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Using Bullion as Collateral

The companies listed above are specialist dealers who can help with raising capital using your bullion or numismatic portfolio as collateral.

Unlike cash-for-gold companies which typically charge very high interest for comparatively small sums, bullion collateral lenders are professional dealers and brokers who make fast-decision high-value loans on investment assets, allowing for extra liquidity to help clients reach business or investment goals.

Borrowing against your precious metals can be an excellent source of non-bank and low-interest rate capital and provides a discreet and highly confidential service without making any reference to credit reports or other credit agencies.

Some gold collateral lenders will lend against new purchases, effectively providing a mortgage-like loan on new precious metals assets. Others can lend a pre-agreed sum to complete auction purchases where high-value numismatics and rarities are involved.

We detail the full bullion lending process, interest rates, LTVs and loan durations on our gold loans page.