Goldco Affiliate Program

IMPORTANT: From November 23, 2021 Goldco’s new affiliate intake policy is to only accept applications from experienced affiliates with active websites and/or proven promotional methods. Inactive affiliates are now set to be removed if they do not meet new minimum lead targets within a rolling 90/180 day review window.

Goldco Affiliate Program Overview:

The Goldco affiliate program gives professional affiliates an opportunity to earn a significant amount of money on well-targeted warm traffic.

Alison MacdonaldBullion.Directory Gold Affiliate Program Reviews
By Alison Macdonald
Commercial Editor at Bullion.Directory

goldco affiliate programRelaunched in 2020, Goldco’s all-new affiliate program is attracting the top gold affiliates from all other programs thanks to high commission levels and strong support – all care of one of the affiliate industry’s best-known faces.

The program pays both per qualified lead ($165) and a percentage (officially 3-6% but at present the minimum payout is an industry-topping 6%) of any qualified investment. With an average order value of $52,000 – affiliates typically earn upwards of $3000 per sale.

Thanks to Goldco’s excellent customer care and knowledgeable brokers, clients often buy multiple times, meaning affiliates can make significant sums due to being locked into lifetime commissions on referred customers.

As an example, one of our team generated a $100,000 sale in month 1 and a second $100,000 sale in month 2 from the same client, giving a total commission of $8,000 (bear in mind this was before the minimum payout increase). Fast forward 7 months and that same client made yet another purchase and earned the affiliate an additional $12,000!

In another example shown below, one of our team made a 5-figure commission in a single month, just from promoting the benefits of Goldco’s Gold IRA program to their followers:


Although focused on a highly competitive niche – that of US Self-Directed Retirement accounts, payouts typically make up for the more costly SEO or paid ad costs.


Please note – program only open to experienced affiliates

Goldco Affiliate Payment Rates

Per LeadPercentageNotes
$1001Qualified Leads Only
0%Sales under $10k
3% 6%Sales $10k-£100k
6% (plus bonuses)Sales of $100k+
1%2nd Tier Sales $25k+2
(1) Currently $100 per qualified lead
(2) 2nd tier earnings are available on qualifying sales by any affiliates introduced by you.


Affiliate Program Resources

availabilityAffiliate Center
availabilityMentor Program
availabilityFacebook Group/s
availabilityTech Support
availabilityPayout Minimum
availabilityWide Banner Choice
availabilityPromotional Videos
availabilityPDFs / Lead Magnets
availabilityCustom Landing Pages
availabilityCustom 800 Number

Market Location


Goldco’s business is principally in the Self-Directed IRA market which is by it’s very nature US-only. Although they also do approximately 20% in diversified portfolios and straight cash sales, these too are only within US.

Product Mix

Alternative Assets

As well as Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium coins and bars, Goldco offers cryptocurrencies through their Coin IRA program – so may be of interest to a wider audience outside of precious metals.

Affiliate Network


Goldco run their affiliate program wholly in-house, here – and because the program is new, this platform is in the process of being updated (August 2022). Sign-up is free, and acceptance is based on an affiliate’s skill level and market experience. Affiliates should have a good working knowledge of online marketing, preferably in a US-fucused financial niche. The platform carries a growing set of affiliate resources with a Facebook group and additional resources site made by some of their top affiliates.

Marketing Channels

All Accepted. From social, video and search marketing to in-person events.


No negative competitor reviews. This is a strictly policed policy and affiliates will be removed for violations.

Goldco are very strong on affiliate compliance, in terms of disclosures, lead data privacy and adherence to anti-spam rules.

Goldco run a rolling 90/180 day minimum leads target.

The Final Word on Goldco’s Affiliate Program

Goldco offers one of the leading gold affiliate programs in the market. My recent (and ongoing) documented successes with Goldco have allowed me to fully pay off the substantial credit card and student debts I’ve been carrying for over 15 years. For that alone, they get a huge thumbs up from me!

Their recent addition of extra affiliate support staff and the ongoing release of new high-converting assets help them stay on top of what is a very competitive affiliate market – where companies are going to ever-greater lengths to recruit and retain the big affiliates.

Overall Goldco is a highly recommended partner for any professional affiliate looking to achieve financial success with a strong and trustworthy partner.


Please note – program only open to experienced affiliates

Rated: ★★★★★