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GoldenSuisse in a Nutshell:

Trading globally from an HQ in Switzerland and with offices in London, New York, Singapore and Sao Paulo, GoldenSuisse combines the advantages of gold as a store of value with the convenience and technology of digital banking, seamless online trading and a lifestyle-friendly bank card.

Ideal for HNW individuals, businesses or those wary of traditional banking’s lack of privacy and bail-in dangers, GoldenSuisse provides segregated gold vaulting in the world’s most secure vault whilst allowing instant access to funds via a beautiful brushed-gold private Mastercard and secure smartphone app.


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GoldenSuisse Overviewgoldensuisse logo

GoldenSuisse offers a unique solution to global investors looking for a “private banking” like service but with accounts held in 1oz gold bullion coins rather than fiat currency.

Coins are bought at a near zero premium, reducing buy-sell spreads to a negligible amount and ensuring accounts function as close to a regular bank account as possible.

European clients even qualify for a Gold Funded EUR Payment Card, which can be used for shopping in 35.9 million locations worldwide, or 2.1 million ATM’s globally – offering a €3,000 daily ATM limit and a €200,000 POS limit.

Gold can be traded between clients, with peer-to-peer transfers carrying no charge.

Finally GoldenSuisse offers business accounts, settlement contracts in gold bullion – allowing companies to build and store their capital with physical gold coins in a protected and risk-free environment.

GoldenSuisse Products & Services

Swiss Private Bullion Accounts

A private secure bullion bank outside the banking system, GoldenSuisse clients can open 3 classes of account, each with a different set of advantages:

Gold Standard
Gold Millenium
Gold Unlimited
Click to view further details of each account

The 24K Gold Card

GoldenSuisse’s trump card is it’s gold-funded Mastercard with:

  • FREE Card Loads
  • NO card maintenance fees
  • FREE Purchases Worldwide
  • ATM Daily – € 3,000
  • POS Daily – € 200,000
  • Learn More


Secure Bullion Vaulting

GoldenSuisse’s vaulting service is geopolitically protected in Switzerland, holding the highest reputation as the private banking capital of the world.

Your private stock of gold coins are held in one of the world’s safest vaults, run by Loomis International – the world leader in international valuables logistics.

View Vaulting Details

Settlement Contracts for Business

Opening a Business Account with GoldenSuisse will build and store your company’s wealth with physical gold coins in a protected and risk-free environment.

gold-bullion-accounts-for-businessNow you can protect your business capital from:

  • Inflation
  • Devaluation
  • Long term contracts risk
  • Bank failures
  • Quantitative Easing

All with instant access through a bank card or app.

What can GoldenSuisse do for your Your business?     Business Accounts


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From the GoldenSuisse website:

GoldenSuisse provides clients with a traditional wealth and privacy preservation solution based on gold bullion, which goes back to the very early days of banking, when gold was currency and leveraging client funds was not permitted.

American 1 Oz Eagles – Vaulted in Switzerland – Use as Money outside the banking system – Includes a Mastercard for Payouts

In the US, the company is currently working on offering more liquidity to Gold IRA accounts and a Gold Bullion Health Savings Account – an untapped multi-billion dollar market – by offering a combination of vaulted gold bullion coins and the Bullion Master OSX app with its connected payment card

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Services / Products Available

availabilityE-commerce facility
availabilityBullion Bars
availabilityBullion Coins
availabilityNumismatic Coins
availabilityInvestment/Retirement Vehicles
availabilitySecure Storage / Vaulting

Company Trust Rating

Company established: 2017
Employees: 10-25
Full contact details:  contact details
Online reviews: A

Bullion.Directory rating: A

Company Alerts

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Inventory, Shipping & Offers

Metals Offered:
1oz American Eagles
Brands Offered:
US Mint
Ultra-Low Premium + Annual Fee
Local Pickup: availability
Coins are vaulted
Domestic Shipping: availability
Coins are vaulted
International Shipping: availability
Coins are vaulted

Special offers and discount codes

There are no current discount codes or special offers available.


Website Product & Investment Information

The GoldenSuisse website contains extensive product and investor information, explaining their unique gold based Non-Bank business with bank-card proposition very clearly.

Each element of their service is described in detail, covering both the reasons for the product offerings to the practical detail, process, fees and low pricing.

Acting as a bullion dealer, EU debit-card supplier and offering services similar to an exclusive Private Bank (minus the savings and loans element) – GoldenSuisse’s legal policies are particularly thorough.

Website Usability

As should be expected from a leading international bullion dealer, the GoldenSuisse website is easy to use, clear and clean in design and layout with obvious navigation top and bottom. All written copy is clear and easy to read being high contrast white on black or dark grey on white.

The site is fast loading and secure, running pages through an https SSL certificate, with a fully responsive layout allowing maximum clarity across all devices.


Third Party Reviews of GoldenSuisse

GoldenSuisse reviews are extremely positive with 5-star ratings across major review websites.

GoldenSuisse Complaints

Bullion.Directory recommend that complaints should be made directly to GoldenSuisse in the first instance – by calling their customer care line on + 41 44 586 97 40 or via email through their secure contact form.

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2 reviews for GoldenSuisse

  1. ALEŠ
    2 out of 5

    - GoldenSuisse:

    Is OK but is needed for give passport and all identities before can get even a price on the app and not service

  2. David A. Westman
    5 out of 5

    - GoldenSuisse:

    This is the most revolutionary gold investment solution I have seen so far. I can buy and sell physical 1 Oz gold bullion eagles, at the touch of a button, and even get paid out instantaneously on a gold funded Mastercard. I can transfer coins to anyone else globally. The coins are my private property and remain vaulted in Zurich Switzerland. Thank you for bringing back the gold standard.

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