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Mystery Numbers Behind Fun With Numbers


We reveal the source behind the numbers in our article Let’s Have Some Fun With Numbers

Terry Kinder precious metals analysisBullion.Directory precious metals analysis 5 March, 2015
By Terry Kinder

Investor, Technical Analyst

In Let’s Have Some Fun With Numbers we revealed a series of mystery numbers to see if readers could identify what each one represented. We’ll show them again below for those who may not have seen the article the first time around. Then, after you take a moment to look at each series and guess what they represent, we’ll explain just where they came from. The answer may surprise you.

From the original article:

Below are four sets of numbers that aren’t an exact fit, but come quite close to some things that at one time or another have been in the news.

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1) $47.00, $34.00, $26.00, $21.00, $16.00;

2) $610.00, $1,364.00, $1,974.00, $1,220.00;

3) $89.00, $99.00, $144.00, $110.00, $89.00, $68.00, $55.00;

4) $233.00, $521.00 $754.00, $1,131.00, $377.00, $288.00, $233.00, $178.00, $144.00

So, any idea of what each series of number represents? Here’s the answer:

1) Silver;

2) Gold;

3) Oil;

4) Bitcoin

These numbers aren’t an exact match, but they do come fairly close to some important highs and lows for silver, gold, oil and Bitcoin.

So, where did the numbers come from? They are Fibonacci and Lucas numbers or numbers derived from them. Let’s look at a table with the numbers.

Here's our table with the "mystery" numbers

Here’s our table with the “mystery” numbers

I searched around but was unable to find a nice way to convert the Excel table into an HTML one. However, you should be able to read the table and see where the numbers came from. Most of these number series you can simply read from left to right once you have found the row. Sometimes I would add numbers from left to right and then go up one row to left and then back to the right in a zig-zag fashion. So, there is definitely nothing scientific about the way I chose some of the numbers.

However, it was quite interesting how many of these numbers lined up quite nicely in the rows. There appears to be a tendency for prices to touch quite a few of the Fib and Lucas numbers as price moves up and down.

Prices are strange and wonderful things. It is interesting how often prices will touch on these numbers as they move higher or lower.

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