Terminator Silver Round – First Look

Stardust Silver and Sunshine Mint Create An Iconic Sci-Fi Round

Alison MacdonaldBullion.Directory precious metals news 02 February, 2015
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Stardust Silver has taken silver bullion to a whole new level. A brand-new 1 oz Stardust Terminator Silver Round Reverse Proof has recently been released from a brand that people should know about.

Stardust Terminator Silver Round


Producer: Stardust Silver
Composition: Silver
Purity: .999
Strike: Reverse Proof
Weight: 1 troy ounce
Mintage: 5,000
Available: Current
Retailer: Bullion Shark


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Stardust Silver is a relatively new company that has some amazing ideas and has already established an incredible reputation in both the precious metals and movie production industries.

So let’s look at the collectible silver round that everyone is talking about.

The one of a kind, Stardust Terminator Silver Round is a true beauty. Its creators decided to limit its mintage to only 5,000 pieces to ensure that the coins were of the highest quality and only fell into the hands of true collectors. This collectible piece commemorates the famous Terminator movie series and is a must have for any enthusiast.

The creators of this coin did not skimp in any aspect. To be blunt, the design is just impeccable and jaw-dropping. Michael S. Berman designed the round, and the expert sculptress, Heidi Wastweet, sculpted this stunning masterpiece.

This Terminator coin is actually a reverse proof issue that is minted by the Sunshine Mint, one of the most reputable and respected mints in the entire world. Each coin comes in a beautiful, light blue case that includes a certificate of authenticity and quotes from the movie.

The design of this silver round is absolutely stunning. Every piece has a smooth edge that displays the mintage number of that particular silver round. The obverse features the Terminator’s Endoskeleton Skull. This depiction is from the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Series T-800 that was sent to Los Angeles to kill Sarah Connor, the mother of the movie’s protagonist. In the background of the obverse is the destruction and devastation that was seen in much of the movie.

The reverse of this collectible silver bullion round features the purity, composition, weight, a depiction of the Terminator and an inscription that launched this movie series.

This silver bullion round has been featured on all of the major coin sites and is selling hot. The Terminator movies were big hits on the big screen and it is about time someone in the silver industry capitalized on this ingenious idea.

No detail was left out on this piece, and Bullion.Directory author Nick Adamo’s company Bullion Shark is proud to be one of the few retailers to have this coin for sale.

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