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Getting The Best Deals in the Cash For Gold Market


Let’s Talk About Gold, and tips to get the most CASH!

Zoe LyonsBullion.Directory precious metals commentary 30 September, 2020
By Zoe Lyons

General manager of Hatton Garden Metals

For most of us 2020 has been a year of lockdowns, uncertainty and a huge amount of adjustments to new norms. With many of us spending a considerable more amount of time in-doors we’ve kept ourselves busy with our garages de cluttered, cupboards cleared and a fair share of DIY home refurbs!

So, naturally you may have unearthed some items that you want to sell on, the ones that don’t feel right to bin but that you have no use for and want to get paid the best price for them.

There is value in Scrap!

Huge value in fact, so much that the scrap gold and silver industry has seen massive amounts of people benefit with selling their unwanted jewellery or old silverware at the highest prices the markets have ever seen!

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So, where is the best place to sell gold and silver in the UK?

Firstly, we would always recommend doing your research and understanding a little about the industry, that’s where we are going to try and help you out!

  1. Go Straight to the Pro’s!

    go-to-prosA bullion house, such as Hatton Garden Metals are scrap metal experts, it’s the only thing that they do and we’re yet to find anyone else that does it better. Their scrap gold and silver prices are listed daily on their site and they offer same day payments with no charges.

  2. Read Company Reviews

    read-gold-reviewsReading reviews is something that we all do, whether it’s a restaurant, hotel or company you’re dealing with, we all get reassurance from seeing the experiences of others that have braved it first.

    Its super essential that you read gold dealer reviews when you’re selling items and want the best price for them!

    Sticking with Hatton Garden Metals, they get a big gold tick in this box, as they have 5 Star ratings across all the independent review sites including Trustpilot and FreeIndex and their customers have been consistently happy for years! Always reassuring to see that many of their customers go back to them again and there are some great replies of thanks from HGM on these sites it’s always nice to see a company’s response to any review, good or bad.

  3. Who are they? And why should I trust someone online?

    trust-buying-gold-onlineOnline gold companies may have earned a bit of a bad rep over the years, particularly in the “Cash for Gold” market. The companies who tend to offer the best prices for gold and silver are those with good systems in place – companies who have every step in the process down to a fine art, allowing for efficiency, better turnover and less need to earn so much per buy.

    When it comes to selling gold, following these pointers will certainly ensure you’re equipped with the know-how to sell your items for the best price, guaranteed!

    So, let’s be honest, the new norm of 2020 is making face-to-face transactions less appealing with masks, travel and enough sanitiser to make your eyes sting, so it’s probably time we get on board with knowing that these companies are legit and have been around for generations.

    Hatton Garden Metals are now in their 3rd Generation as a family owned business that are leading the UK Bullion dealers when it comes to buying gold and silver online. Members of the NPA, BJA they’ve got a strong name, and sterling reputation as honest and reliable.

    They’ve stayed ahead of the rest by being innovative with their website, easy to use for anyone with access to a smart phone or computer and have consistently provided top rates and immaculate service for their customers, and get the gold seal of approval on their reviews.

  4. Happier to sell gold in-person?

    sell-gold-in-personRemember you don’t have to be a whiz-kid to sell online, but we get it sometimes you would just prefer to sell in person and walk away knowing you’ve got the deal you wanted.

    So, if you’ve decided that’s what is best for you, then you can always walk in to Hatton Garden Metals with your items and you can get instant payment.

    With your items sorted and tested in front of you at their secured building in London jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden you know you’re walking away with the best price for your scrap. Usually busy with trade customers, its safe and secure and they’ve seen pretty much everything so no amount is too little or too big for them to buy in.

  5. Wanted to sell some gold bars but didn’t want to send them by post so made a trip to the shop last Friday. Good price given and the money was transferred to my account within 2 hours. Great service. I have also bought from them and was pleased with the service then.
    Alan Yorston, Sep 7 2020

  6. Money Money Money

    The Price has gotta be right!

    money-selling-goldCheck the price per gram. The best companies have live prices clearly displayed on their websites, complete with online calculators so you can see what your metal is worth each day!

    It is important to try and avoid getting into a bidding war between you and the company, and you should avoid any company that uses this method as a way to buy in your gold/silver. Remember, your metals value comes from the gold market price, which incidentally is at the highest we’ve seen for years!

  7. Beware companies that cover postage FREE of charge to you (but it costs you somehow)

    free-shippingAlways be cautious about companies that offer your FREE Special Delivery, firstly that usually costs about £5-7 for most people’s haul, but can cost more if its heavier stuff.

    A company that is offering ‘Free postage’ to all their customers, fully insured and next day delivery usually take that cost from the price that you are paid out.

    We would ALWAYS recommend covering your own postage and letting the company do what they do best, which is buy gold. You don’t want them to take their postal costs from your gold price, because trust us, it will be more than you would usually pay to get it to them.

    Hatton Garden Metals let you request a pack to send your items in through their site, but make it clear they don’t cover postage. They aren’t couriers, they are gold buyers, let’s allow them to stick with that and focus their skills where they are needed most.

    By getting you the best price for your gold and silver!

  8. Bullion.Directory or anyone involved with Bullion.Directory will not accept any liability for loss or damage as a result of reliance on the information including data, quotes, charts and buy/sell signals contained within this website. Please be fully informed regarding the risks and costs associated with trading in precious metals. Bullion.Directory advises you to always consult with a qualified and registered specialist advisor before investing in precious metals.

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  1. Always used Birmingham Gold Company who have always paid amongst the best for gold silver watches etc. Situated right in the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham

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