Links: Bullion and Precious Metals in Social Media

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Anything we’ve missed out?   Suggest useful precious metals investing resources here.

Precious Metals Forums

Kitco Forum

The largest of all precious metals forums Kitco’s 45,000 members debate precious metals investing in comprehensive detail. Other sub-forums cover numismatics and other metals such as rhodium. Lively debate and well moderated, it’s most investors first (and only) forum.

Coin Talk – Bullion Investing

With over 33 thousand members, the bullion section of the web’s biggest coin forum makes for interesting reading and is the source of lively debate and opposing viewpoints on bullion’s place in a coin portfolio. The remainder of the forum looks closely at numismatics, rarities and collectibles

Gold Is Money Forum

Coming at precious metals from a fiat currency alternative slant, Gold Is Money is home to over 9000 members and covers the metals themselves, The Fed and monetary policy, price fixing, stacking, prepping and anything related to the downfall of paper currencies.  

Silver Stackers Forum

Not just silver but gold stacking too, Silver Stackers’ 7000 members discuss a huge range of topics related to building up collections of bullion bars and coins as well as numismatics and unusually paper currencies. There are also more general sections on economics and wealth-management, stocks, bitcoin and much else.  

Bullion Direct Forum

Part of the Bullion Direct precious metals dealer site, the bullion direct forum boasts over 4000 members and focuses on news and events relating to precious metal investments. Not as busy as it once was, there are nevertheless lively discussions as well as useful reading in the site’s archives.  

PM Bug

Firmly aimed at the more passionate investors PM Bug features particularly lively and sometimes off-the-wall debate regarding all elements of precious metals buying, stacking, prepping, dollar collapse and more. There may be only 600 members, but many are very active within the forum.

Precious Metals on Google Plus

Gold Silver Bugs on Google+

Well worth joining Google+ for this alone, Google’s most active and well moderated precious metals community with regular postings from some of the industries best known faces, comprehensively researched articles, detailed charts and analysis.  

Gold and Silver Investing Community

The other major precious metals community on Google’s platform, still well worth becoming a member of. Between these two groups, Google+ can keep you fully updated on what’s happening in the marketplace.