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Gold Accumulation Calculator (IRA)

Quick Estimator: Gold IRA Final Values with Quarterly Contributionsgold dollar cost average calculator

Simply fill your starting sum, estimated quarterly additions and full years before your retirement.

The calculator will estimate+ your account’s final value based on historical price change data over the past 10, 25 and 50 years – plus an average of these averages. Sums over IRS annual limits are excluded++

Note: If you do not wish to add regular quarterly sums type zero (0).

Estimated Final Gold IRA Values+

Based on 10-Year Average: $0

Based on 25-Year Average: $0

Based on 50-Year Average: $0

Estimated Combination Average: $0

Would the Dollar Cost Averaging Method of Investing Work in Your IRA?

gold the diversifierDollar Cost Average investing is one of the most popular methods for retail investors to buy gold, making regular fixed-sum additions over a given term – ignoring short-term volatility while capitalizing on long-term compounding growth.

Where annual investments are over the IRS annual contribution threshold however, this method could leave sums uninvested – and this is where the calculator will show you how your plans will (or will not) work by clearly signposting monies not added.

Starting at $7000 (the contribution limit for 2024) the calculator will make allowances for an increasing limit over time based on past IRS changes++

If you find your proposed quarterly / annual investments are considerably over these thresholds, try and compare our non-IRA calculator based on the same data.

Of course, the tax-advantaged nature of a Gold IRA will have an impact on any plans you make, and these limits may be a price worth paying!

Gold IRA Fees and Charges

precious-metals-ira-feesThe retirement calculator does not take into consideration management fees and other charges, such as premiums over spot typical in all physical gold products.

Gold IRAs or IRAs containing part of their investment basket in physical gold will be subject to set-up and management fees, plus storage and insurance costs, however with the majority of our best-rated gold IRA providers these fees and costs are fixed, rather than percentage based, and typically total $80 – $250/year, with several leading companies charging zero set-up or storage fees.

Bullion Dealer of the Year Winners Compared on Fees, Costs and Bonuses

top-rated-gold-ira-companiesThe following table illustrates the low fees and sign-up bonuses that can be available to new investors with our current Bullion Dealers of the Year winners in the specialist Gold IRA category.

As can be seen, annual fees and costs can be zero or significantly lower than regular percentage-based IRA charges seen across the whole market, meaning you keep more market gains where it matters – in your account!

Savings become even more apparent when considering bonus metals deals available as loss-leader incentives for new customers. These can range from $500 to $10,000 in bonuses depending on initial qualifying investment amounts.

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*Free storage, free IRA set-up fees and free annual fees are available on qualifying accounts and under certain minimim order values – check with companies concerned
**Applies only to qualified orders with Goldco’s premium products. Get up to 5% back in FREE Silver when you invest $50,000 – $99,999. Get up to 10% in FREE Silver when you invest $100,000 or more. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Additional rules may apply.

+This Gold IRA Accumulation Calculator is provided by Bullion.Directory for informational purposes only. It is not intended as investment advice. The results generated by this calculator are based on forward-looking estimates and historical data and should be considered as hypothetical projections only. The calculations made by this tool are grounded in historical annual performance figures for gold from 1969 to 2023 inclusive. It’s important to understand that past performance is not indicative of future results. The value of gold and any associated investments can fluctuate widely. The tool makes assumptions about future performance based on an average of historical data. These assumptions should not be taken as forecasts or predictions. The actual performance of gold and your IRA may differ significantly from the estimates provided.

This calculator does not offer personalized financial advice and does not take into account your individual circumstances, financial situation, or specific investment objectives. Any decisions made based on the output of this calculator are taken at your own risk. Bullion.Directory is not responsible for any financial losses or gains incurred as a result of using this tool. We strongly recommend consulting with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions. A professional can provide personalized advice and a comprehensive investment strategy that aligns with your goals and risk tolerance.

++The calculator assumes an annual IRS contribution allowance starting at $7,000 for 2024, increasing by $500 each year. These figures are estimates and may not reflect actual future IRS allowances.