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Gold dealer reviews form an integral part of Bullion.Directory

All gold dealer reviews feature independent user ratings and written reviews alongside an in-house rating score.

Average consumer ratings and review numbers are then used to rank all our listings from high to low – making it quick and easy to find the best independently rated gold dealers.

All gold dealers are listed with an at-a-glance average rating, based on your reviews

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At-a-glance ratings and icons for top rated and highly recommended bullion dealers:

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  1. User Rating: This is an average rating based on all customer reviews submitted on a company’s listing, running from 1-5 stars.
  2. Top Rated: We only award this badge to companies we consider to be the best in their particular market, based on user reviews, our experiences in dealing with the company and the findings of our team of mystery shoppers.
  3. Highly Recommended: We award this badge to companies we consider to be the among the best, based on user reviews, our experiences in dealing with the company and those of our team of mystery shoppers.
  4. No Badge? Just because a listing has no badge doesn’t mean we don’t think they’re good. They can still be excellent, as can be seen by customer ratings and reviews.
  5. No Picture, No Rating, No Badge? This simply means a company has a basic listing with no upgrades and has not been mystery shopped or reviewed by us or any customers (yet). Most companies in Bullion.Directory make use of our basic free listings, so don’t consider this to be a bad thing!


Adding your own gold dealer reviews

It’s simple to leave a review for your chosen gold dealer with no need to register.

If you have traded with one of our listed bullion companies and would like to share your experiences with other investors, simply click the review tab on the company you are reviewing.

Rate the company by clicking the star matching your vote and then write your review.

Finally add your name and e-mail, then click the Submit button.

Your review will be checked by our team and added – usually within 12 hrs.

Note: It’s important you follow our review guidelines and be factual and truthful in any gold dealer review you leave.

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How we rate and score gold dealers in our directory

It’s essential that our handling of gold dealer reviews and ratings remains impartial.

But it’s even more important that the way we rate and score companies in-house is transparent and open.

While we do employ active mystery shoppers, we clearly can’t test the services of each and every one of our 500+ listings.

In cases where we haven’t actively tested a company’s products or services, we score companies against a wide range of points relating to their history, trust, services and quality of available information.

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Factors we consider when rating gold dealers include:
  • Length of operation and trading history
  • Range of products and services or depth of specialization
  • Industry recognition, awards and sponsorships
  • Website information, such as visible terms of service and legal policies
  • Visible pricing, fees and shipping details
  • Multiple contact methods including bricks and mortar address
  • Sales and marketing materials – quality of content and factual information
  • Current Governmental or legal actions and charges
  • Past Governmental or legal actions and charges
  • Consumer group ratings and complaints
  • Red flag listings at online complaints boards
  • Other online reviews and ratings



Gold dealer reviews you can trust – unbiased, real and truthful


Where companies have an active affiliate program, we take this into careful consideration when researching a company for directory inclusion – especially when accepting user comments, in case of financial motive.


It may only take you a few online searches for “gold dealer reviews” to realize that the majority of websites out there are somewhat biased.

There are at least five major lawsuits in the US courts at the moment where the content of hundreds of so-called dealer review websites are being called into question.

It is alleged that most search results are bringing up falsified and untrue reviews painting major gold companies in a bad light. This is allegedly being carried out by affiliates in order to promote a handful of companies – companies that are paying the website owners.

Precious metals are big ticket investments – which leads to big paychecks for affiliates. With enough money involved it’s human nature to game the system in favor of a payout.

But trust is essential when making multiple thousand dollar purchases.

At Bullion.Directory all reviews are added independently by real consumers. We have strict procedures in place to ensure companies cannot be tarnished by reputation attacks, fake reviews or bad-faith comments and our system can quickly spot artificial rating patterns.

This ensures our reviews and ratings give as accurate and true a picture of a company’s standing as possible.