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Compare 1oz Gold Eagle Prices

1oz Gold Eagle Price Comparison Across Our Top Eight E-Commerce Bullion Dealers

Discover current market price premiums for 1oz Gold Eagles through our comparison chart, featuring data from the top 8 US e-commerce bullion dealers on Bullion.Directory.

This chart is regularly updated to reflect the latest premiums and offers for 1oz Gold Eagles, including any special promotions or limited-time deals.

Listed premiums are for single 1oz Gold Eagle purchases, excluding shipping and state taxes. Purchasing in larger quantities often results in reduced premiums, and many of our preferred dealers offer free shipping for substantial orders.

The current average market premium is 5.7% for 1oz Gold Eagles.

DealerPremiumFree Shipping?
APMEX6.7%YES $199+
BGASC5.6%YES $199+
BullionStar4.9%YES $98+
JM Bullion6.5%YES $199+
Money Metals Exchange6.4%YES $199+
Silver Gold Bull4.5%YES $199+
SD Bullion5.8%YES $199+
Texas Precious Metals5.3%YES – ALL


Why Buy 1oz Gold Eagles?

1oz Gold Eagles are esteemed for their iconic design and gold content, making them a staple in any gold investment portfolio.

Minted by the U.S. Mint, these coins are a symbol of American heritage and are highly sought after by collectors and investors alike. Each 1oz Gold Eagle contains .9167 fine gold, backed by the U.S. government, ensuring its purity and value.

Investors favor 1oz Gold Eagles for their liquidity, recognizability, and the stability they bring to an investment portfolio. Their size and weight make them convenient for personal storage and trade.

Our price premium comparison table above will help savvy investors choose a dealer with the lowest premium and most advantageous shipping costs – giving an immediate head start for future gains.


Why Buy 1oz Gold Eagles Through Our Top 8 Dealers?

We believe the above listed national gold dealers offer the perfect combination of low premiums, affordable or free shipping across the US and market-leading standards of service.

Each dealer is rated by both our team and our visitors as excellent and several have been finalists or winners in our annual Bullion Dealer of the Year public vote.

Bought from one of the above listed dealers? Please leave a review on their directory listing to share your experience with other visitors.


Bullion Comparison Prices in Depth: 1oz Gold American Eagle

The 1oz Gold American Eagle is one of the most prestigious and recognizable gold bullion coins globally, symbolizing American heritage and purity.

Dealer Premiums: Understanding the Market

With 1oz Gold American Eagles, the dealer premiums can reflect the coin’s demand and status. While these premiums might be higher than those for generic gold products, the American Eagle’s popularity can justify this. Our price comparison chart showcases the range of premiums across different dealers (4.5% – 6.7%), highlighting the importance of careful selection.

Resale Value: A Trusted Investment

Gold American Eagles are renowned for their resale value and liquidity. They often fetch higher prices in the secondary market compared to generic gold, thanks to their wide recognition and trust among investors. However, it’s important to remember that gold’s intrinsic value remains constant, ensuring stability in your investment.

Shipping and Cost Efficiency

Examining shipping policies is vital. Dealers with low premiums such as Silver Gold Bull and SD Bullion can also offer competitive or even free shipping terms, which can be a crucial factor in overall investment cost. Balancing premiums with shipping expenses is essential, especially for bulk purchases. Thankfully, even one gold eagle will qualify for free shipping at all 7 dealers in our comparison chart.

Reputable Dealers for Secure Transactions

Investing in Gold American Eagles necessitates dealing with reputable vendors. Our comparison includes trusted dealers with verified track records and customer feedback. We ensure peace of mind by listing dealers who have robust user ratings and reviews.

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