Stack’s Bowers

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Stack’s Bowers

(Stack’s Bowers Rare Coin Galleries)
123 W 57th St
New York
NY 10019

Tel: +1 212-582-2580

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From the Stack’s Bowers website:

For more than eight decades, Stack’s Bowers Galleries has held the top position in American numismatics in terms of longevity, number of sales conducted, lots sold and great rarities handled.

Every day we add new selections to our vast numismatic inventory that showcases rare coins, currency and bullion from the United States and around the world.

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availabilityBullion Bars
availabilityBullion Coins
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availabilityInvestment/Retirement Vehicles

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3 reviews for Stack’s Bowers

  1. David Carozza
    1 out of 5

     – :

    Completely unprofessional, rude, unhelpful and completely nasty people. I have to say they need to find a receptionist that is pleasant to potential clients or customers. After being hung up on several times because said receptionist was apparently having a bad day! Said person should not be representing a business or auction house such as Stacks and Bowers. I understand now my the United States mint chose them to hold their auction because they appear to be as incompetent as the United States mint

  2. Stuart Bowen
    1 out of 5

     – :

    I have to say I am Extremely Disappointed with Stacks & Bowers I ran across their website because they were advertising that they could tell me what my old currency would be worth but instead of doing so they made a (come to find out after the fact) lowball offer to buy the currency I had from me knowing full well that I was totally unaware as to said currency’s possible worth.

    They used their advertisement of being able to inform me of the price of the currency in question to basically scam me out of far more than half of there starting bid price know all along that I was unaware of there value at all (hence the reason I contacted them in the first place) they chose shady business practices to cut themselves a much more than fair profit from the purchase of my currency.

    When their “appraiser” saw my currency instead of choosing to inform me of it’s true possible value which was what they were advertising to do and should have done they they took pure advantage of my lack of knowledge so they could acquire my currency at far below even reasonable market value so they could rake in a huge profit off my lack of knowledge of said currency which as stated was the whole reason I contacted them in the first place.

    Instead of informing me of their base value (being the lowest denomination that they start out at auction) they made me a flat offer of $800.00 for both “bills” knowing full well that the starting price at auction would be over 2x that amount. Now I understand that they are in business to make money and I honestly will say I would have happily sold them said currency at below reasonable market value.

    Instead they chose to manipulate the situation and my lack of knowledge to their full advantage when they should have informed me as to their base market value and then made me an offer to purchase said items at what they would have deemed to be reasonable price they chose to take full advantage of the situation (which I deem as shady business practices) which was not at all mentioned in the scope of their “advertisement” which was stated that they could tell me value of “my old currency”  Which in my opinion is fraudulent business practices.

    They set out a trap which I unknowingly walked into completely unaware. And yes I chose to sell them said currency assuming they were a reputable company who I understand as I stated before would be making a reasonable profit but would not be undermining me to make a huge profit.

    However in knowing I probably do not have much recourse to acquire the amounts I was “swindled” out of I do believe that the General Public should be aware that Stacks & Bowers is not out to inform you as to the value of your old currency like they are advertising. They simply out Separate you from any currency they deem to be Highly Profitable for them! Using Questionable Business Practices! That is what they seem to be Truly About! So Please BE CAREFUL!!

  3. Meredith Frances
    5 out of 5

     – :

    Stack’s Bowers is without question the finest, most trustworthy business I have dealt with in as long as I can remember. Andrew Bowers and his partners are consummate professionals and the most decent and honest people I have had the pleasure of doing some very high stakes business with.

    I do not say this lightly as it’s rare in today’s world to meet anyone in any business who is as scrupulously and unimpeachably honest, transparent in their practices, looks out for its customers and clients as is Stack’s Bowers.

    I recently sold them a sizable collection of highly valuable coins. It was the kind of transaction that could have been a nightmare scenario if one were not dealing with first class professionals, with the highest degree of knowledge in their field combined with absolute, scrupulous honesty. When you are entrusting a very valuable collection of gold coins you need to make a sizable leap of faith as the transaction is processed (from when the collection leaves your premises and arrives at theirs for evaluation and an offer to purchase). At no time did my heart skip a beat, my blood pressure rise and I did not worry for even a minute that somehow I was going to regret my trust in Mr. Bowers and his colleagues. What I especially appreciated and respected was the very clear and transparent way in which Mr. Bowers explained the entire process to me.

    At no time did he give me a sales pitch or try to sway my decision to use his company. I am definitely not a naive or foolish person so I know what I am talking about. After Stack’s Bowers received this incredibly valuable and huge quantity of coins, they actually told me I had undercounted the inventory I had sent to them and they saved me at least tens of thousands of dollars through their honesty. Mr. Bowers is such a decent man to deal with: they bore all the expense of shipping the product and told me all about the process. He told me if I didn’t like their offer, there would be no hard feelings and he would gladly ship my collection back to me. I was very pleased with their offer. In fact, I knew their offer was the fair and decent offer before even checking because that is the way they conduct their business: as experts, as professionals, as honest business men and as gentlemen.

    I had, and have, total confidence in their expertise and trustworthiness; their well deserved, long standing reputation speaks for itself. This is not a company that employed any sort of “sales pitch.” It is impossible for me to imagine ever using any other company but Stacks Bowers.

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