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Chard 1964 Ltd

4.9 out of 5 based on 21 customer ratings

(21 reviews for Chard 1964 Ltd)

Chard 1964 Ltd


32-36 Harrowside

01253 343081


Chard 1964 Ltd in a Nutshell:

Chard 1964 Ltd are one of the best known bullion dealers in the UK. They are at the forefront of educating the public on the importance of owning physical gold within any investment portfolio and operate the popular site which is as entertaining as it is informative.

Chard carry a comprehensive range of bullion bars and coins, as well as numismatic, collectible and rare coins available at their showroom and online at


Chard Coin & Bullion Overview

Chard is a well-established coin and bullion dealer based in Blackpool, England. Chard’s customers are fiercely loyal and have supported them in achieving the fantastic accolade of UK Bullion Dealer of the Year 2016 and 2015.

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Customers enjoy a special personal relationship with the Chard team and can visit the showrooms or use the online facilities, secure in the knowledge that their transactions will be handled professionally and with the utmost discretion.

Coin Dealers

Chard originated as a coin dealer and this sector of the business still plays an integral role today. Chard have a huge range of numismatic material, from commemorative to circulation coins which appeal to collectors and investors alike.

Their range of high grade British coins and sovereigns is something to behold. It is not unusual for customers to travel from the USA, Australia and the Far East to visit their showrooms.

Bullion Dealers

Bullion Dealers Chard stock an extensive range of coin, bars and medallions from mints all over the world. They provide investors with a choice of sizes and quantities at highly competitive prices.

Valuations and Purchases

Chard buy precious metals – coins, bars, sets, individual coins or collections, jewellery and scrap gold. They are particularly interested in buying high grade coins; individual or in large collections.

The above images are copyright courtesy of Chards 1964 Ltd. Used with permission.

Services / Products Available

availabilityE-commerce facility
availabilityBullion Bars
availabilityBullion Coins
availabilityNumismatic Coins
availabilityInvestment/Retirement Vehicles

Company Trust Rating

Company established: 1964
Employees: 10-20
Full contact details:  contact details
Online reviews: A
Bullion.Directory rating: A+

Company Alerts

We are not aware of any alerts concerning this company.

Company Awards

Bullion.Directory 2018 UK Bullion Dealer of the Year
Bullion.Directory 2018 Numismatic Dealer of the Year
Bullion.Directory 2018 eCommerce Dealer of the Year
Bullion.Directory 2017 UK Bullion Dealer of the Year
Bullion.Directory 2017 Numismatic Dealer of the Year
Bullion.Directory 2017 eCommerce Dealer of the Year
Bullion.Directory 2016 UK Bullion Dealer of the Year
Bullion.Directory 2016 Educational Resource Of The Year
Bullion.Directory 2015 UK Bullion Dealer of the Year
Bullion.Directory 2014 Gold award for consumer education

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Welcome to Chard TV

How To Identify A Fake Sovereign

21 reviews for Chard 1964 Ltd

  1. Chris
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Best bullion dealer in the UK – very transparent, low premiums and fantastic customer service. Will buy again.

  2. Connor
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I recently had an outstanding experience with Chards Coin and Bullion Dealer. From start to finish, their team provided exceptional service and expertise. They were incredibly knowledgeable about the products they offered and patiently answered all of my questions.

    The selection of coins and bullion they had available was impressive, and I was able to find exactly what I was looking for. The prices were very fair, and the quality of the products was excellent.

    Shipping was prompt and secure, and the items arrived in perfect condition. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my experience with Chards Coin and Bullion Dealer and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy coin and bullion dealer. Their customer service is second to none, and I will definitely be a repeat customer in the future. Five stars all around!

  3. George
    5 out of 5

     – :

    No other UK dealer comes close for the levels of personal care and deep market knowledge possessed by every member of staff at Chards. Exceptional company and exceptional people

  4. J.D.
    4 out of 5

     – :

    wish they’d bring back secondary market silver bars on the special VAT scheme. I check almost weekly and never in stock

  5. Josh
    4 out of 5

     – :

    Good bullion dealers but there has been a few occasions where my coins have not been packaged well and have just been put in the same bag, they also charge a minimum of £6 delivery, which another bullion dealer I use gives free delivery and still prices the coins the same, if not a little bit cheaper.

    But they have a good range of coins and fair prices and I use them when they have something I am looking for but the other dealers I use are out of stock and I have never had a problem with them.

  6. Brian
    5 out of 5

     – :

    come back to Chard again and again friendly staff nice showroom and great website

  7. Dave Smart
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Best of the best, second to none for choice and knowledge in the numismatics world. Never have I met a more friendly group of people, no pressure, no steering you towards coins you dont want or need. 100% satisfied.

  8. Jacqueline Morley
    5 out of 5

     – :

    What I love about this company is it loves what it does – and that just shines through. It shares that joy, that sense of social history, the currency of change, with others too. It has a regular slot on local (county wide) radio talking about finds, changes, advising others – again with that irrepressible spirit. It’s a cornerstone of the local community and helps other businesses make connections and supports local charities.

    But as a customer, frankly intimidated by the thought of venturing through the doors, I got a lovely welcome – and I was only buying an Isaac Newton 50p for my brilliant Oxford maths graduate nephew in the hope it may come to acquire more value. The care with which that small walk-in transaction was handled was much appreciated. There is a genuinely lovely team here – and a family who lead from the front.

  9. Andrew Wilks
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Always very friendly and prompt service. Staff always on hand to answer any questions. Coins always delivered on time and top quality.

  10. Hans Schwarzman
    5 out of 5

     – :

    These guys are really good helping beginners out. When I lived in the UK and started out investing as a beginner, they were patient and helped me out a lot. Much recommended!

  11. Susan
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Deserving winners of the top bullion dealer prize, Chards are hands-down the best coin resource in the UK if not the world. Epic collection and epic knowledge.

  12. Andrew Begent - Peers
    5 out of 5

     – :

    By far cheaper than most other dealers, I have recommended them many times.

    I’m disabled left one of my sticks in the old premises which they took with them when they moved keeping it safe for me.

    I’ve been using Chard’s since 2012 & will continue to do so.
    Friendly & nice team who have always looked after me & made my accessibility dog most welcome always giving him water.

    Good luck Chard’s, you deserve to win this. Andrew

  13. Mark Coates
    5 out of 5

     – :

    “You do exactly what you say and more”

  14. Adrian Pearson
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Absolutely fantastic service. Extremely helpful sorting out one or two questions. Everything arrived exactly on time and as expected.

  15. Dr. C.K. Yeung
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Despite an initial mix-up, Chard’s competent team of staff (with particular thanks to Serena – She is the BEST!) helped me to sort things out.

    Their items are reasonably priced and the range of precious metal products is just phenomenal.

    Having said, I would like to see a overhaul of their website soon, as it is hard to search for different items at the moment.

    First and foremost, they should have an ‘In Stock’ option since many items are actually not available – even though the site says they are!

    The checkout procedure needs some more thoughts as well – the ‘mix-up’ I mentioned above is the result of this.

    There is no doubt in my mind that I will continue to buy from Chard in the years to come. (Note: I have actually been buying from another site, but I guess I will not be doing that anymore).

    Thanks again for being so great!

    (BD Ed: It’s our understanding that Chards are currently in the process of a full site redesign)

  16. D.T.
    5 out of 5

     – :

    each time I’ve dealt with chard I’ve been more impressed than the last and I always get the feeling that this is a passionate hobby or interest that happens to be a successful business. Everyone there has the kind of in depth knowledge that usually only comes hand in hand with an obsessed collector. Lawrence particularly noteworthy for his encyclopaedia like brain. For any numismatist a trip to chard must be on the must do list if your in the area.

  17. William faulkner
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I have been buying from Chard for the past 5 years and it is the best bullion dealer you will find anywhere .This company is full of information and has a great friendly staff and their prices are the best you will find .

  18. Lytham Lass
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Excellent customer service. The whole team are a credit to the organisation.

  19. Tony
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Chard sent me a lovely Swiss vrenelli coin in excellent condition very quickly! excellent company, thank you Chard!

  20. stephen page
    5 out of 5

     – :

    a very good company for the small buyer, lots of interesting information on the web sites, very helpful staff, I have been using them since 2011 and I cant fault them

  21. F.C
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I’ve been buying from ( and sometimes selling to) Chard for what must be 20 years and have had an exceptional experience every time. Lawrence is a walking wikipedia and the whole team are that rare mix of friendly and professional that keeps me coming back again and again.

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