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It’s 2022: Will You Protect Your Retirement Account With the #1 Choice?

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Isaac NurinaniBullion.Directory precious metals analysis 08 February, 2022
By Isaac Nuriani

CEO at Augusta Precious Metals

What if this was one of your publicly declared New Year’s resolutions: “This year I’m going to protect my retirement account.”

Here’s the thing – the moment you say it out loud, you and everyone around you will wonder why you’ve waited even this long to do something that clearly is so important. After all, why in the world would you ever leave your retirement account – including your IRA accounts – unprotected?

And yet so many people who’ve been so diligent about contributing to their individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and other long-term retirement accounts through the years remain so bad at doing anything meaningful to protect their value.

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It’s a huge concern. One simple reason for the inattention paid to safeguarding a portfolio is that it’s easy to remain so focused on contributing to one’s retirement account that little thought is given to anything else. But another reason is that many investors don’t know where to turn to get solid information on the kinds of alternative assets that have the demonstrated capacity to strengthen in the face of economic and market turmoil.

Neither financial advisors nor popular financial media outlets tend to be much help. Both typically are heavily oriented on equities – an obviously popular investment choice – as well as other “paper” assets.

Fortunately, we’re seeing an increase in the popularity of independent financial information websites devoted to discussing alternative safe-haven assets and the companies that sell them. And one of those websites,, has named Augusta Precious Metals as the best gold IRA company for 2022.

As the website name clearly suggests, you’ll find plenty of information on what has determined are the very best providers of precious metals IRA products and services. Among them, of course, is the company it ranks #1 – the best of the best: Augusta.

But that’s not all. As they put it, the folks behind Best 5 Gold IRA Companies “want to make your gold IRA investing experience as straightforward as possible.” And one of the ways they accomplish that goal is by providing a great deal of valuable information on physical precious metals investing and precious metals IRAs through their comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section.

In their review of Augusta, Best 5 Gold IRA Companies prominently notes that Augusta has received ZERO complaints since its inception in 2012. That’s true. But Augusta is much more than a highly reputable gold IRA company, as big as that is. As Best 5 Gold IRA Companies points out, there’s an array of desirable features and highlights that makes Augusta a top precious metals IRA specialist. Among them:

  • A no-commission sales floor (yes, you read that correctly)
  • Most transparent, most competitive pricing in the industry
  • One-on-one educational web conference designed and led by Augusta’s on-staff Harvard-trained economist
  • Endorsed by hall of fame quarterback Joe Montana – who’s a bona fide Augusta customer
  • Thousands of five-star reviews across the most popular consumer ratings platforms

And that’s just the beginning. But rather than read what I have to say about my own company, I invite you and other IRA investors to see just what Best 5 Gold IRA Companies has to say about Augusta – their selection for 2022’s best gold IRA company.

There are, of course, a number of very-worthwhile New Year’s resolutions you can make as you seek to improve the quality of your own life as well as the lives of those around you. As you assemble your list of resolutions for 2022, perhaps it will include one of the most important efforts you could engage in for the benefit of both you and your loved ones: the protection of your hard-earned retirement savings through the use of precious metals – including a precious metals IRA.

Happy New Year!

Isaac author Isaac Nuriani

Isaac Nuriani is CEO at Augusta Precious Metals, America’s leading gold IRA specialists and Bullion.Directory’s go-to precious metals dealer for HNW (High Net Worth) investors.

Issac’s passion is educating and empowering retirement investors to protect their savings. He is a member of and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) – and leads a team of financial professionals at Augusta who share his commitment to service with integrity, as they help retirement savers use silver and gold IRAs to achieve effective diversification.

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