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I’m Delighted to Announce More Changes Coming to Bullion.Directory

Alison MacdonaldBullion.Directory News 10 February, 2022
By Alison Macdonald
Commercial Editor at Bullion.Directory

OK, so the changeover to our domain hasn’t come to fruition QUITE yet (work on it’s rollout has been delayed due to you know what) but I do have some more exciting news to share as the site continues to grow.

What started as a small website run and managed by a few gold-obsessed friends has grown to a scale none of us could ever have imagined – and we’re SO pleased it’s been such a useful tool to so many investors (to date, we’ve helped an incredible 1,376,634 visitors!)

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But growth and increased business is very much a double-edged sword.

im tiredOn one hand it’s fantastic we get to share the advantages of bullion investment with so many, but on the other it starts getting difficult to run at scale when it’s still effectively a hobby. I know I’ve only got so much spare time and so when weekends and nights start being taken up wholly by that hobby – and when I need to pause my day job to answer a Bullion.Directory related email or help one of my team add a listing etc etc – I know things cannot keep growing without substantial changes.

The change from Bullion.Directory to is a case in point – something that may only require 40 or so hours work has been dragging on for months because it’s hard to fit in the time – and we don’t have the budget to get in an outside developer.

So to this end we’re splitting up the site.

Note I said splitting up not breaking up – there’s a difference!

usa-moveWhat this means in practice is we’re going to continue to run the UK and European elements of the site as before, from our UK offices through Emma’s company, Tartan Digital – work such as adding news, articles and UK/EU directory listings.

All other elements of the site covering our two biggest markets will now be being run from two new corresponding bases and separate companies, one in the US and one in Dubai.

The US company will control what is by far our biggest part of the directory by listing volume and visitor traffic, running all global marketing efforts and affiliations including the annual Bullion Dealer of the Year public vote.

dubai-moveDubai will be managing Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Africa including proposed expansions to new gold marketplaces.

Mac and I will begin working full time from the end of March, working between Dubai and the US as we fully separate the commercial elements of the site from the editorial – something we believe can only further enhance the impartiality of editorial content. I’m happy to say our good friend and colleague Felix will continue to assist in US operations as we adapt to the new setup.

The full corporate and managerial restructuring should be completed by Summer 2022 – along with our final transition to

We’re all really excited that the site is finally going to receive both the investment and dedication it deserves and I know we can take it from strength to strength as these new partnerships evolve!

So What Will This Mean For Our Users?

The biggest change will be having focused management teams with a direct knowledge of local markets – meaning our US clients can work directly with a US expert during US office hours, not somebody who spells color, colour and is heading for home just as the US is waking up!

For our Dubai listings, this means a Dubai-based team making daily visits to both DMCC and Deira – with their nose to the ground in what is a unique and always colorful market.

For our site visitors, this will mean more regular locally-focused content looking at local markets, local bullion products and with up to date information on ever-changing supply issues, taxation and other relevant news.

And for me, I get a suntan and tax-free income. What’s not to like…

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