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The Gold Forecast Review

As the leading precious metals investment portal we’re regularly asked for advice on gold trading strategies or to recommend gold price forecasters and gold trading signals providers.

Thanks to stringent UK financial regulations our hands are usually tied when it comes to giving specific trading advice and recommendations – especially when it comes to trading gold derivatives – so we were limited to passing our users on to the signals companies we have on our books.

Company: Wagner Financial Group
Owner: Gary S. Wagner
Established: 2009
Location: Hawaii / Worldwide
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

For the longest time we were reluctant to recommend any one company for providing gold forecasts or signals advice – for one specific reason: None of the available providers we knew of and had tried were any good – or at least consistently good.

And we tried many. From free services (these were mostly terrible), to cheap services (50:50 success) to 5-figure services (long payback) it’s likely we’ve tried them all.

But through this testing, there’s one company and more importantly, one man, who has consistently outperformed the market – bringing in excellent returns in all market conditions.

His name is Gary S. Wagner and he’s the executive producer of “The Gold Forecast” the daily video newsletter, forecasting and trading signals service.

He has been a technical market analyst for over 35 years, and is a regular technical analyst for “The Street TV” and Kitco News with his “Chart this” series co-hosted by Daniela Cambone.

A market analyst for Kitco News with his daily recap “Hawaii 6-O“, as well as Bloomberg TV, Gary is also a frequent contributor to STOCKS & COMMODITIES Magazine, a writer for Futures Magazine and Barons, best-selling author and co-developer of what’s considered as the first computer program to recognize and identify Candlestick patterns.

Gary’s credentials are not in any doubt and working with his Chief Editor & Research Officer Robert DiLallo, The Gold Forecast is researched, written and produced to the highest standards, helping it to become the go-to source for accurate metals forecasts, perfectly timed gold trading signals and valuable daily content from videos to an outstanding free newsletter.

The Gold Forecast Review – Trading History

the gold forecast review - track record 2011-2017

Taking a $10,000 investment in November 2009, and following The Gold Forecast’s recommendations, published results show a YoY growth far in excess of profits from a like investment held in the underlying metal.

The Gold Forecast Trading Recommendations:
November 2009-2017 – Starting Balance $10,000
2010 Year Profit $30,150 – End Balance $40,150 (+301%)
2011 Year Profit $25,570 – End Balance $65,720 (+255%)
2012 Year Profit $22,350 – End Balance $88,070 (+223%)
2013 Year Profit $14,500 – End Balance $102,570 (+145%)
2014 Year Profit $9,660 – End Balance $112,230 (+96%)
2015 Year Loss $2,630 – End Balance $109,600 (-26%)
2016 Year Profit $28,600 – End Balance $138,300 (+285%)
2017 Year Profit $5,900 – End Balance $144,200 (+59%)

Overall Profit: $134,200 (+1342% or 167% per year)

Physical Bullion Investment – Buy and Hold
November 2009-2017 – Starting Balance $10,000
Starting Balance: $10,000
Starting price $1,188.90 /oz
Ending Price $1,288.23 /oz
End Balance: $10,835.47

Overall Profit: $835.47 (+8.35% or 1.04% per year)

As can be seen, an active trading account following The Gold Forecast’s trading recommendations made a return 160 times that of the capital appreciation in the underlying bullion*.
Note: the above comparisons do not take into account annual fees or service charges.

While some services may cherrypick the best results, carefully selecting time frames with the best possible results, The Gold Forecast show all their signals-based trade results from the start of the fund in November 2009 to current day.

At current time (23 May, 2018) the 2018 Year to Date is showing a $400 profit at a point where the same investment in bullion would be at a $182 loss. See Updates here.

Service Information

The Gold Forecast provides a number of services under their membership program, the most well known being their daily Gold Forecast Videos.

These videos can be watched in tandem with specific trade alerts sent out and cover metals (and some cryptocurrency) market movements and forecasts, explaining moves in detail helping enormously with making specific trade decisions.

An example gold forecast video report

Whilst they offer a number of excellent free resources such as their newsletter and a reduced detail version of their regular reports, it’s the combination of detailed daily videos with Trade Alerts – their pinpoint accurate buy and sell signals sent by email and SMS text messages – that keeps The Gold Forecast’s members signed up to their premium services.

Full services included in membership are:

  • The Daily Video – A 5 to 15 minute technical analysis report presented by Gary Wagner. Includes studies incorporating Elliot wave models, Fibonacci retracement and candlestick patterns. This system will identify support and resistance levels, as well as key reversal pivot points.
  • Trade Alerts – Buy and Sell signals with stops, sent via e-mail and text message (SMS).
  • Proper Action – Defines current active trade and stop placement suggestion.
  • Market Forecast – Tells subscribers where we think prices will go over the short and interim term.
  • Commentary – Our opening letter recaps the fundamental factors in the day’s events and their effect market prices.
  • Chart Gallery – HD images of our most current charts. These charts include all of the technical studies used to create the show and other current models and studies. These include candlestick charts, Heiken Ashi charts, Elliott wave models and Fibonacci retracements theory with updated support and resistance levels.
  • Notifications – Immediate notification of Daily Report published by Gary Wagner.
  • Member Questions – Questions answered by Gary Wagner toward the end of the show.
  • Weekend Review – Weekly video review of past events and what we can expect next week.

In terms of value for money, membership costs as little as $99/mo (or $1199 yearly) after a free 14-day trial making it one of the most cost-effective signals and analysis services available.


Even allowing a generous $500 in annual brokerage fees, added to The Gold Forecast’s annual membership costs, our sample $10,000 account would be up $120,608 had we followed and acted on all the Trade Alerts, giving an average $15,076 annual profit.

What we particularly like is the Try Before You Buy facility – a no catch 14 day trial of the full service to see if it’s a fit for your investment style. If you’re new to gold trading it can be very helpful in showing any gaps in your knowledge of technical terms and chart reading – where members are advised to get up to speed for full benefit – and this can be achieved either through detailed information throughout the website, through Gary’s own Candlestick Trading book, or through a “basics of trading” course.

As Gary uses Elliot Wave theory (a lot) it will definitely help to subscribe to Elliot Wave International’s free educational resources.

However if you have even the lightest of trading experience, The Gold Forecast covers everything you need to know offering a true one-stop-shop for trading gold.

Would we recommend it? 100%. Do we use it ourselves? Absolutely!


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