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It’s finally possible for an individual, family office or serious investor to buy wholesale priced metals direct, delivered or securely vaulted anywhere globally.

The Bullion.Directory Connect Service is aimed primarily at US-based family offices, high net worth investors and institutional investors, however retirement account holders are also key service users*.


How Does The Connect Service Work?

Bullion.Directory’s Connect team can save you hours, days or weeks searching for the right wholesale bullion supplier capable of filling mid-volume ($100k to $2m) and high volume ($2m+) investment orders.

With order sizes too large for many retail suppliers and too small for direct trading with refineries, why not take advantage of our powerful industry connections that allow you to bypass expensive investment brokers?

To use this fully confidential service, fill in our simple service request form and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you, giving access to our market connections – plus making direct wholesaler introductions – at no charge.


Wholesale Bullion for Family Offices


Gold is understandably popular in family office investment portfolios. A Financial Times / World Gold Council survey looking into the portfolio strategies of a cross-section of family offices saw a major trend towards assets helping with capital preservation, diversification and volatility reduction. The survey found most offices using a “strategic asset allocation framework” with almost half setting aside a specific allocation to gold, where gold comprised an average of 3.1% total portfolio assets.

family-office-wholesale-goldAs with any investment, the lower the purchase price the greater the potential for gain – and this is where family offices benefit from leaving retail bullion dealers, opting instead to buy at wholesale bullion prices.

Unfortunately buying genuinely wholesale gold and silver prices can be difficult in the mid-volume range of $100k-2m.

Yes big retailers offer a discount over their sometimes significant premiums, but even the best retailers wholesale gold prices are substantially higher than true wholesale suppliers. And true wholesale suppliers – the mines and tier one refineries seldom deal with one-off purchases, even in these volume ranges.

This is where our Connect Wholesale Bullion service helps family offices. Our pre-arranged discounts with a select group of tier one suppliers come from the economies of scale that the volume from our regular introductions bring.

We regularly source mid-volume LBMA and DMCC Good Delivery deals for family offices in the US – which can include local delivery, US depository storage, or what is becoming increasingly common – offshore storage at one of several ultra-secure non-banking vaults.

This is particularly beneficial for family offices with an internationalized footprint looking for tax-efficient, opaque movement of investments outside of FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Account) reporting.

Wholesale Bullion for High Net Worth Individuals


As with Family Office investors, High, Very High and Ultra High Net Worth Investors are concerned with capital preservation and diversification – in particular ensuring generational wealth preservation, usually through real assets such as land holdings, fine art, antiques and precious metals.

high-net-worth-wholesale-goldLiving an internationalized footprint with a borderless lifestyle specifically set up for maximum privacy, tax efficiency and investment efficiency, HNWI buy the majority of their gold as a long term investment.

Sometimes there’s an additional smaller holding designed for emergency liquidity and borderless wealth movement.

Both long-term and liquid gold investments can be bought at wholesale bullion prices, with the longer-term illiquid part of the metals investment being easier to source through existing wealth-management channels.

However buying smaller sized bars such as the popular 10oz, 1kg and 10 tola weights – or for even greater liquidity, 1oz coins and rounds – can be much more difficult to source at scale, and this is where our wholesale connect service comes into it’s own.

Some of our specialist wholesale suppliers deal almost exclusively with the HNWI category of investors, servicing the need for both the long-term vaulted good delivery bar and the liquid assets required for borderless wealth.

In all cases both long-term and liquid wholesale bullion can be delivered by our suppliers to multiple vaults across the globe for a vastly reduced geo-political risk.

The additional benefit being a wide footprint of private vaults outside of FATCA and FBAR eases adherence to global tax planning and reduction strategies.

Wholesale Bullion for Institutional Investors


Institutional investors such as pension funds and larger investment advisor funds hold physical gold in the form of vaulted good-delivery bullion bars. These are used as a market hedge, particularly when investors are nervous that underlying trends could reverse – and in current circumstances that means a reversal in the stock market, the bond market and the real estate market.

institutional-investor-wholesale-goldThese markets are currently seeing all time highs thanks to a sea of cash liquidity care of Quantitative Easing, and a growing number of analysts are warning of an imminent collapse – a clear risk to institutional portfolios.

Using gold to offset potential losses from riskier investments, or investments affected negatively by downturns is common in all investor classes, however institutional investors have a fiduciary duty to reduce risks to funds.

As perceived risks of a reversal increase, so must their hedging of accounts with safe-haven assets such as gold.

The largest and best known institutional investors receive automatic wholesale bullion pricing having dealt directly with refineries and tier one suppliers for decades, sometimes centuries – but smaller or newer institutional investors can find wholesale access much harder.

By taking advantage of Bullion.Directory’s Wholesale Connect service, mid-volume investors (those looking to hedge $100k – $2m in gold bullion) now have immediate access to true wholesale prices which can include ultra-secure vaulting at a choice of global institutions, and for 7-figure holdings active asset management.

That is, selected wholesale bullion suppliers can quickly and painlessly supply LBMA list good delivery bars globally maintaining supply as a percentage of total portfolio value, to ensure correct hedging.

Wholesale Bullion for Retirement Accounts

retirement accounts

Retirement Accounts such as Gold IRAs offer a highly tax-advantaged way of investing in physical gold bullion. Where Uncle Sam is effectively paying up to 40% of your investment invoice in the form of income tax reduction, it makes a lot of financial sense to maximize the amount of gold being purchased. Wholesale priced gold allows retirement account investors to make the most of these tax benefits.

wholesale gold and retirement accountsGold in retirement accounts saw a significant rise in popularity after the 2008 crash and again in 2021 when the long-term effects of the Covid pandemic could be seen as being high risk to paper investments.

Using gold to offset potential losses in financial downturns is an accepted hedging strategy, and when it comes to a retirement account never has this been a more pertinent move – especially for those very close to retirement. After all who wants their retirement account to lose most of it’s value just as you’re needing to draw down from your account?

Gold’s use as a safe-haven investment in IRA and similar accounts to balance risk is of course a key reason to add gold inside a retirement account, but it’s also hard to argue with the tax-efficient side of the value equation too!

To maximize potential for capital gain it makes sense to buy IRA-permitted gold at the best possible premium and this is where volume buys that attract wholesale pricing can allow for greater upside while reducing risk of market downturns.

By taking advantage of Bullion.Directory’s Wholesale Connect service, mid-volume Gold IRA investors (those looking to hedge $100k – $2m in gold bullion) now have immediate access to wholesale prices including ultra-secure IRS-approved vaulting, and all from Gold IRA specialists.

Wholesale Bullion Below $100k

At sub $100k, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to achieve true wholesale prices – that is unless you have a long established relationship with a bullion wholesaler or are making regular purchases that would take you into the mid-volume investor category.

However buying anything over $10k at retail, especially when buying generic bars or rounds – it is possible to achieve volume discounts approaching wholesale. Our bullion price comparison page lists popular investment bars and coins, priced individually – with some at very low premiums.

Wholesale bullion can see a difference of only a few cents per oz over a heavily discounted retail price for volume.

*The Bullion.Directory Connect Service is aimed at US-based family offices, high net worth investors, institutional investors, investment companies, representatives and professional gold buyers. Our team will select 1-5 bullion dealers we feel are most suited to your needs from our pool of over 1500 listings and an internal pool of unlisted wholesale bullion companies before making introductions of these companies to the service user. Initial introductions are non-committal to either party.

As producing reports takes time and we receive several requests per day, we carry out basic due diligence on all enquiries before proceeding or passing enquiry details on to our wholesale providers. This will include basic online research to check if the enquirer appears to be a bona fide volume buyer, or bona fide broker. This helps ensure we only pass genuine enquiries on to our wholesale partners. We value your privacy and adhere to strict data protection standards in line with EU GDPR and US CCPA regulations.

All services are provided in line with our Legal Terms and Privacy Policies.