates abandon them and never come back, no matter how many times the companies change their names or staff.

Thankfully for companies who take their affiliate programs seriously, software solutions are available to assist dealers run their own programs with plugins or modules capable of being added to most popular e-commerce solutions. These packages go a long way towards managing the technical side of tracking sales, and helping automate commission payments.

All of the major precious metals dealers running gold affiliate programs use established affiliate networks or battle-tested software.

These systems conduct all aspects of managing the program – approval of affiliates, creating links, tracking transactions and payment of commissions – for a fee. This fee, plus the commission being paid to the affiliate needs to be worked into the dealer’s mark-up – all while keeping the end cost competitive with the market.

To achieve this, most dealers will take a smaller profit, aiming for profit through volume rather than individual mark-up.

Well managed programs will provide gold affiliates with a number of resources, from tested banner adverts and text ads, a range of tested landing pages, help with site copy, email templates and regular news feeds – while others simply provide a tracking link.

No matter what is provided many of the most successful affiliates tend to create their own unique take on marketing and will run, test, rerun and retest their own promotional material and landing pages to get an optimal performance from their efforts.

Is this work worthwhile?

Much of this will depend on the individual gold affiliate program…

Gold-Dubai-1kg-cast-bar-995-300x300Gold Affiliate Rewards – Program Types Explained

Financial success for the dealer will depend on creating financial success for their affiliates – as without a profitable result a professional affiliate will simply move on to promote something else.

As the gold affiliate marketplace has matured and evolved, dealer’s compensation plans have had to change in order to keep up with affiliate expectations. Once popular fixed-fee plans have all-but stopped and commission-based top rates have increased year-on-year.

Current compensation plans form three basic categories:

Fixed Fee Gold Affiliate Offersgold affiliate fee type one

Once the main type of offer, it actually amazes me that these are still a thing. For several years the most commonly advertised gold affiliate programs revolved around a fixed fee of between $10-$50 – even now there are still major gold retailers offering CPA deals where they pay less than $20 for a new customer. Massively increased competition in both advertising costs and SEO expenses mean that professional gold affiliates have long-since moved away from these fixed-fee offers.

Why? For a gold dealer to offer a one-time $18 for a sale to a new customer – they have to consider the affiliate’s own costs and work involved. While this (maybe) worked in 2012, now 12+ years later it simply doesn’t make sense for anyone.

Sure, arbitrage bidding may have worked back in the day, but now, even with near 100% uptake on paid traffic the affiliate promoting an $18 fixed fee program is practically guaranteed to be in the red on each deal.

The same applies to affiliates getting their traffic from SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They will be competing directly with multi-billion dollar bullion-dealing giants, with deep pockets and eyes set firmly on Google’s first page.

Ranking organically is now very costly in terms of both time and money for keywords with any chance of conversion. It just makes no sense to promote such low payout offers in the gold vertical.

Hardly surprising then, that professional gold affiliates prefer percentage programs…


Percentage Based Gold Affiliate Offersgold affiliate fee type 2

The real money for gold affiliates lies in percentage programs, where gold dealers are offering either a small percentage of gross investment (0.5% – 1.0% seems typical for bullion, although as I’ll get to later, some offer much more.) The other option is a percentage of their markup (typically 25%).

1.0% may not seem like much, but if an average customer adds $50,000 of gold bullion to their retirement account, that’s a healthy $500 commission.

Similarly if a company offering 25% of markup makes 6% on a $50,000 investment, the affiliate gets $750.

Stacked up against an $18 payout, it’s clear to see that $500 or $750 leaves a lot more room for creative marketing, with enough left over for a healthy profit.

Looking at premium coins, some gold companies pay anything between 3% and 10%, so that same $50,000 in high quality collectable coins, could net the affiliate between $1,500 and $5,000!

Professional gold affiliates take percentage programs and build a system around it, where they will create their own advertising campaigns and landing pages and even whole websites specific to the offer. They then tweak the adverts and their side of the offer until they are making substantially more than their advertising or SEO costs.
After this, they scale.

With a percentage offer it’s relatively easy to make a full time wage from a website or blog – and in my years as a successful gold affiliate I’ve come to know 100s of people doing just that.

But there’s another even more profitable affiliate system combining the best of both worlds…


Combination Gold Affiliate Offersgold affiliate fee type 3

With a fixed-fee plus percentage combination offer, affiliates are able to use the fixed fee (typically $25-$200 paid out for a qualified lead) to cover most of their expenses on advertising costs, site content creation and SEO, leaving the percentage commission element as almost pure profit.

With this method, if the affiliate generates a lead and they don’t go on to become a customer, the affiliate might at least break even. If the lead goes on to buy precious metals, the affiliate gets rewarded in full.

The very best of these combination programs offers the gold affiliate the same percentage on an ongoing cumulative basis, meaning that all future purchases over the lifetime of an introduced client’s relationship with a dealer are commission producing.

For a wealthy client or a keen investor this could easily run to millions of dollars over several years.

On a 5% commission typical with the Birch Gold Group affiliate program, that million dollar customer could generate $50,000 in affiliate commission. Even a regular customer putting on average $50,000 into a gold IRA could net the affiliate $2,500.

These are the programs I’ve had the best results with, because done well they can be almost self-liquidating.


Available Gold Affiliate Programs 2024


In writing this guide my team and I have tried to find all available gold affiliate programs, to help show the scale and breadth of the opportunity available to blog owners and webmasters seeking additional methods of site-monetization.

Not all programs are available to affiliates in all countries, so check each offer out before taking the time to sign up.

It’s essential not to join too many programs at any one time and I recommend any new gold affiliate to concentrate on three to five companies most aligned with your audience, at least to get started.

It should also be noted that some companies will not allow you to promote, or in some cases even mention certain competing companies. Other companies may insist that you make them number one in any ‘best-of’ lists – something I think is morally questionable – so always read the terms of your affiliate agreement carefully.

Finally, and this is very important: Since I first wrote this page in 2014, a number of gold companies have been prosecuted by US authorities for miss-selling, theft and fraud. Others have gone bankrupt or in one case the owner simply ‘ran away with all the money.’

In all cases, affiliates were not paid – sometimes 10’s or even 100’s of thousands in commissions earned.

Even today, there are a few gold companies who are known for massaging their sales numbers and not recording every sale an affiliate makes – all with the intention to under-pay hard working affiliates.

If they’re doing this to their affiliates, what are they doing to their customers?

What this means, is it’s never been more important to only promote companies with strong ethical standards, with transparent tracking and a history of prompt payment.

I do think we could still see a few more gold companies under Federal investigation before the year is out, so for your own safety and that of the customers you help refer – please always do your homework.

And never promote or rate companies simply based on how much their commission rate is!


Advantage GoldUSASelf$603.0% lifetime investment
American BullionUSASelf$303.0% lifetime investment
Augusta Precious MetalsUSASelf$1006.0% of sale
American Hartford GoldUSASelf2-5%
Birch Gold GroupUSASelf / HasOffers$252.0-5.0% lifetime investment
BitGoldUSASelf / HasOffers$301.0% of sales
BGASCUSAShare A Sale0.1% of sale
Bold Precious MetalsUSAShare A Sale$5
Bullion DirectUSAShare A Sale0.5% of sale
Bullion IndexAustraliaSelf25% of commission
Bullion StarSingaporeSelf0.3%-1% Order Value
Bullion VaultUKSelf25% of commission
Cache MetalsCanadaShare A Sale25% of commission
Capital Gold GroupUSAShare A SaleOn Application
CB MintUSAShare A Sale$25
Colonial Metals GroupUSAEverflowUp to 10%
GoldBroker.comMaltaSelf20% of commission
GoldcoUSASelf$1650% to 8%
Gold & Silver For LifeWorldwideSelf$1400Fixed Fee
GoldCoreUK/IrelandSelfOn Application
Gold DirectNetherlandsHas Offers€10 + 25% of margin
Goldencrest MetalsUSAEverflow$125up to 13%
Golden Eagle CoinsUSAShare A Sale$15
Gold MoneyUKSelf25% of margin
Gold RepublicNetherlandsSelf25% of margin
Heartland PMUKShareAsale$25
JM BullionUSAShare A Sale$20
KaratBarsGermanySelf5-20% minus fees
Lear CapitalUSASelf$1506% of Sale
Legacy GoldUKSelfOn ApplicationOn Application
Liberty SilverEstoniaSelfOn Application
Monetary MetalsUSA/GlobalSelf (Need Account)Paid in Metals
Money Metals ExchangeUSAShare A Sale$23
Noble GoldUSASelf$303%
Perth MintAustraliaClix Galore10% of sale
Physical GoldUKSelf£140-262
Regal AssetsWORLDWIDERA Wealth Partners$30-1003.0% lifetime investment
Red Rock SecuredUSAIn-House$1655-8%
Royal Canadian MintCanadaAvantLink5.0% of Sale
The Royal MintUKLinkShareOn Application
SD BullionUSALink Connector$20
SilverGoldBullCanadaCommission Junction0.8%-1.7% of sale
Sprott MoneyCanadaSelf$301.0% of sale
Suisse GoldUKSelf1.0% – 3.0% of sales
The Real Asset CoUKSelf5.0% revenue 25% fees
UK Coin CompanyUKSelf5.0% of sale
VaultoroUKSelf20% of brokerage fee
Veldt GoldUKSelf$50.25% of sale
*List correct at time of publication. Please contact us if you see errors or omissions


Part Two: Gold Affiliate Programs In Practice

An article on gold affiliate programs based entirely on theory is all well and good – so when I first created this page, I wanted to put some of the programs into practice. Was it as easy as they implied, did they deliver on expectations and most importantly did they pay?

I looked at the above list and decided to concentrate on both ends of the spectrum, one of the highest payouts and one of the lowest, each time going with merchants we’d had previous experience with and THOUGHT we knew to be trustworthy.

That market test I made was back in 2014 and now almost a decade later it’s no longer a true representation of the gold affiliate space.

Not only that, but while one of the test companies Money Metals Exchange remains to this day, a top-rated online retailer – the other company I tested – Regal Assets, went on to become embroiled in a $20 million+ legal case for fraud, with the owner understood to have fled the country.

So it just goes to show – the gold market can be dirty.

Thankfully the huge legal case against Regal, and Federal cases against several other big players has had a major beneficial impact on the industry over the past few years.

There are now legal protections in place at almost every step of the process – especially concerning the marketing of precious metals.

And while this means more work and more compliance for affiliates, the industry, and consumers are far better for it.

What We Did Back Then – The 30 Day Experiment

30-day-experimentIn our original test, we ran ads for both Regal Assets and Money Metals across US-facing sections of Bullion.Directory – and this meant we took down proven banners for paid clients, so losing existing income.

Cutting a very long story short, and one which originally included LOTs of screenshots and calculations, we ended up losing money on BOTH offers in relation to what we HAD been earning running client banners.

We lost money on Money Metals, because they paid a sub $20 fixed-fee on any new customer sales and even after a number of sales, we still had a lower overal income than the CPM rate we’d been getting from our clients.

And we lost money on Regal Assets because despite making $3,120 commission on a single sale, their banner performed horrendously badly for click through rates (CTR) even if it’s overall conversion rate on the few people who DID click, was good.

The reason for such terrible CTR was at the time Bullion.Directory’s traffic was not in any way focused on Gold IRAs.

My conclusion back then, was that if I’d had a website focused on Gold IRAs, thanks to the offer’s good conversion rates, I could expect to have seen some nice numbers

So that’s EXACTLY what I said I’d do in the original article. And over the following few years I did just that – with the life-changing results I’ve talked about!

Over the next several years I tested affiliate offers at over 20 gold companies, ran solo offers on specialist sites I created, ran paid ads to my own highly focused and optimized landing pages on both search and social networks – and I’ve seen some genuinely staggering results.

It’s been an amazing journey, very stressful at times, but ultimately a true game changer for me and a large group of gold affiliates I now call my friends.

So how has the industry, the marketplace and the affiliate model evolved over the years I’ve been working it?


Harder, Slower, Tougher, Stronger

Since 2014, the gold affiliate landscape has changed beyond all recognition. In fact, even starting at 2022 the changes have been exponential…

Simply looking at the chart above you’ll see many programs and even the companies behind them have closed down since they were added. Behind every closed program there will be many affiliates who have put time, effort and money into building promotional assets. Happily, some of the best programs have not only stayed the course, but improved over time.

I’m going to briefly look at each aspect of the gold affiliate niche, how it’s changed as well as at opportunities to grow consistent income with gold over the coming years.


Gold Affiliate Programs

join-gold-affiliate-programWe’ve seen 25 new programs added and 15 removed since first publishing the list. The strongest offers with the best combination of payouts, responsiveness, company integrity, tracking transparency and affiliate support are marked green in the above table.

The best programs in terms of all of these factors are 100% US-based and deal primarily with retirement programs and asset diversification, helping affiliates create strongly focused websites and campaigns. Gold IRA commission rates between 1-10% allow for aggressive marketing budgets which are now essential for consistent sales in such a competitive niche. Most companies in this section of the market claim that commissions are life-long.

Non-IRA programs offer a combination of low-payout offers for e-commerce sites and trading type platforms – with commissions in the 0.25-1% range, but more typically with fixed payouts for new customers making their first purchase only.

We see a massive variation in levels of affiliate support. Some companies do nothing other than provide a tracking link and a basic tracking platform. A few do even less, with no tracking, no banners, and in some cases no special link at all – asking you to just ‘trust them.’

Some companies, such as Goldco, have amazing affiliate managers who go out of their way to help, while others will rarely respond to an email, or the company will go through new affiliate managers on an almost monthly basis, so that forming a good relationship becomes difficult.

In terms of creatives, there are a few companies offering an incredible array of tested landing pages, email and banner creatives, videos and more – with Goldco again coming immediately to mind and Augusta Precious Metals hot on their heels. Others are distinctly average, and some laughably bad.

Gold dealers have also become much fussier in who they let join their affiliate programs and will normally require affiliates to be established in the gold market already, or to have a large social following in a financial niche.

This is partly due to much tougher legal compliance which I’ll cover next – but also it’s more sensible to have a few knowledgeable experienced affiliates bringing in quality leads, than thousands of newbies taking up all of an AM’s time with basic issues, all whilst earning the company nothing.

Choice and quality of programs is much improved since 2014 and smart affiliates have finally realized that excellent support and consistent sales are significantly more important than a high headline rate of commission. After all 4% of something is far better than 13% of nothing.


Legal Compliance

gold-affiliate-legal-complianceBack in 2014, legal compliance was an afterthough for some companies and most affiliates, making the niche a bit like the wild west. Thankfully, since the Federal take-downs of, Regal Assets and several others – and numerous legals cases being raised against both affiliate programs and affiliates – we’ve seen a massive tightening on legal compliance.

Not only are affiliate disclosures and disclaimers now legally mandated for any promotion, the copy we write and the content we create must be carefully considered.

The best affiliate programs all have on-staff legal counsel and insist on every single web-page, email, graphic or custom banner being used to promote them to be sent in for compliance.

Instead of an anything-goes free-for-all, all gold affiliates need to think about how their content could be perceived, by consumers – and by agencies set up to protect consumers.

This is especially important in the gold niche, due to it being a financial / investment product – and we see similar close inspection on major ad networks due to the legal risk associated with financial advice. Any form of promissory, hyperbolic or inflammatory statement in any financial ad, or landing page is likely to see campaigns stopped.

Due to all of the above landing pages and ad campaigns can take longer to be approved – and if you are using the ever-popular ‘best-5’ or ‘best-10’ review format, expect numerous back-and-forth reviews as every company on your page requests changes for compliance.

Another downside of the need for compliance, is that it can reduce the effectiveness of sales copy.

The benefits however, far outweigh the downsides – and a cleaner, more trustworthy gold market is better for ALL parties and will help the gold affiliate niche survive far beyond a few scandals.




Competition has always been strong as affiliates are promoting gold alongside gold companies themselves – and the biggest of these companies tend to have massive marketing budgets for either paid ads or SEO. But a lot of affiliates have found that in the past 2 years competition has reached near ‘impossible’ heights.

Competition at this level means that SEO is super-tough (especially after recent updates) and PPC search costs are getting ridiculously high on the best converting keywords. Campaigns that once ran at an easy profit are now seeing losses on low to mid-sized deals.

Add to this the fact that every six months or so, one of the big online marketing ‘gurus’ will promote a new course or project, or release a new side-hustle video with gold affiliate programs center stage – in the expectation that they’ll make money from new affiliates joining their ‘second-tier’ much as MLM participants recruit a downline.

This has led to a very crowded market – and a huge degree of affiliate churn – especially when using the traditional channels of paid and organic search for the bulk of an affiliate’s traffic.

We’ve seen many a new site appear in paid search and run ads for a few months, only to fall off the face of the earth a little while later – site abandoned and then the domain ultimately dropped.

As a final nail in the coffin for new affiliates looking to enter PPC, we have conducted detailed tests and found upwards of 50-80% of all clicks on certain keywords at the ‘big two’ search networks to be fraudulent. Carried out by a mix of rival companies, competing affiliates and sites set up purely to commit fraud – these bad clicks are costing us all thousands every month.

As for SEO, Google’s ‘Helpful Content’ update and the March 2024 update have wrecked havoc on a huge number of affiliate websites across every niche.

Like natural selection, each big change will clear out the weak-hands and reduce competition for those remaining – but the days of setting up a simple gold website and ranking it to make bank are long gone.

I also fear the increased competition among new gold companies, coupled with a recent die-off in affiliate search traffic could see a number of smaller gold companies fail. I’ve heard from more than one insider that there are gold sales teams begging for new leads as their phones sit silent… despite gold’s bull run.

In a new age where professional affiliates can no longer rely on ‘search’ as much as we once did, we are evolving and looking at new lead sources, new marketing funnels and new partnership opportunities beyond the basic web. It’s an exciting time, but it’s not for the faint-hearted!


making money as a gold affiliateIn Summary

As I’ve said (quite a few times now) being a gold affiliate has changed my life completely and the lives of many friends I’ve made within what is a comparatively small, but highly monetized niche.

Outside of real estate and crypto, I cannot think of a single other market where these life-changing sums can be made so regularly.

So yes, the rewards for success are phenomenal, however this is no set and forget market. It requires dedication. And it’s absolutely NOT a niche for beginners.

As gold affiliates there’s barely a month goes by that something doesn’t happen to impact our businesses and our lives, with Google’s updates being just the most recent icing on the latest cake, baked to test our resolve and fortitude.

But if you have the stomach for it, have solid experience in a competitive niche, and have the time, money or both to get started I cannot recommend it enough.

Top Gold Affiliate Programs in July 2024:

Click buttons for further details on each program

To get started with any program, simply click the links in the above chart, or top-rated section.

gold-affiliate-org-logoBy using these links, you will qualify to apply for membership at my free inner-circle networking tool, mentoring and resource center for professional gold affiliates.

As a member at you can enjoy 1-2-1 access to some of the top-selling gold affiliates as advisors and mentors, a growing set of special proven resources, custom landing pages, exclusive banners, invites to member-only events and much more.

Do note that membership is strictly limited to experienced affiliates – and acceptance is not guaranteed.