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bullion directory author Mac Saxe


“My obsession with Sound Money – physical gold and silver – started when growing up in the Middle East and went on to have a profound effect on my adult life.

The importance of owning real assets like gold can’t be underestimated – and so I set up Bullion.Directory to help educate and inform users on the WHY, as well as the HOW and WHERE to buy investment metals.”


It was no small undertaking, taking thousands of hours to get up and running and even now 4 years after launch this site devours 4-5 hours of my day, every single day.

That’s AFTER working a full day in my business.     And it’s completely unpaid.

So I’ve spent a lot of time (and money) on this baby. But why?

As a child brought up in Saudi and Bahrain, I learned the concept of ‘ayn and dayn.

‘Ayn is a solid tangible asset, whilst dayn is interest-bearing debt – something that’s forbidden in Islam.

Even as a kid I could see that this made sense, and as I grew up tangible assets came to mean physical precious metals and real estate.

I started building a metals portfolio at 13 after seeing a wealthy family friend’s personal gold vault. Seriously I’d wash cars and clean windows to buy silver coins and bars.

My love for real estate began as the son of an architect and once armed with a degree in Architecture and Engineering I became a property developer, running a successful real estate design & development company – until 2008.

Talking of 08, I was very lucky. I could see the crash coming and somehow was able to exit 90% of my positions in stocks and real estate a matter of weeks before the crisis broke.

It was only then and in the coming months and years that I saw first-hand the absolute devastation wreaked in both my beloved housing industry and in most of my associates, friends and family’s financial affairs.

From that point on, I made a decision to become more vocal – and to do what I could to protect ordinary investors from repeating this greed-boom-bust cycle. A cycle brought about by an over reliance on dayn -in fact a system built in it’s entirety ON this forbidden debt.

Over the next few years I learned as much as I could about banking, the markets and trading and in spring 2014 I set up Bullion.Directory with my business partner Alison. Our aim to provide an independent resource to help other investors move out of fiat-based investments – into the ‘ayn assets of gold and silver.

And now with between 20-30,000 visitors a month, I’m delighted Bullion.Directory has already helped guide thousands away from paper promises to real money.

It still takes up FAR too much of my time and runs at quite a loss – but then it’s worth it!