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Is Gold Investment Good?


Sarah from Ohio asked ‘Is Gold Investment Good’ – giving no context as to what type of gold investment, in what situation and what she defined as good.

Alison MacdonaldBullion.Directory’s Ask Ally Service
By Alison Macdonald
Commercial Editor at Bullion.Directory

Is gold investment good?” That’s a bit like asking if dessert is a good idea after dinner. In both cases, for me at least, the answer is a resounding yes, for seven reasons.


1. The Essence of Diversification

Picture your investment portfolio as a grand orchestra. Each instrument plays its part – stocks, bonds, real estate. But then there’s gold, the timeless soloist, offering a unique tune.

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Its value doesn’t typically move in lockstep with other assets. When stocks plummet, gold often holds its ground or even soars, acting like a financial shock absorber. This diversification is crucial, as it spreads risk – a fundamental principle of savvy investing.

With food, there’s such a thing as having had too much savory and this is where dessert comes in – it’s the ultimate taste diversifaction tool, with cheese after. And wine.


2. Gold as an Inflation Hedge

Inflation is like a slow-burning fire that eats away at the value of money. Gold, historically, has been a solid wall against this fire (see our inflation calculator for more detail.)

When currencies weaken (and they always do) gold tends to gain in strength. It’s not a perfect correlation, but over the long haul, gold has proven to be a reliable store of value. As currencies devalue, gold remains, steadfast and unyielding, preserving your purchasing power.

As for desserts, I find them to have a strong inflationary correlation.


3. Liquidity and Universality

Gold’s liquidity is one of its most underrated features. You can convert it to cash or other assets almost anywhere in the world. This universality is a rare trait.

While small quantities, like one or two ounces, might seem insignificant, they’re incredibly liquid. They can be sold quickly, usually at a favorable price, making them not just a shiny trinket but a handy financial tool. It’s the kind of asset you can count on in a pinch, a reliable fallback when other assets can’t be liquidated fast enough.

During times of great upheaval and war, gold’s portability and liquidity has saved many a family from destitution, when having to flee with little more than the clothes on their backs (and some carefully hidden gold.)

Dessert too is universal and if you show me someone who doesn’t like a good pudding, I’ll show you a liar.


4. Tangibility – A Rare Commodity

In our digital age, there’s something deeply satisfying about holding a tangible asset. Gold isn’t subject to digital risks like hacking or electronic failures. It’s a physical, enduring asset that has been valued for millennia.

This tangibility brings a sense of security that’s hard to find in digital stocks or bonds. Ask an NFT investor how their $500,000 meme image is doing lately and you’ll see what I mean. Owning gold is a grounding experience; it connects you to a long history of value and trade.

In a similar vein, choosing to look at the dessert menu but not ordering may give you a pang of excitement as you stare upon delicious looking images – but give me the tangible dish and I can assure you the excitement is manifested 100 fold.


5. Gold in Times of Uncertainty

Gold’s reputation as a safe haven isn’t just folklore; it’s backed by historical evidence. During political turmoil, economic downturns, or global crises, gold has often been a beacon of stability.

I know I mentioned this already but it REALLY needs pressing home, especially in our current geopolitical environment. You don’t need to be fleeing an invading force to benefit either.

Investors flock to it when other assets seem too risky. It’s like an insurance policy for your portfolio, offering protection when you need it most and thanks to it’s zigging when everything else zags, you may even come out of the next crisis in profit!

Desserts? When in doubt the answer is always yes.


6. The Potential for Long-Term Growth

While gold prices can fluctuate in the short term, they have shown significant growth over the long term in fact over the past 25 years, gold has averaged 8.65% in annual growth, versus 7.67% for the S&P 500 and 6.93% for the Dow Jones.

It’s not about rapid gains but steady, enduring growth. This long-term potential makes gold a wise choice for those looking to preserve wealth over time, not just make a quick buck. This is illustrated in our Gold Investment Return Calculator.

And I can assure you from personal experience, regular desserts also lead to exceptional long-term growth.


7. The Sentimental and Historical Value

This shouldn’t be a big factor, but us humans are a weird bunch and not everything we do is rational.

There’s an emotional aspect to gold that’s hard to quantify but impossible to ignore. Gold carries a sense of history, legacy, and permanence. It’s been a symbol of wealth and power through the ages. Owning gold connects you to this rich history, adding a layer of personal satisfaction that goes beyond mere financial gain.

There’s nothing quite like holding a gold kilobar in hand and marveling at it’s ridiculous weight in relation to it’s size and the indescribable glint of it’s polished surface playing with the light. It’s magical, and definitely not something you would experience holding a stock certificate.

The same could be said for desserts but even I know I’ve stretched this analogy to breaking point now!

In summary, gold is not just a good investment; it’s a multifaceted asset that brings balance, security, and potential growth to your portfolio.

While small holdings in gold may not transform your financial landscape, they add a layer of security and liquidity, and for substantial portfolios, gold is a cornerstone, providing stability amidst the chaos of market fluctuations.

So, whether it’s a couple of ounces or a more significant holding, incorporating gold into your investment strategy is a time-honored and wise move.

Investing in gold is more than a financial decision; it’s a step into a world of stability, history, and enduring value.

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