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Buying Bullion In The Caribbean

cayman flag - caribbean bullion sectionThe Caribbean doesn’t automatically bring to mind gold bullion, but many of the islands in the Caribbean are known for their thriving offshore banking industry – where following recent clampdowns on banking privacy there has been a push to recommend offshore bullion as a means to circumvent FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Account) reporting.

When used as part of an overall offshoring or internationalizing strategy, offshore bullion bought in or through islands like the Caymans, BVI and Bermuda can be outside of FATCA, FBAR and similar reporting, allowing for absolute privacy where holdings are held by an individual in a non-bank institution.

Choice of bullion companies in the Caribbean are limited, however Caribbean Corporations and Trusts can hold bullion as assets in external jurisdictions such as the well known bullion trading hubs of Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and Switzerland.

One obvious exception is SWP Cayman (Strategic Wealth Protection) a very well known Cayman Islands company specializing in holding American bullion investments – a company who have partnered with many leading US-based bullion dealers to offer a full range of services including offshore Gold IRA storage, and who have deals in place to allow immediate buy and sell orders through these on-shore dealers.

Offshore gold ownership is a legitimate means to help with privacy and tax reduction as part of a wider strategy and the Caribbean offers a number of secure, trusted and discreet services a matter of hours from the US mainland.
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