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Are these the best investing blogs ?


Here’s a list of what I think are some of the best investing blogs

Terry Kinder precious metals analysisBullion.Directory precious metals analysis 24 September, 2014
By Terry Kinder

Investor, Technical Analyst

The Internet is a seemingly endless source of information – some of it good and some of it not so good. Over the Best Investing Blogsyears I have sought out diverse sources of information on investing, the economy, gold, silver, economics, digital currencies, and much more.

Below is my list of the best investing blogs. While they aren’t all strictly about investing, each one provides information that can help make you a better investor. The list of the best investing blogs is presented in no particular order.

Best Investing Blogs

1. Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis:

Mike “Mish” Shedlock covers a wide variety of subjects, looking at them through the lens of Austrian Economics. Past subjects covered ranged from robots in the workplace to events in the Euro-zone. His articles are thoughtful and well-written. Definitely one of the best investing blogs.

2. Acting Man:

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Like Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis, Acting Man uses Austrian Economic ideas in much of its analysis. The blog has discussed subjects ranging from IPO Fever
to reform in France

3. Peter L Brandt:

Peter L Brandt’s blog is one of the best investing blogs for those who enjoy technical analysis. Brandt is not afraid to pick a fight as he did in his recent post
Debunking false claims made by the Silver bulls.

4. Zero Hedge:

Zero Hedge coves it all, from the serious to the silly, and everything in between. The comments section of Zero Hedge is always good for a laugh or a good link. The post titles are a master class on how to write attention grabbing headlines.

5. Konrad S Graf:

What do you get when you combine Bitcoin and Austrian Economics? Answer: Konrad S Graf’s blog. There is much to like here. Graf’s blog is one of the best investing blogs to learn about Bitcoin and how the digital currency fits into Austrian Economic analysis. A recent article that caught my eye was A tale of bitcoins and $500 suits: Will a rising-value currency not be used?

6. Silver and Gold Prices:

Franklin Sander’s Silver and Gold Prices pretty has everything a gold or silver bug could want – technical analysis of gold and silver prices, updates on the gold/silver ratio, etc. Just for fun, Sanders takes the dollar, yen and euro out to the woodshed from time to time. Plus Sander’s down home sense of humor makes it an entertaining read.

7. Zeal Speculation and Investment:

Zeal Speculation and Investment offers analysis of the gold and silver markets. The charts included in the articles are very good. The articles will point you to reports on gold and silver miners that they sell. I have purchased their reports on gold and silver miners in the past and they are very good. The reports will likely save you time researching companies and may keep you from investing in the wrong company. Zeal Speculation and Investment is one of the best investing blogs if you are interested in gold, silver and the miners.

8. William M. Briggs:

William M. Briggs describes himself as “Statistician to the Stars”. Briggs blog is a fun look at how statistics are tortured and abused every day. A few of Briggs’ recent articles are Richard Carrier’s Argument To Show God’s Existence Unlikely and The Science-Is-Self-Correcting Fallacy. Briggs is brilliant and reading him will help make you a better thinker about probability, statistics and more.

9. Moon of Alabama:

You could probably be a good investor and know little about geopolitics. However, it helps to have an understanding of the world around you if you want to be a successful investor. One of the best investing blogs if you want a different, more balanced view of what is going on in the world is Moon of Alabama. News from the main stream media is mental junk food. The main stream media in the United States, and the western world, only gives one side of international events and not the full picture. Moon of Alabama will provide a more balanced view of international events and why they happen.

10. Economic Policy Journal:

Economic Policy Journal looks at current news and events from an Austrian Economic perspective. The stories are current and topical. An example of a recent post is Extraordinary Government Madness Results in Clorox Ditching Venezuela.


Those are just a few of what I consider to be the best investing blogs.

If you want to be a better investor you must constantly find new sources of information that educate, inform and challenge your existing beliefs.


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  1. Great list there Terry – some I hadn’t even heard of.

    Will get them added to our resources section.

    • Yes Mac, there are more than a few less well known blogs (at least to investors and those involved in the precious metals community). I actively try to find things that are related, but a little outside the better known reading lists. For me, personally, there is a fair bit of echo – same stories, memes – repeated within both the mainstream media and the alternative media. Whenever ideas start getting repeated too often, and become accepted as near universal truths, its time to seek new information. A bit like the investing concept of when everyone moves to one side of the boat, it’s time to move to the other side.

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