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Meeting The Two Sisters Behind The Lion


Hatton Garden Metals, one of the UK’s leading bullion dealers is seeing massive expansion at a time when some in the industry are closing shop – and much is thanks to two sisters.

Alison MacdonaldBullion.Directory News 02 October, 2020
By Alison Macdonald
Commercial Editor at Bullion.Directory

hatton-garden-metals-logoFamily company Hatton Garden Metals or HGM has been at the forefront of the Cash for Gold market for decades – but under guidance and strong leadership from these two young entrepreneurs HGM has made powerful strides into both the High Net Worth investment and the retail bullion markets.

Today I “sat” down with Zoe Lyons, 31, General Manager of Hatton Garden Metals and her sister Emma Siebenborn, 32, Operations and Development Manager to get the low-down on how these two sisters work together at the helm of one of the UK’s leading bullion houses.

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When did you get started in the bullion business?

Zoe: Both Emma and I are the third generation from a family steeped in the Jewellery & Pawnbroking industry. We literally grew up under the counters of our parents jewellery shops up in the North West of England. Our first steps were taken on the shop floor of a pawnbrokers in Manchester, so you could say we’ve always been in the business.

Wow, that’s an early start! So how did you make the transition from jewellery and pawnbroking into bullion?

Emma: My first personal venture in the industry was when I set up as a wholesale jeweller. Whilst showcasing at the IJL’s (International Jewellery London) trade show in 2009, Zoe was meanwhile being interviewed at the same trade show for Hatton Garden Metals.

Zoe: I got the job! I loved the opportunity to work in a growing company that was making expansions into buying gold from trade dealers.

sovereignsOnce in the job, I identified the need for the company to expand their reach and develop and grow Hatton Garden Metals nationally. To bring in customers from all over the UK, I knew we had to be dedicated to service, price and reliability. I also founded the Investment arm of the company in 2009 and was able to negotiate the buying power to offer the best possible prices in the business not only to trade customers, but also passing on these fantastic prices to members of the public as well.

And what about You Emma, when did you make the leap from Jewellery to investment metals?

Emma: I didn’t leave jewellery altogether! I joined the HGM team in 2014 and expanded the company further by founding the Second Hand arm of the business shortly after. This allowed traders to buy second hand jewellery for their shops and sites at low prices with a huge variety of stock available to them.

second-hand-jewelleryThis arm of the business has since expanded to the much anticipated HGM jewellery that allows all customers to buy second hand jewellery pieces, polished and refurbished by the expert hands of Hatton Garden’s finest working jewellers.

It sounds like you’re a dream team. Not many siblings can work together so well – what do you put this down to?

Zoe: It’s our passion. It’s deep inside our veins! Our father (Chris Lyons, HGM Director and precious metals stalwart) and mother (Kathy Lyons, renowned in the pawnbroking field) have passed on an absolute passion for the industry. Their market knowledge, expertise and again passion has not only affected us deeply but helped propel the company forward into the business it is today.

Between us we’ve been able to grow HGM to new heights and all while maintaining the company’s sterling reputation of offering the best prices, coupled with excellent levels of service, trust and integrity.

And I guess the glamour only helps!

Zoe: Working in the gold industry certainly comes with a glamourous reputation, but the reality is that we run a company that buys in scrap metal, it just so happens that this metal is extremely valuable!

Are you happy with where things are now in the business?

Emma: Hatton Garden Metals is now one of the UK’s leading bullion houses, our reputation throughout the industry is a credit to our family’s long history in the trade and our ability to offer consistent prices and service to our customers.

I think the name Hatton Garden Metals is one associated with Quality, Value and Trust and our product and service mix takes in precious metals scrap, jewellery findings, second hand jewellery and of course investment coins and bars.

hatton-gardens-store-goldBut we’re always moving forward. HGM has recently opened a new arm of the business by introducing a market-leading Storage facility for their investors.

HGM’s Storage solution has met a rapidly growing demand of investment clients wanting the ownership of physical gold without the risk of home-storing.

That’s definitely a much needed service given that gold’s rise in value has pushed home stacks beyond the upper limits of many a home insurance policy!

Zoe: I know! To help get people started we’re actually offering an industry first of Free Secured Storage for 8 months for anyone ordering over £250 of investment gold or silver.

It’s clear that Hatton Garden Metals has the ability and the resources to keep offering the best prices and services in the industry. How can people get in touch to learn more about your services?

Emma: Our website is at and our phone number is 0207 404 4000

Zoe: We’re also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Emma: And of course our busy shop is in the heart of Hatton Gardens at 11 St Cross Street!

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