Bullion Dealer of the Year 2018: The Final

1042 Bullion Dealers
120 Shortlisted Companies
30 Finalists Selected

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With well over 8000 nomination votes cast, the finalists in the 2018 Bullion Dealer of the Year public vote have been chosen

From 1042 listings you’ve chosen your 30 finalists.

Now it’s time to pick your winner.

Who’ll win in 2018?  Voting runs 15th January – 23rd February 2018

Our 2018 vote is kindly hosted by d9 Hosting with voting software and analysis being run once again by Opinion Stage.




Who are the 2018 Finalists?


The USA shortlisting saw 2 companies take nearly half of the American vote, with the 5 finalists garnering almost 75% of the total nominations.

The US nominations were dominated by Fisher Precious Metals, the family-run national dealers, based out of Florida.

With a well-deserved reputation and fiercely loyal customers, Fisher took over a quarter of all US votes.

GoldCo also saw very strong voting throughout winning 19% of nominations.

What’s very interesting is ALL 5 US finalists are Gold IRA specialists, with Advantage Gold, 2017’s winner American Bullion, GoldCo and Regal Assets sharing half of the total USA vote.

Dealer Result List Web
Advantage Gold 7%
American Bullion 11%
Fisher PM 26%
GoldCo 19%
Regal Assets USA 8%


2018 Canada Nomination Results


While Canada’s three bullion giants won half of the public nominations, a surprise newcomer polled top taking 21% of the Canadian vote.

Canadian nominations saw US dealer Regal Assets take 21% of the vote from long-established Kitco, Cache Metals and retail giants Silver Gold Bull.

Despite having a US headquarters, Regal are actually Canadian-owned.

Very close voting for Cache Metals, global-giant Kitco and 2017’s winners Silver Gold Bull mean the final results could be anyone’s win, with the top 5 companies taking 80% of the Canadian vote.

Dealer Result List Web
Cache Metals 17%
Kitco 17%
Regal Assets CA 21%
Silver Gold Bull 19%
SprottMoney 6%


2018 UK Nomination Results


The UK vote saw three family dealers win 37% of nominations against some of the industry’s biggest companies, with Blackpool’s Chard topping the results.

It’s beginning to look like Chard are unbeatable in the UK category, adding top 2018 nomination to UK wins in 2015, 16 and 17.

But this year it seems Bullion By Post, Bleyer, Atkinsons and Goldcore have other ideas…

David and Goliath is a fun narrative, but three David’s, a Goliath and Goliath’s Irish brother is much harder to call.

The UK saw huge voting volume, with many multi-nationals being trounced by family businesses. 2018 is going to be good.

Dealer Result List Web
Atkinsons Bullion 9%
Bleyer Bullion 10%
Bullion By Post 15%
Chard 1964 18%
GoldCore 9%


2018 Australia Nomination Results


In a clash of the titans, the Australian vote saw 80% of nominations cast for only 3 companies, with the 5 finalists taking an amazing 91% of all clicks.

It’s safe to say that ABC Bullion, Bullion Capital and The Perth Mint literally owned the Australian nominations

Giants of refining, trading and retail would appear to leave little room for outsiders.

But then again positions 4 and 5 are held by Swiss behemoth PAMP and an actual royal institution.

With that kind of competition, past winners ABC and Bullion Capital will not be guaranteed an easy ride in 2018 – by any means.

Dealer Result List Web
ABC Bullion 27%
Bullion Capital 23%
MKS Australia 4%
The Perth Mint 30%
Royal Australian Mint 7%


2018 UAE Nomination Results


UAE nominations saw the 2017 winners face stiff competition from three of Dubai’s largest dealers and an aggressive incomer from the USA.

Emirati and Turkish refining giants both saw strong voting, with Emirates Gold narrowly knocking 2017’s winners Istanbul Gold Refinery to second place.

DGD certified Al Etihad and LBMA associate Gold Standard share the remaining 3 spots with Regal Assets Dubai.

Regal’s global expansion in 2017 has seen the US company make aggressive inroads into the competitive UAE marketplace.

But will slick marketing be enough to challenge multi-billion dollar refineries? We’ll find out in March.

Dealer Result List Web
Emirates Gold 21%
Al Etihad Gold 13%
Gold Standard DMCC 10%
IGR Precious Metals 20%
Regal Assets Dubai 13%


2018 Rest Of World Nomination Results


In a new composite category, India’s best took on Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan’s leading brokers, with 5 finalists sharing 83% of global nominations.

Our “Rest Of World” shortlistings were taken from 12 new country categories and saw the India-wide bullion retailer RiddiSiddhi Bullions win 27% of nominations, with Japan’s Tanaka receiving a very close 25% of votes.

Mitsubishi’s GoldPark and Singapore’s BullionStar shared the next 25% with Bullion India taking 8%.

Up against global jewellers, refiners and offshore banking institutions from Saudi Arabia to Switzerland, a finalist position in our Rest of World category is no mean feat.

Dealer Result List Loc
Bullion India 8%
Bullion Star 10%
Goldpark (MMC) 13%
RiddiSiddhi Bullions 27%
Tanaka Gold 25%


2018 Voting Timetable

Shortlisting Vote

The shortlisting vote begins Monday 27th November 2017.
This first public vote narrows down our shortlist nominees from 20 to 5 finalists in each of the main categories. Voting closes Friday December 15th at 23.59 UTC.

Finalist Announcement

Finalists will be announced Monday 18th December 2017.
These 5 nominees with the biggest share of the public vote in each category become finalists in the main public vote.

Main Vote Starts

The main public vote begins Monday 15th January 2018
For 2018 there will be country and specialist categories. All finalists will be entered into appropriate specialist categories automatically.

Main Vote Ends

The main public vote ends at 12.00 midnight UTC on Friday 23rd February 2018

Winners Announced

The winners of the public vote will be announced Monday 5th March, 2018

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