Nationwide Coin & Bullion

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Nationwide Coin & Bullion

2470 S Dairy Ashford Rd
TX 77077


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From the Nationwide Coin & Bullion website:

Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve is one of the nation’s leading precious metal firms that handles both U.S. Government and foreign issued coins.

With over 100 years of combined experience in the precious metals industry, our account executives are more than qualified to lead clients into a highly profitable position in gold, silver, and platinum.

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4 reviews for Nationwide Coin & Bullion

  1. Nancy
    1 out of 5

    - Nationwide Coin & Bullion:

    I have bought a lot of coins from them. If they would just keep their word, I wouldn’t have a problem with them. When I bought, the line was…buy 2 and then if you run short you can sell back the one and still have your portfolio in tack. In 4+ years I have tried and tried to sell anything and they have not purchased anything back. They say they will call back, but they never do.

  2. George C. Hopkins
    4 out of 5

    - Nationwide Coin & Bullion:

    Coins delivered 15 minutes ago. Ordered ten 1/10 oz. gold eagles 26JUL18, received merchandise exactly as advertised 05JUL18, free shipping and no additional charge for credit card. Coins received are mixed dates; I compared them to 1/10 oz. eagles I know are good, and the coins from Nationwide are genuine – no complaints there. Corey did try to sell me additional ‘high grade collector gold coins’ which I politely declined.
    Only minor complaint – did not receive order confirmation or invoice number via e-mail or phone call; had to call them to get the order number, and call them again several days later for the FedEx tracking number.
    Other than that, very satisfied. Every one I spoke to was polite, professional, and friendly. Would rate them a solid five stars except for the communication issue.

  3. Christopher Daniel
    5 out of 5

    - Nationwide Coin & Bullion:

    I saw their advertisement on TV for gold eagles at $125. I called them they took my order, a little pressure to buy other items but not much. They emailed me a receipt that day and a few days later they called me giving me a tracking number. The next day the coins arrived just as they said. Easy, Easy Easy.

  4. Matt
    5 out of 5

    - Nationwide Coin & Bullion:

    Great experience! I was skeptical at first as the price seemed too good to be true. I ordered (6) of the 1/10 oz. Gold Eagles from Jonathan Rogers (877) 817-1220, who I’d discerned to be a solid guy from our phone conversation. Having read the reviews on BBB, I still decided to give it a shot, because no risk=no reward.

    I received my coins in two weeks as promised & they looked great. I had even put said purchase on my AMEX in the event I needed to dispute anything. Being the skeptic that I am, I had gone a step further & bought a gold/silver testing kit with acids, a scale & scratching stone the same day I placed the order, so I could test one.

    I’d read of Chinese gold being faked pretty well, so I decided one of the coins must be cut in half by me in order to accurately test the innermost core. I had to be certain. So, the testing kit arrived prior to the coins from Nationwide Coin & Bullion. Upon opening the envelope, I randomly selected one coin and proceeded weigh it (it checked out) and then to cut it in half with wire cutters (not easy BTW).

    I scraped the flat inner edge of the coin repeatedly on the stone, and it proved to be 22K per the acid I used, so I was elated. Not recommending you do this, but I did it to show a co-worker, who was also (previously) skeptical.

    This is not a paid nor incentivized review/endorsement.

    In fairness, I have to give them credit as I would have blasted them online twice as openly if anything had turned out to be suspicious.

    Buy from them without reservation. I’m currently saving up more to place my next order with them. Semper Fi.

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