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Buying Gold and Silver in Alaska

Alaska has a long history with gold, beginning with the famous Klondyke Gold Rush of 1896.

Gold still forms Alaska’s richest non-energy resource and modern day treasure hunters, professional and hobbyist prospectors alike dig, mine and pan for gold across the state’s many gold-bearing regions. In fact there’s barely a region of Alaska that doesn’t bear gold – the swamps of the Yukon Flats, and area along the North Slope between the Brooks Range and the Beaufort Sea being the exceptions.

buying gold in alaska - anchorage is the gold buying center

For those who prefer gold investing to involve a retail sale, rather than back-breaking digging or dangerous mining, buying gold in Alaska is simple, with several bullion dealers and coin shops in the state, mostly concentrated around the capital Anchorage – see our full list of gold dealers in Alaska and Alaska gold buyers above.

Buying from Alaska Gold Dealers

Due to the high price of gold and silver purchasing any quantity of precious metals from Alaska dealers will require a degree of care, and due diligence, especially when buying from a dealer for the first time.

Try to investigate the dealer’s reputation online, reading reviews either here or at other general business review websites, such as the Alaska BBB. Make enquiries at the Alaska Chamber of Commerce – you may be surprised at the tidbits of information you pick up and you may even get a recommendation for a local gold dealer from a fellow investor.

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Are Bullion Sales Taxed in Alaska?bullion sale tax

Perhaps thanks to it’s rich history with the metal, there is NO bullion sales tax in Alaska.

Alaska’s state tax laws here, make Alaska an excellent choice when it comes to buying precious metals for investment and most dealers will ship nationally (Although if you DO live in a state where investment precious metals are subject to tax, you may be liable for local taxes when the metals enter your state)

With a private mint, and zero sales tax on bullion it’s unsurprising that Alaska sees a thriving metals trade despite the state’s relatively low population.

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