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2016 Bullion Dealer of the Year – The Results

5 Countries.
100 Shortlisted Dealers.
25 Finalists.
22,624 verified votes.

And the winners are…

UK  |  USA  |  Canada  |  Australia  |  UAE  |  Specialists

Bullion Dealer of the Year 2016 – The Public Vote

UK Bullion Dealer of the Year:   Chard 1964 Ltd.

#1 Chard 1964 Ltd. (38.1%)

#2 Sharps Pixley (37.3%)
#3 Atkinsons Bullion (18.4%)

uk gold bullion dealer of the year

2015 saw Blackpool-based family firm Chard beat an industry giant to win the UK title – but could they seriously repeat this surprise victory for 2016?

It turns out our David and Goliath heroes like a good challenge – and after what can only be described as relentless campaigning across every media available, Chard have once again beaten some of the largest bullion companies in Europe to take first place.

In what was an incredibly close call, Chard won with 2445 votes from 6425, taking 38.1% of the public vote – with Degussa AG owned Sharps Pixley only 0.8% behind.

Amazingly Chard were not the only family company in the medals – Sutton Coldfield’s Atkinsons Bullion placed 3rd with a very respectable 18.4% of the vote.

Chard’s customers are fiercely loyal and despite pressure from bigger companies with huge marketing budgets and aggressive discounting, Chard is continuing to expand thanks in a large part to their emphasis on customer care and education.

Company director Lawrence Chard says “We have probably done more than all other coin / bullion dealers to expand and create awareness of the UK gold bullion market since EU VAT exemption arrived in 1st January 2000” – truth be told whenever the Bullion.Directory team needs to check a fact, we’ll eschew Wikipedia and turn to one of Chard’s websites first.

Will Chard make it three in a row?   Shortlisting starts in September…


It is great news that we have been voted UK Bullion Dealer of the Year 2016.

We have always aimed at serving the more intelligent and better informed section of the market, and still believe that a well-informed customer is a Chard customer.

We are not the biggest UK bullion dealer – also we are not just a bullion dealer, being primarily a coin dealer handling numismatic coins – So for us to get more votes requires a higher proportion of our customers voting for us, thank you to all of them.”

Lawrence Chard – Director, Chard 1964 Ltd.


View Chard’s Listing   Visit Chard’s Website



USA Bullion Dealer of the Year:   JM Bullion

#1 JM Bullion (29.5%)

#2 Texas Precious Metals (23.1%)
#3 (21.2%)

uk gold bullion dealer of the year

2016 USA Bullion Dealer of the Year winners JM Bullion need little in the way of introduction, as one of North America’s largest bullion dealers
With 93 thousand 5-star reviews on Shopper Approved and with premiums on many of their most popular items among the lowest in the US it’s immediately clear that they’re doing something right.

Strength in numbers and clear customer satisfaction has seen JM Bullion take a third of the entire US vote, with 1380 votes from 4680.

This is ahead of other industry leaders, runners-up Texas Precious Metals and Mike Maloney’s – with these top three companies winning a combined 74% of the vote.

JM Bullion’s business volume (over 30,000 orders shipped monthly) and 5-star reputation are testament to their dedication in the creation of America’s top bullion dealer – something they have achieved in only 5 years.

2016 will no doubt see continued growth, thanks to word-of-mouth marketing from near-evangelical customers, blanket-ownership of search engine results, active and engaged social accounts and an increasing number of precious metals commentators signing up to their affiliate program.

JM Bullion are the poster-boys for how to run a precious metals company in the digital age – other gold dealers take note.

View JM Bullion’s Listing   Visit JM Bullion’s Website



Canada Bullion Dealer of the Year:   Silver Gold Bull

#1 Silver Gold Bull (45.8%)

#2 Kitco (21.9%)
#3 Can. Bullion Services (13.5%)

uk gold bullion dealer of the year

Silver Gold Bull have taken the 2016 Canadian Bullion Dealer of the Year and owned it with almost half of Canada’s votes being in their favour.

From being outside of the top 5 in 2015, Silver Gold Bull have essentially taken over a huge portion of the Canadian market share in the past year.

They’ve also seen aggressive expansion into the USA and now the lucrative United Arab Emirates market.

With 659 votes from 1440, Silver Gold Bull pushed international behemoths Kitco to second with Canadian Bullion Services taking third in a year that CBS launched their stunning new website.

Much like JM Bullion – and indeed UK winners Chard – Silver Gold Bull are actively promoting their services across all areas of the web, and are now embracing digital marketing further, through their adoption of the affiliate marketing model.

A clear indication that the future of successful precious metals retailing has to involve a strong digital strategy.

Will we see Silver Gold Bull in the US or UAE category for 2017?   Watch this space.

View Silver Gold Bull’s Listing   Visit Silver Gold Bull’s Site



Australia Bullion Dealer of the Year:   ABC Bullion

#1 ABC Bullion (25.0%)

#2 Bullion Capital (23.4%)
#3 Citadel Bullion (20.9%)

uk gold bullion dealer of the year

After strong and remarkably close voting, ABC Bullion have taken 1st place in our inaugural Australian vote.

Admittedly our team have never been shy in expressing a love of ABC Refinery’s square cast bars – so it’s safe to say we feel sister company ABC Bullion are deserving winners of this first year’s vote.

Taking exactly a quarter of the Australian public vote, with 790 votes from 3160, ABC Bullion saw Digital Exchange of the Year 2016 winners Bullion Capital take 2nd place by the narrowest of margins – 50 votes

Digital exchange Citadel Bullion came a close third with 569 votes.

ABC Bullion may be part of the giant Pallion group – but despite this they are still somehow able to maintain the feeling of a small friendly bullion dealer and this must in part be responsible for their success.

With a new LBMA listing and an ever-growing array of precious services available across Australia, ABC Bullion look set to maintain and further strengthen their long-established position of real authority in the Australian precious metals market.

Did we mention we’re big fans of ABC’s square cast bars?

We are incredibly proud to have won Bullion Dealer of the Year 2016, and we would like to thank our wonderful clients who’ve been trading and storing gold with us since 1972.

This award completes a busy 12 months for ABC Bullion, which also included ABC Refinery’s appointment to the London Bullion Market Association’s (LBMA) Good Delivery list for gold.

We look forward to delivering more products and services this year, including investment and portfolio solutions backed by the ABC Bullion brand!”

Katherine Robinson – Group Marketing Manager, Pallion (ABC Bullion)


View ABC Bullion’s Listing   Visit ABC Bullion’s Site



UAE Bullion Dealer of the Year:   Kaloti Precious Metals

#1 Kaloti (37.9%)

Runners-up – Tied 2nd
#2 Emirates Gold (26.9%)
#2 DHAB DMCC (26.9%)

uk gold bullion dealer of the year

UAE Bullion Dealer of the Year Kaloti are leaders in the Emirate’s rapidly growing precious metals industry.

With “City of Gold” Dubai’s sights firmly set on becoming the global hub for physical gold trading – the region has become a centre of excellence in the refining of precious metals – and family-owned Kaloti are at the forefront of this movement.

The UAE category saw the strongest voting turnout overall, with Kaloti taking first place thanks to 2621 votes from the 6920 total.

Market giant Emirates Gold shared joint second place with brokers DHAB DMCC, part of the Swiss Bullion Group – with these three companies taking a combined 91.7% of the Emirati vote.

Kaloti’s success must in part be down to their broad depth of services covering every sector of the precious metals market, from mining to refining, minting and testing, to retail and wholesale bullion and jewellery sales – which together with 9 offices across 6 countries sees a lot of volume.

In winning this first UAE public vote, Kaloti have cemented their local-market reputation on the way to becoming a global brand.

We thrive to provide the best services for our customers and thank them for confirming the same.

This trust will certainly give us an incentive to provide even more and enhance our services in the bullion market.”

Mr. Tarek El-Mdaka – Co-CEO, Kaloti Precious Metals


View Kaloti’s Listing   Visit Kaloti’s Website



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