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GoldCore Ltd.

No. 1 Cornhill

0203 086 9200


From the GoldCore website:

Founded in 2003, GoldCore are now one of the UK’s largest and most trusted gold brokers.

GoldCore have been serving their UK clients through their London office since 2005 and have become one of the leading gold brokers in the UK. Goldcore serves clients throughout the UK and in over 45 countries internationally.

Services / Products Available

availabilityE-commerce facility
availabilityBullion Bars
availabilityBullion Coins
availabilityNumismatic Coins
availabilityInvestment/Retirement Vehicles

Company Trust Rating

Company established: 2003
Employees: 25-50
Full contact details:  contact details
Online reviews: A+
Bullion.Directory rating: A+

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In a Nutshell:

GoldCore are a large scale international bullion broker, working out of headquarters in Dublin and offices in London.

Selling physical bullion for delivery, allocated and unallocated storage, investment services and wealth management services, GoldCore are well known for the wide range and depth of precious metals products, sound information and regular analysis they provide both professional and retail investors.

Alongside their more traditional gold sales, GoldCore also operate a popular”GoldSaver” account where clients allocate a fixed monthly investment sum to grow their precious metals portfolio.

Since Brexit and the high degree of uncertainty it has been producing for those with investments in the UK, GoldCore’s Irish connection with a firm footing within Europe coupled with it’s UK operation in the heart of the capital – mean GoldCore are able to offer investors the best of both worlds, with further storage facilities being available in Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore for those of a particularly nervous disposition.


GoldCore Inventory, Shipping & Offers

Metals Offered:
Gold, Silver
Brands Offered:
All major investment brands
Low margins, low fees
Local Pickup: availability
By arrangement
Domestic Shipping: availability
UK / Ireland
International Shipping: availability
Check availability

User special offers and discount codes

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Website Product & Investment Information

The website and its UK and IE equivalents are clean, easy to use and fast loading sites, with a good deal of investor and product information available through a clear navigational hierarchy. From essential guides downloadable in PDF format, detailed product pages, professional videos, audio podcasts and a highly popular blog – GoldCore has the capacity to offer investors a one-stop shop from education to purchase, whether you’re a new or seasoned investor.

Product prices are updated continuously with every page indicating price age from the moment the page loads. Unusually the e-commerce section also lists the exact premium charged on individual and bulk-bought items – a level of transparency missing on almost every other UK bullion dealer’s site.

Setting up accounts to buy within the online shop, to trade on their platform, or to invest using their GoldSaver program are all simple and require only the minimum amount of information needed to comply with anti money laundering (AML) legislation – another welcome feather in GoldCore’s privacy-focused cap.

Website Usability

Despite containing a lot of information, GoldCore’s website is surprisingly easy to navigate, with a simple uncluttered main menu, which cascades into further options depending on the user’s choice. The site’s footer contains further navigation including all required legal information. The site is fully responsive making it just as easy to use on a computer as a phone.

Text sizes are large with excellent contrast between dark gray text on white or light gray backgrounds and with links generally clear and underlined. Product images are sharp and clear

As for legals, disclaimers and FAQ – these are all easy to find as is full contact information.


Third Party Reviews of GoldCore

As well as being Bullion.Directory’s top-rated bullion dealer in the UK, GoldCore carry many thousands of 5-star reviews across most major platforms, with particular focus on the Ekomi reviews service, where presumably their clients are requested to leave reports as part of their customer service journey.

GoldCore Complaints

Bullion.Directory recommend that any complaints should be made directly to Goldcore in the first instance – their customer care line is 0203 086 9200 and their customer care email address is

In-House Rated: ★★★★★

When doing business with GoldCore - please say you saw them in Bullion.Directory.

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24 reviews for GoldCore

  1. Zardoz
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Worth phoning these guys up just for the chat really eye-opening knowledgeable broker and good prices to boot

  2. Grant
    4 out of 5

     – :

    Very good company and most processes went very smooth

  3. John D
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Good company to deal with and really funny Irish guy on the phone had me in stitches

  4. Dread Pirate Roberto
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I’m very happy with Goldcore despite a small problem with my bank they came through and really delivered on service. Not a large scale buyer by any means but to me I may as well have been spending a million the way they helped me.

  5. M.K.
    5 out of 5

     – :

    No hesitation to recommend Goldcore, exemplary personal service

  6. Rod
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Fantastic coins great service and price. Surprised how many days office was closed over Christmas but everyone needs a holiday!!

  7. Johnny
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I first came across Goldcore on the Max Keiser show. They are second to none for service. I have been investing in gold and silver since the mid 1990s and worked with multiple companies both in the UK and Europe. None comes close to Goldcore for service and attention to detail and I’ve not had any issue in several years. While I’ve used other companies for more unique services since, I go straight to GC for stock bullion.

  8. Bullish on Gold
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I received excellent service from this company. Of particular note the price dropped down during my payment transfer and Goldcore reduced what I was due to match that days lower price.

    Highly recommended and looking forward to making further investments

  9. Grant
    5 out of 5

     – :

    My first foray into Gold – a bit wary at first but after due diligence considered Gold Core to be my best option.

    Certainly did not disappoint – very simple and easy to go through the procedure and gold arrived without any problem.

  10. S. Lewis
    5 out of 5

     – :

    *** at Goldcore gave me confidence. Would highly recommend. Punctual, polite, knowledgable and easy to deal with – even a follow up call post transaction to make sure all ok; what more could you ask for!

  11. Peter M
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I have used Goldcore over many years and I have no hesitation in recommending them as trustworthy and reliable. They have always provided a first rate service

  12. Martin
    5 out of 5

     – :

    First class operation highly professional and knowledgeable. Low premiums are icing on the cake

  13. GM UK
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Great service, and advice, I was nervous buying online but a simple phone call and a bit of research and I was convinced. The delivery was slow and that’s my only gripe, but in fairness it was due to the rush on gold with the current economic climate.

  14. Lawrence
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I was a new customer purchasing during the height of the fear and uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic, and yet Goldcore made it very easy for me. Goldcore were very helpful and I spoke to a team member on the phone who helped explain the steps to setting up my account correctly and funding it to buy the gold, which was incredibly helpful. When I bought the gold, the process was very simple and easy over the phone, and didn’t take much time either. I’m overall very impressed with Goldcore and will definitely be choosing them again. They’ve made a customer for life

  15. Michael P
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Great customer service, honest responses and answers, personal interest in customer and quality product and confirmations.

  16. Donald Patterson
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I am very very satisfied with your service. When I panicked about the time frame to receive my gold, it was expedited, and I greatly appreciate that. Since our bank lobbies are still closed, the gold is in my safe (insured, of course), and the 1 kilo piece and smaller pieces are a delight to hold and behold. When I inquired about investing in gold, GoldCore was recommended by my financial adviser (who handled my Dad’s Estate and is now advising us kids.) Since the financial world is so uncertain at this time, I’m very glad I invested in some gold. I would definitely recommend GoldCore to anyone interested in gold. Thanks.

  17. Allan Dawes
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I’ve use Goldcore’s services for c. 10 years now and all my experiences have been really positive. 5* every time!!

  18. Emma T
    5 out of 5

     – :

    So far, so good! New to this whole area. Opened a gold saver account and everything is very straight forward. Hoping it pays off long term.

  19. Amer Malik
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I travel a bit between London and Dublin so needed a degree of flexibility when dealing with the guys. I got that and more, and really appreciated it. Also very knowledgeable and friendly. I will be placing another order in the coming weeks.

  20. Roman
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I’ll speak as I find. I am I suspect like many other ‘little people’ looking for somewhere to essentially stash my small pile of cash or wealth whilst Rome burns. From the get go the guys at Goldcore have been really nice to deal with, friendly chatty knowledgeable and not on the take or given you misleading or or thought out information. They know this is our or my savings and how important therefore it is to look after it, invest or well and hopefully grow it. In this day and age especially in the financial sector of greed and speed and bad advice… The Goldcore guys are a breath of fresh air. Really good outfit and easy to speak to them over the phone, they have time for you as well. Yep… just great and no issues whatsoever. Just jump in the waters fine

  21. Marco
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Never had a problem with goldcore. Only one time had a late delivery, but that was due to blizzard in Europe. Highly recommend them!

  22. Rocco de Luca

     – :

    On its website, GoldCore claims to have an office in London at No 1 Cornhill in the City of London. However, it does not. I was about to pop in to its supposed London office and when I enquired by email was told by a GoldCore person that they don’t have anyone in London and just hire a serviced office. This No 1 Cornhill was a Regus (rent an office) office and is now run by the operator Leo.

    It has no presence in the UK, so should not be listed under this UK directory as being in London.

    • Alison at Bullion Directory

       – :

      @Rocco de Luca

      GoldCore are an Irish company – however they have a UK branch formally registered at Companies House

      While we can’t speak for GoldCore, using an accommodation address or PO Box is very common practice for precious metals dealers for a number of reasons including security. In addition, having a registered branch and address in the UK will allow for easier accounting for all trading carried out within the UK.

  23. Goldfinger
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Fantastic team to deal with Mark is one of the best in the game.

  24. Joseph Normile
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Gold Core , professional , expert , friendly , would highly recommend !

  25. DT
    5 out of 5

     – :

    I have to say I’ve not worked with their London office but if it’s anything even half way towards their Dublin operation, Gold Core are a standout bullion trader with premiums so low that metals are actually available AT spot.

    I think it would be a real challenge to find a better lower cost option for trading physical in the UK.

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