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Gold’s New Kid on the Block(chain) Comes Clean


The Token that’s Paving the Way for Tracing Gold From Dore to Bullion Store

Spencer CampbellBullion.Directory precious metals news 07 August, 2020
By Spencer Campbell

Founder / CEO at SE Asia Consulting

Barnaby-Andersun-CleanGold-TokenIn our third and final blog in this linked mini-series (see part one and part two) we had a pow-wow with Barnaby Andersun the CEO of CGT Management Ltd and their CGTC – Clean Gold Digital Certificate offering.

With so many different gold backed digital assets on the market we wanted to understand what made this product stand out from the rest and were pleasantly surprised.

Following a 25 year career in technology, Barnaby began exploring blockchain in 2012, since 2016 he has made cryptocurrency and decentralisation the central focus for all of his online projects.

Of particular fascination to Barnaby is the ICO process of inventing a unique use case and tokenomics for emerging cryptocurrency projects. As the founder of BlockAlchemy, each project that Barnaby works on must have leverage and scalability, with the blockchain focus on massive social impact.

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Barnaby was invited to Davos in January 2018 to speak at the World Economic Forum on cryptocurrencies, as well as at Tokenomx blockchain conference, where he was rated as top speaker.

Moderated panel discussion on Bitcoin

Blockchain panel

So lets kick off with this weeks Q&A with Barnaby Andersun

1, Can you tell us in a nutshell what is CleanGold, and what are the tokenized CGTC CleanGold Digital Certificates?

After more than a century of cyanide and mercury pollution, CleanGold™ is certification for gold that is extracted without toxic pollutants, and that it fully traceable from doré to gold bar.

photo5764652242689962840-300x300This is vitally important for a sustainable future for humanity, especially when you consider that more than 75% of all the gold produced worldwide is extracted through the use of cyanide, and the other 25% is extracted using mercury worldwide by small scale gold mines, which are in turn responsible for contributing an estimated 40% of all hazardous mercury pollution worldwide.

Accidents and containment failures consistently lead to severe pollution in local communities, with many ecosystems already having collapsed.

CleanGold™ is gold that is mined and processed without the use of toxic cyanide or mercury. This is done in accordance with the new CleanGold™ certified guidelines, paving the way for a new global industry accreditation program for gold produced to a high social, environmental and economic sustainability standard, obtained through proprietary Clean Mining™ technology.

To ensure the integrity of this new Clean Mining process, we are launching the CleanGold network on the blockchain to ensure the verifiable tracing of gold from the mines to the consumer. We are able to do this thanks to the employment of cryptographically secure blockchain technology that traces gold from the mines to the consumer.

With this blockchain verification of gold, we are able to issue verified tokenized Gold Digital Certificates as proof of ownership, enabling anyone to own CleanGold CGTC tokens. You can download the White Paper from the website

2.What are CGTC tokens?

At CleanGold we are innovating mining finance by digitizing gold resources to create digital asset instruments that are held and transferred on the Ethereum protocol.

Blockchain offers a revolutionary technology that is a perfect fit for verifying the mining supply chain.

The CleanGold mining group of companies sees a bright future in the digitization of our gold resources to create a community of CleanGold Pioneers as stakeholders in the process of extracting in-ground gold assets to build new a sustainable business model that brings Clean Mining technologies to mines throughout the world, which is launching with the CGTC tokens.

CGTC is a tokenized gold digital certificate equal to one gram of CleanGold™. Tokenized CGTC gold digital certificates are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain using an ERC20 smart contract, enabling them to be transferred to compatible ERC20 wallets.

Once CleanGold™ mining is underway, CGTC will be redeemable for physical CleanGold on a 1:1 basis, with each token equalling one gram of CleanGold™. The CleanGold™ value supply chain is tracked and recorded by integrating the blockchain directly into the Clean Mining™ process. The CleanGold™ will be verified and tracked to ensure the authenticity of the CleanGold™ produced.

3. What is the opportunity for people interested in buying CleanGold, and how does the discount work?

For a limited time during the CleanGold launch, you can purchase CGTC tokenized gold digital certificates at a discount to the gold trading price.

cleangoldcoin-cgtc-300x300With proven gold deposits at the CleanGold mining operations situated in one of the world’s richest gold reserves in the Southern Cross region of Western Australia, we are able to provide buyers of CGTC with direct access to gold.

At this unprecedented time in history, the whole gold supply chain has been massively impacted, making it increasingly difficult to source, and actually get a hold of physical gold.

By coming in at this early stage of the mining process, enables people participating and benefiting in a similar way as a gold mining prospector, which is why you’re able to get for a limited time this first round, a significant discount on the price of gold, held as a digital gold certificate, the CGTC.

Holding tokenized gold, through the physically backed CGTC will enable token holders to move, exchange, trade, and even spend or manage gold with unprecedented flexibility, the same as you would another digital asset, but this time, it is backed by gold.

4. Who makes up the CleanGold team?

The CleanGold™ team consists of a group of executives with exceptional expertise in the resource mining and technology industry, with well over 100 years of industry experience as a combined team with myself Barnaby Andersun as CEO, I am also responsible for the management of the blockchain and tokenization of CleanGold™ within the group.

5.Where is the mining operation running?

The Radio Gold Mine Project, in the Southern Cross region of Western Australia, is the first to adopt CleanGold™ technologies and show the world how mining can be sustainable.  

With more than 28,000 indicated ounces of gold from a previous JORC report from 2018, Radio is the first mine that will usher in the future of sustainable minerals. This is the first of 4 more tenements that are part of the CleanGold group, headed up by Nu Fortune Gold Ltd that operates and owns the mines locally out of Perth.

This first mine kick-starts the worldwide CleanGold movement. Nu Fortune Gold, registered in Western Australia in 2016, has acquired the Radio Gold Mine, plus several other key assets for development.

To date, approximately 40,000 tonnes of tailings have been processed (average grade of 1.5g/tonne) and all necessary licenses to operate a processing plant facilities.

6. What will the funds from this tokenized gold presale be used for?

The use of proceeds from purchasing CGTC will be allocated towards purchasing equipment for gold processing to extract the gold from the mines as well as to prepare the sites with civil and infrastructure works for exploitation, and create the gold bars and coins that will back the CGTC gold digital certificates.

A portion of the funds raised will be used to develop the applications and integrate it into blockchain technology.

7. How do I buy the tokens?

Buyers of CleanGold™ tokenized CGTC gold digital certificates, may purchase CGTC tokens by bank wire transfer with USD or by using major cryptocurrencies.

In order to participate in the CleanGold™ platform, a prospective gold purchaser needs to provide proof of identity for Know Your Customer (KYC) purposes on the website.

This can be done by furnishing either a valid passport or national identity card or drivers’ licence. Care must be taken that the documents are legible, and the face of the gold purchaser can be clearly seen and be able to be compared in the photo from their documents.

8. When will I receive the gold?

Mining has already started at a small scale, and this will scale up with this pre-purchase of the in-ground gold.


With full mining operations underway, we are expecting a constant stream of gold extracted from the mines, and are confident to say there will be solid reserves mined by the middle of 2021 for redemption of the CGTC tokenized gold digital certificates into redeemable physical gold.

9. Where can people go online to find out more about CGTC and your offering?

Please visit our website which has an overview on the project, and then you can download the white papers to get a much more in depth technical understanding on the project.

Our team can be contacted on if you have further questions that are not listed on the website or in the white paper.

You can follow CleanGold on LinkedIn and Facebook, Twitter Telegram & Instagram

For more information, we invite you to download the white paper from the website to learn more about this exciting product.


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