2000 Posts Later:   We’ve Got Some Big Changes Coming!


Because we like to place significance on certain numbers, I’m taking this moment to announce some exciting changes coming to Bullion.Directory…

Alison MacdonaldBullion.Directory News 06 October, 2021
By Alison Macdonald
Commercial Editor at Bullion.Directory

As I press ‘publish’ on this post, Bullion.Directory will hit the 2000 mark!

Hard to believe, but that’s 2000 precious metals news, market analysis and educational articles published over the 6 years we’ve been running.

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2000 posts on top of over 1500 dealer listings with 1,292,052 visitors helped to date – and of course countless millions in dollars of gold and silver sold through our site’s pages.

And all of this from a tiny group of people working some (very) late nights as we juggle our day jobs and family life to publish what has become a true labor of love…

As we hit this milestone number I’m excited to announce major changes coming your way soon.


Big Change One: Bullion.Directory will be moving to BullionDirectory.com

Much as we’ve always like our ‘weird’ non-standard domain we’ve found it’s also been a curse, regularly confusing our visitors, email forms and search engines alike.

So it’s about time we dot-commed ourselves.

We’ve gone ahead and bought the (frankly very expensive) dot com version of BullionDirectory and will be making the transition to BullionDirectory.com over the fall.

Yes we’ll need to sell a lot of premium listings to make it pay for itself but finally having the .com feels good.

It’ll be a big job making the move. But BullionDirectory.com is happening!


Big Change Two: New High Speed Dedicated Server

If you’re able to read this article then the change is already live. Bullion.Directory is now coming to you from a fancy new high-speed server.

A few of you may have noticed brief outages during the transition in late September as we moved from a server that was beginning to creak and groan at 99% capacity to one with a lot of room to grow.

Which brings us to…


Big Change Three: Major Site Update

Since launching in 2014 Bullion.Directory has remained essentially the same – but the internet has moved on.

A few design tweaks here and there in 2018 saw a new logo and color palette, but what was under the hood is unchanged – a blogging platform and e-commerce plugin somehow press-ganged screaming and shouting into being a directory.

As we move into 2022, BullionDirectory.com will be completely redeveloped from the ground up to be faster, easier to use and with a far more granular search function – to help our visitors find exactly what they’re looking for in a couple clicks.

With smart geo-targeting and lots of helpful new country-specific content, the exact BullionDirectory.com site you see will depend on where you are. American visitors will only see American companies while Brits will see UK-based dealers.

This simplified approach will help our visitors find the right provider in the fastest time and with minimum friction.

Of course if you want to find a bullion dealer somewhere else in the world to where you live, you can still do that too!

Big Change Four: Site Sponsorship

To date, a few premium listings, income from banner ads and regularly having to reach into our own pockets have just about kept the site going – but to really make BullionDirectory.com be the best service it can be, we’re making another change.

In 2021 we resisted a number of offers to sell Bullion.Directory because it would’ve meant the end of the site we’ve pushed so hard to keep impartial and independent.

So for 2022 I’m delighted to announce not a buy-out, but a hands-off sponsorship deal.

BullionDirectory.com will start working directly with one of our favorite bullion dealers as a whole-site sponsor. This sponsorship will ensure we can concentrate on becoming a truly global precious metals resource with sufficient funding in place to do so, while retaining our complete independence at all times.

Sponsorship will not affect ratings, reviews, positioning or any editorial content – it just means we can continue to grow the site and maintain our offering of free basic lifetime listings for ALL bullion dealers!


Here’s to the future!

I’m so happy to have been here through these past six years and genuinely look forward to seeing what these next six months will bring!

As owning precious metals becomes all the more vital in an uncertain and unstable world, we hope to help millions more investors find both the right dealer and the right metals.

These are dangerous times – but also exciting times for precious metals!

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