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1709 bullion sources listed – with gold dealer reviews you can trust

Impartial gold dealer reviews are central to Bullion.Directory’s key purpose – helping potential gold investors find the right gold dealer.

Our gold dealer directory listings are easy to read with at-a-glance ratings and icons for top rated and highly recommended bullion dealers:

understanding gold dealer listings and reviews

  1. User Rating: This is an average rating based on all customer reviews submitted on a company’s listing, running from 1-5 stars.
  2. Top Rated: We only award this badge to companies we consider to be the best in their particular market, based on user reviews, our experiences in dealing with the company and the findings of our team of mystery shoppers.
  3. Highly Recommended: We award this badge to companies we consider to be among the best, based on user reviews, our experiences in dealing with the company and those of our team of mystery shoppers.
  4. No Badge? Just because a listing has no badge doesn’t mean we don’t think they’re good. They can still be excellent, as can be seen by customer ratings and reviews.
  5. No Picture, No Rating, No Badge? This simply means a company has a basic listing with no upgrades and has not been mystery shopped or reviewed by us or any customers (yet). Most companies in Bullion.Directory make use of our basic free listings, so don’t consider this to be a bad thing!

With one-click star ratings and allowance for detailed user reviews on all listings, you can rapidly find precious metals companies with the best levels of customer care.

Unlike many review sites popping up across the web, we have no financial incentive to recommend company X over Y. All our ratings and reviews are provided by consumers like you, with safeguards in place to protect against false reviews, both good and bad.

Want to leave a review for a company you rate?

It takes seconds – and helps dealers with the best standards help more customers.

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Gold has become a critical element in a well-diversified IRA / Retirement Account, proven in the 2008 crash as a hedge and safe harbor, investors now have a wide choice in Gold IRA Companies.

All listed Gold IRA Specialists are able to provide professional Gold IRA Rollover and Gold IRA Transfer services, helping clients save fees, reduce taxes and maximize potential upside – all while protecting their retirement nest egg.

View Gold IRA Company Reviews

High Net Worth (HNW) and Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) typically buy investment gold through specialist HNW gold brokers.

These HNW Gold dealers are typically among the best gold investment companies, offering a full service from initial consultation covering tax, vaulting jurisdiction and portfolio risk through purchase to secure private vaulting – dealing directly with refineries, passing on wholesale prices to their clients in exchange for high volume buys.

View HNW Gold Dealer Reviews

In an increasingly unstable political environment, a growing number of investors choose to buy and store a portion of their precious metals portfolio offshore.

Drawn by the increased levels of security and privacy – not to mentioned the substantial tax savings afforded by a well designed offshore gold strategy, offshore gold is now our most popular specialist category, with a number of US, Canadian and UK companies offering a wide range of offshoring and internationalizing services.

  Read Offshore Gold Reviews

While many bullion dealers can ship to a selection of countries, truly international bullion dealers and bullion depository services can serve customers globally*

International dealers work either through a network of local offices, each servicing a selected region or trade from a centralized location, most usually based in an established gold-trading hub such as New York, London, Dubai, Hong Kong or Singapore.

International Gold Dealer Reviews

*Unless prohibited by law, sanctions or trading blockades

Gold investment guides & resources – for protection, profit or retirement planning

free gold investment guides
Alongside our detailed precious metals dealer directory, we provide a suite of guides and investment resources to help any investor make informed choices when it comes to buying and selling gold and silver.

From a constantly growing set of investment articles and market commentary to pricing charts and a precious metals investment glossary, all aspects of metals investing are covered – in a single, impartial location.

Whether you’re adding gold to your IRA or SIPP, stacking for risk protection or buying for capital appreciation – Bullion.Directory is here to help.

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Keep your finger on the pulse – with regular metals news, analysis & commentary

As well as our bullion dealer directory listings, Bullion.Directory provides a regular feed of precious metals news, analysis and metals prices, keeping you up to date with all that’s going on in the marketplace. Got gold questions? Ask Ally.

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gold analysis precious metals news and charts
  • Hey Fed! You're Part of the Spending Problem!
    Hey Fed! You’re Part of the Spending Problem!
    During a recent interview aired on 60 Minutes, the Fed chairman said it was time to have an “adult conversation” about the national debt and conceded that the U.S. government is on “an unsustainable fiscal path.” Powell said, “We're effectively borrowing from future generations,” and that it is time for us to put a priority...
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  • Gold & Stocks Might Be Doing Something Critical Here
    Gold & Stocks Might Be Doing Something Critical Here
    Miners declined as expected, but today’s action is so far in gold and stocks. Both will impact miners. Let’s start with gold. From the daily point of view, we just saw another move toward the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement based on the recent decline. This level was not touched, let alone broken. Today’s intraday high wasn’t...
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  • What’s Gold Doing? Exactly What It’s Supposed to…
    What’s Gold Doing? Exactly What It’s Supposed to…
    This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving precious metals and the overall economy. Stories include: Ronald Stoeferle explains why gold has been an outperforming asset worldwide, how the U.S. will rein in budget deficits with your money and are European silver investors finally getting a break?...
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  • Yet More Reasons to Question CPI Data
    Yet More Reasons to Question CPI Data
    According to the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) data, prices rose by 3.1 percent over the last year. Based on my own experience at my local shopping center, that seems low. And it may well be. There are reasons to doubt the accuracy of CPI data. According to a recent report released by the Bureau...
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  • Top Investment Banks Forecast Rising Gold in 2024 and Beyond
    Top Investment Banks Forecast Rising Gold in 2024 and Beyond
    Leading investment banks forecast gold heading well into record territory, with Citi stating De-dollarization could be key to $3,000 gold in 2025. Those familiar with the movement of precious metals prices likely are familiar with gold’s historical interest-rate sensitivity and how changes in rates can impact prices......
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  • Bad Commercial Real Estate Loans Strain Banking System
    Bad Commercial Real Estate Loans Strain Banking System
    The commercial real estate market continues to deteriorate in this high-interest rate environment, putting stress on the banking system. The dollar amount of bad commercial real estate loans has ballooned beyond the loss reserves held by big banks to cover them as more and more borrowers struggle to keep up with payments....
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  • Stocks Try Again, But Gold Price Doesn’t
    Stocks Try Again, But Gold Price Doesn’t
    Nvidia surprised positively and it soared in overnight trading as well as in the early market trading. And while it managed to take stocks higher, it didn’t take gold higher. The S&P 500 index futures are up, and they moved close to their previous highs without breaking them. In other words, it’s “here we go...
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  • Recession Alert: Biden Wants You to Ignore This
    Recession Alert: Biden Wants You to Ignore This
    What the Tsunami of Corporate Layoffs Really Means. There are so many signals that point to the possibility of entering a near-term recession, they are hard to ignore. But let’s look at the economic situation in this country from another perspective: What if the United States is already mired in a long recession that might...
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  • What Time is Best to Buy or Sell Gold?
    What Time is Best to Buy or Sell Gold?
    Question: I'd like to invest in gold but I've got really hung up on when is the right time to buy, suffering from a bad case of analysis paralysis. I thought we were at a market high at $1800 and so I waited and now it's at $2050 - what would you do? Timing markets...
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  • What Portion of My Portfolio Should Be Gold?
    What Portion of My Portfolio Should Be Gold?
    Question: I want to invest in gold but am uncertain how much gold to buy. What proportion of my portfolio would be best held in gold? Alexander in Florida asked a very common question and there are two ways to answer, one very short and one far longer. The short answer is......
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  • Is Bitcoin the New Gold?
    Is Bitcoin the New Gold?
    Question: Is Bitcoin the New Gold? My husband and I were looking to add some gold to our modest portfolio but some friends said to forget gold and buy Bitcoin as it's the 'new' gold, saying there's much more potential for profit. Are they right? Is Bitcoin a natural successor to gold?...
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  • What to Look For in a Gold IRA Company?
    What to Look For in a Gold IRA Company?
    Question: I am looking to open a Gold IRA but am overwhelmed with choices, not helped by every company's claims that they are number one. What separates a good gold IRA company from an average or bad one? What should I look out for?...
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  • Can I Use Gold Bullion as Collateral to Make a Home Down Payment?
    Can I Use Gold Bullion as Collateral to Make a Home Down Payment?
    Question: I am thinking of buying a home and offset some of the down payment by using gold bullion as collateral for the mortgage. Can you recommend a Bank in the USA that would consider a combo down payment?...
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  • Why Should I Store My Precious Metals Offshore?
    Why Should I Store My Precious Metals Offshore?
    "Why should I consider storing my gold and silver offshore? What are the advantages?" George W. in California has been noticing a growing trend among gold investors for storing at least a portion of their precious metals offshore. He wants to know why and what can be gained from it....
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  • What is Better for Trading? Physical Gold, ETFs or CFDs?
    What is Better for Trading? Physical Gold, ETFs or CFDs?
    Which of the following is better for trading gold? The physical metal, gold ETFs or Gold CFDs? Brian in London wrote asking for recommendations as to the best gold trading vehicle, looking at trading physical metals, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and Contracts for Difference (CFDs)....
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bullion directory for investors - buying gold and silver

Bullion.Directory for gold buyers & investors

We aim to list all precious metals dealers in the USA, Canada, UK, UAE and Australia – and we’re constantly adding new dealers worldwide.

Bullion dealers are listed by country, state, province and region and you can set gold dealer listings to display from high to low based on consumer rating scores and reviews.

Whether you’re building an investment portfolio, a collector of numismatic coins or looking to diversify your retirement plan into precious metals – finding trusted precious metals dealers locally or nationally takes just a few clicks.

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bullion directory for gold ira or gold sipp planning

Bullion.Directory for gold retirement planning

Gold & Silver IRAs and Gold SIPPs are hugely popular investment vehicles.

We list all specialist Gold SIPP and precious metals IRA providers alongside consumer reviews, helping you make the right decisions for your retirement planning.

With independently rated listings, free retirement planning guides, retirement planning news and expert how-to articles, Bullion.Directory can aid your search for retirement products that are most suited to your future needs and levels of risk tolerance.

Gold IRA Companies   IRA Guides   UK Gold SIPPs   Canada Gold RRSPs

bullion directory for precious metals dealers - bullion dealer weighing gold

Bullion.Directory for precious metals dealers

A free listing in our directory connects you directly with precious metals investors.

Featuring a site link, company description, address, map and contact details – our free listings are all most gold dealers ever need – and are working well for over 1000 of your competitors.

With some good reviews & ratings you could easily be listed at the top of our results.

From 2022 any gold dealers with Premium+ listings can self publish news & press releases directly to our site. For free.

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bullion dealers directory shown on a tablet

Why the need for a specialist bullion dealers directory?

Precious metals are big business. With more and more investors using gold to protect their assets or retirement plan from bank bail-ins, stock crashes or dollar devaluation – more and more gold dealers are appearing to satisfy demand.

But how do investors find suitable bullion dealers? Where do you go?

Chances are pretty high it will be a search engine – or one of the big general directories.

Unfortunately search engine’s top results are usually filled by companies with the deepest pockets – those who can pay the huge costs of ad clicks – or those with the resources to game the search engines. And guess where those deep pockets get their money?

Many of the big directories use out of date addresses and contact details – or as is sadly common, they wrongly categorize companies as bullion dealers when they’re simply not.

Our listings are free, added by hand and we only list precious metals dealers.

Our top positions are based on positive consumer reviews and ratings, not advertising budget.

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