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(Tarvos Ltd)
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From the 7879 website:

Usually, jewellery prices are designed to line the pockets of overpaid marketing executives who bamboozle you with branding. We’re doing things differently by setting our prices based on the weight of the pure platinum or gold in your investment.

Our prices follow the current market value of the pure precious metals from which our products are made. This way you can buy when the price is right for you, and truly reimagine jewellery as an investment to appreciate.

We apply a 30% fee to each item you buy. We’re being open about this markup because it’s a fair reflection of the craftsmanship that goes into our jewellery, and considerably fairer than the 1,000% markup you’d be charged elsewhere.

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Company established: 2020
Employees: 5-10
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Online reviews: A+
Bullion.Directory rating: A+

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In a Nutshell:

7879 bring a little fun and a lot of beauty to bullion investment thanks to their keenly priced 24k investment-grade jewellery. Unlike other 24k jewellery brands 7879 make bullion jewellery you’d actually want to wear due to it’s attractive minimal design aesthetic and mid-sheen finish, yet at a price point that’s directly comparable to bullion bars from premium mints.

We priced up some of their smaller charms and found 7879 premiums to actually be lower than many 1g bullion bars, at 30% versus 35-50% in some cases. With no VAT to pay on gold thanks to the jewellery’s bullion designation – 7879’s gold prices in particular work out significantly lower than even the lowest grade high street jeweller and with a far higher purity.

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3 reviews for 7879

  1. CJ
    2 out of 5

     – :

    Fees on bullion jewellery with this company are: 30% for the company and 20% VAT on everything. So you are paying over 55% premium on the gold value for the most efficient ‘bullion’ items they sell. This is not bullion. This business model does not work in the UK unless the company reduces its fees to at least 10%. Its only benefit is the novelty of owning 24k gold jewellery which nearly all jewellers won’t do because it’s easier to mark up ‘cut’ gold and spread it thinner through their items.

  2. Sam Jones
    3 out of 5

     – :

    Beautiful jewellery for sure but it’s a stretch to call it bullion given that they now appear to be charging for VAT on the 24k gold. By the time you add the VAT and their fees it’s suddenly a 30%+ premium which moves it from investment to a novelty. Also they say 6 week delivery as each piece is custom made… You don’t get THAT with bullion, plus under distance selling regulations there are not the same refund and cancellation rights as with regular stocks. Again, as jewellery lovely but this is not bullion.

  3. A.M.
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Stunning jewellery beautiful finish and because it’s 24k bullion it’s at least 5x better value than ANY other UK jewellery I’ve found

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