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Warning - Bullion Company Alerts

The Following Gold and Bullion Dealers Have Been Marked ‘With Caution’

These companies have been reported to us by our visitors as either closed, non-functional, non-responsive, or under some form of investigation.

If you are a representative of any of the following companies and the reported issues are no longer affecting the company, please contact us and we will investigate before removing the company concerned from our ‘With Caution’ list.

Found a company with similar issues, but it’s not on this list? Contact us and we will investigate.

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These Bullion Dealers May Be Having Issues: Proceed with Caution

Important: many of the companies on this page are here because their websites are no longer operational, suggesting they may be out of business or having some form of major issue. In all cases, the companies have been reported to us by our visitors and we have marked them with a caution label.

This does not mean that there IS necessarily an issue, but until we know otherwise we keep the warning icon live for the safety and security of our visitors.

In other cases, companies are either under investigation, part of an active lawsuit, bankrupt or have been convicted of a range of crimes.

Note: When companies have closed and are confirmed as such, our policy is to leave all company listings live, as a record of any issues that may have affected them, complete with reviews. This forms a useful historical snapshot and helps hammer home some of the risks in the marketplace.