Gold IRA FAQ – Your Gold IRA Questions Answered

With more investors looking to add physical gold in IRA’s we’ve produced a comprehensive set of gold retirement FAQ

Find answers to the most common gold IRA questions and more.

gold ira faqCovering every possible question a new investor may ask, with a further wealth of detailed information available in our free gold IRA guide.

Finally you can get the facts right about gold retirement accounts. We don’t sell gold or offer gold IRAs so our information is always unbiased and impartial – essential if you’re investing in your future.

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What is a gold IRA?

Why would I want gold in my IRA?

What types of gold can I add to an IRA?

Can I add gold I already own?

Can I add other investment types to my gold IRA?

Can't I just add gold to my current retirement plan?

Can I take possession of the gold in my IRA?

Can I own more than one IRA or retirement account?

Can I transfer or rollover an existing retirement plan?

Where is my gold kept and is it secure?

How much does a gold IRA cost?

Is there a minimum amount I need to purchase?

Is there a maximum amount I can contribute?

What happens if I've contributed too much?

Is there a contribution deadline?

Can I withdraw gold from my IRA in an emergency?

Can I take a loan from my gold IRA?

Can I combine two or more retirement accounts?

Why is it important to choose the right dealer?

Why is it important to choose the right metals products?

Is there a best time to buy gold?

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