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Gold-Silver Seasonal Charts


Gold and silver both have strong and weak seasons. However, their seasons are different as you’ll discover after looking at the gold-silver seasonal charts.

Terry Kinder precious metals analysisBullion.Directory precious metals analysis 11 September, 2014
By Terry Kinder

Investor, Technical Analyst

Because both silver and gold are precious metals, one would think that they would have similar strong and weak seasons. However, this is not the same as demonstrated by the gold-silver seasonal charts below.

Here is the gold chart for you to compare as part of the gold-silver seasonal charts

Gold Seasonal Chart

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Here is the silver chart for you to compare as part of the gold-silver seasonal charts

Silver Seasonal Chart

Chart courtesy of and ©

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So, how do the gold-silver seasonal charts differ?

The seasonality of the price of silver differs significantly from the seasonality of Gold. Remarkable is the strong up movement from January until April. Seasonally, after that is a correction until the end of June, and then a moderate up movement until the end of December.

Understanding the gold-silver seasonal charts is critical for you as a buyer or seller of gold because it helps you know when the best times to buy or sell are. Whether you want to accumulate physical gold or silver to hold for the long-term, or wish to make a short or medium-term investment, it is critical to know where you can minimize cost and maximize profit.

Along similar lines to the gold-silver seasonal charts, Zeal Speculation and Investment has written a series of articles outlining both the gold and silver seasonals:

Gold Seasonals:

Silver Seasonals:

There is lots of good information in the linked articles and they are well worth the time to read.

Understanding the gold-silver seasonal charts is critical, whether you are an investor or intend to hold physical gold and silver for a much longer period of time, because it will help you know which times of year are best to buy or sell.

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  1. Nearly all the demand for gold, outside of investment, is for Jewelry. Coincidence it’s higher during the holiday season? 😉

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