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Investing in Gold Jewelry: A Hidden Treasure or a Fool’s Gold?



Gold Investment Typically Revolves Around Low-Premium Bullion Bars and Coins – But What of Investing in Gold Jewelry?

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By Alice Walker
Investor Relations Manager at Bullion.Directory

It’s a subject that often triggers intense dialogue and draws a line between connoisseurs and skeptics – the proposition of gold jewelry as an investment. Some consider it merely as an ornament, while others recognize it as a lucrative investment path.

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Today, as I’m spending some time in Dubai, I’m looking into this topic hoping to unravel the truth: is investing in gold jewelry a hidden treasure trove or fool’s gold?


The Cultural and Emotional Appeal of Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is steeped in cultural and emotional significance. In many societies, it’s not just an accessory but a tangible embodiment of their heritage.

This appeal is particularly profound in various cultures across the Middle East and Asia.

In these societies, gold jewelry, especially those made of high-karat gold like 22k, holds both a substantial sentimental and major financial value. The gifting of gold jewelry during weddings and significant milestones symbolizes prosperity and acts as a form of financial security, often setting up a new household financially.

Beyond cultural relevance, high-karat jewelry is a valuable asset. For instance, a 22k gold piece is approximately 91.6% pure gold – taking it close to gold bullion levels of purity.

This makes it an intriguing investment option on the surface. But does it hold its ground when compared to other, more conventional forms of gold investment?


Gold Jewelry as an Alternative Form of Gold Investment

When we think about gold investments, our minds gravitate towards bullion bars and coins, or gold-based Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).

Jewelry, (at least in the West) does not typically feature in these conversations, potentially causing us to overlook a viable investment opportunity.

What makes gold jewelry particularly alluring as an investment is its value composition.

It possesses an intrinsic value, owing to the gold content, and an extrinsic value, emanating from factors like craftsmanship and brand prestige.

For instance, a well-designed piece from a reputable jeweler or a luxury brand can fetch substantial prices in the resale market. Brands such as Tiffany, Cartier, and Van Cleef & Arpels are renowned for their enduring value, making their pieces potential investment assets. Resale pieces of more exclusive (and elusive) brands can even exceed the initial retail cost.

That said, it’s not just about the brand. Other elements like the intricacy of design, the quality of craftsmanship, and the karat of the gold play crucial roles in determining the piece’s overall value. A beautifully crafted piece, even if it’s from a less popular brand, could yield a decent return on investment, especially if it’s made from high-karat gold.

But herein lies a problem. Unless you know the jewelry market inside out you may end up buying something that the secondary market values at it’s melt price – the cost of the raw gold. And in the West almost all jewelry carries a premium 400-1000% over the piece’s intrinsic value, which when ignored will see your 4-figure necklace drop a zero in value.

Quite a hit to take if you choose wrong!

This is why it only really makes sense to buy jewelry at the lowest possible premium and the highest possible purity to ensure what you buy is close to the market value of it’s metal content.


The Bustling Gold Market in Dubai: A Gold Jewelry Trading Epicenter

If you’re looking for a real-life model of high-karat gold jewelry trading, the vibrant gold market in Dubai, fondly known as the “City of Gold,” provides an excellent illustration.

Its bustling marketplaces offer a breathtaking array of gold jewelry, especially 20k and 22k pieces, attracting both casual enthusiasts and serious investors alike.

In Dubai, gold isn’t just a decorative item; it’s a widely recognized form of investment. Buying 22k gold jewelry is common practice among locals and tourists due to its trading ease and robust value retention. This popularity makes it an enticing choice for investment.

Many gold dealers sell their jewelry at close to spot – and will advertise that their gold carries “no maker’s fee” – these are the shops with queues outside and packed customers. Having experienced it for myself last night I can assure you there’s nothing quite like it!

However, like any marketplace, trading in the Dubai gold market presents its challenges. Authenticity assurance, fair price negotiation, and understanding local trading practices can be hurdles for the unacquainted. But for those willing to learn the ropes and adapt, the Dubai gold market can offer a thrilling avenue in the world of gold jewelry investment.

The Dubai market is heavily policed and authenticity is rarely an issue, in terms of gold content. And because shops are required to display the day’s gold price (set nationally) it’s easy to know if you’re paying a good price for your piece. All jewelry is weighed in grams and if you know the spot price for 22k gold per gram it’s very easy to know what premium (if any) you’ll be paying.

As an example I bought 3x20g gold bangles of a simple design (so no maker’s fee) for a total of $5 USD over spot. The same bangles bought in the UK or US would have been 3x the price.

It’s hard to find gold bullion at close to that price – meaning my 3 gold bangles have simply added to my investment stack and given me a bit of wrist bling at the same time. Win-win!


Investing in Gold Jewelry: Navigating the Challenges

While the allure of gold jewelry is undeniable, it’s vital to be aware of its potential pitfalls as an investment. One of the significant challenges as I’ve mentioned is the high markup. Unlike bullion or coins, jewelry incorporates craftsmanship, design, and branding, all of which contribute to a higher cost per gram of gold.

And there’s a vast markup on designer brands.

Another crucial factor to consider is liquidity. While you can sell gold bullion or coins fairly quickly, liquidating jewelry can be more challenging. It requires finding a buyer who appreciates the piece’s design and craftsmanship and is willing to pay a reasonable price for it, otherwise you may end up losing out.

Moreover, gold jewelry investment comes with additional responsibilities of storage and insurance, translating into extra costs.

Finally, when investing in high-end brands, validating the piece’s authenticity is paramount. To safeguard your investment, getting an appraisal from a certified professional is an absolute necessity.

Unveiling the Truth: Is Gold Jewelry a Hidden Treasure or Fool’s Gold?
So, is gold jewelry a sound investment? The answer depends on various factors. Gold jewelry, especially high-karat and designer pieces, can retain and even appreciate in value over time.

It offers an enjoyable wearability aspect and holds intrinsic monetary value, making it a potentially profitable investment.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to realize that this isn’t a straightforward investment path. The associated pitfalls, such as high markups, storage costs, and potential liquidity issues, require careful consideration. Furthermore, the jewelry market can be volatile and heavily influenced by trends and shifts in consumer preferences.

Should you, therefore, invest in gold jewelry? If you thoroughly research, understand the market dynamics, and judiciously select your pieces, gold jewelry can indeed form a valuable part of your investment portfolio. It should not replace other forms of gold investment, but it can certainly augment them. After all, diversity is the cornerstone of any robust investment strategy.

In short, as with bullion investment – BUY AS CLOSE TO SPOT AS YOU CAN.

Investing in gold jewelry isn’t for everyone. But for those who appreciate the craftsmanship, savor the tangible nature of the investment, and are prepared to navigate its unique challenges, it could indeed be a hidden treasure.

Right now I’m going back to the gold souk to buy some more 22k bangles!

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